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26/02/14 14.22

1 Søren Dahl Jeppesen with Óskar Gudjónsson Insomnia Composed by Søren Dahl Jeppesen. Taken from the album “Pipe Dreams”. Label: Gateway Music / More info: 2 Alex Riel & Stefan Pasborg Bernie’s Tune Composed by Bernie Miller. Taken from the album “Drumfaces”. Label: Sundance Music / www.sundance. dk. More info: / 3 Girls in Airports Grass by the Roses Composed by Martin Stender & Girls in Airports. Taken from the album “Kaikoura”. Label: Mawi Music. More info: 4 Søren Møller/Jesper Løvdal/Joel Frahm /Ari Hoenig State of Mind Composed by Søren Møller Taken. from the album “Lines of Progression”. Label: ILK Music / More info: 5 Jacob Anderskov Sediments Composed by Jacob Anderskov. Taken from the album “Granular Alchemy”. Label: ILK Music / More info: 6 Jakob Bro Laxness Composed by Jakob Bro Taken from the album “Decem− ber Song” Label: Loveland Records / More info:

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7 Elena Setién Near you, Near Me Composed by Elena Setién. Taken from the album “Twelve Sisters”. Label: ILK Music / More info: 8 Emil De Waal+ Gustav Ljunggren, Søren Kjærgaard feat. Elith “Nulle” Nykjær Dabitt Composed by Emil de Waal. Taken from the album “Emil de Waal+ Gustav Ljunggren, Søren Kjærgaard feat. Elith “Nulle” Nykjær”. Label: EDW. More info: 9 Klökkeblömst Ballade til John T Composed by Peter Danstrup. Taken from the album “Klökkeblömst”. Label: ILK Music / More info: 10 August Rosenbaum Bloomer Composed by August Rosenbaum. Taken from the album “Heights”. Label: Hiatus / More info: 11 Six City Stompers Pretinha Composed by Peter Rosendal. Taken from the album “The Formula”. Label: Sundance Music / More info: 12 Aske Drasbæk Group Moraes Composed by Aske Drasbæk. Taken from the album ”Old Ghost”. Label: Gateway Music / More info:

26/02/14 14.22

13 Søren Bebe Trio Feat. Marc Johnson One Man Band Composed by Søren Bebe. Taken from the album “Eva”. Label: From Out Here Music. More info:

19 Kostcirkeln Mycket bättre planet Composed by Qarin Wikström. Taken from the album “Innehåll: musik”. Label: ILK Music / More info:

14 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Composed by John Barry. Taken from the album “Secret Service”. Label: Klump Music. More info:

20 Nicolai Munch−Hansen Mela Composed by Nicolai Munch−Hansen. Taken from the album “Æter”. Label: Sundance Music / More info:

15 Busk Sprinkle Composed by Anders Filipsen. Taken from the album “Nur Eins”. Label: ILK Music / More info: 16 Jacob Anderskov Waldhorn Composed by Jacob Anderskov. Taken from the album “String, Percussion & Piano”. Label: ILK Music / More info:

21 The Universal Quartet Cobra Composed by Kasper Tranberg/Kresten Osgood. Taken from the album “Light” Label: ILK Music / 22 Caroline Henderson Mac The Knife Composed by Kurt Weil. Taken from the album “Lonely House”. Label: Copenhagen Records / More info:

17 Carsten Dahl #2 Composed by Carsten Dahl. Taken from the album “Dreamchild”. Label: Storyville Records / www. More info:

23 Søren Ulrik Thomsen & Det Glemte Kvarter I en sen novemberdags svindende dagslys Composed by Søren Ulrik Thomsen/Mikke Grevsen. Taken from the album “Rystet Spejl. Musik & Poesi”. Label: Gyldendal Lyd / More info:

18 Claus Waidtløw Quartet Flavours Composed by Claus Waidtløw. Taken from the album “Flavours” Label: Gateway Music / More info:

24 Nikolaj Hess Make You Feel My Love Composed by Bob Dylan. Taken from the album “Trio”. Label: Gateway Music / More info: 25 Bro/Knak Northern Blues Variation no. II Rebuild no. II Composed by Jakob Bro/Thomas Knak. Taken from the album “Bro/Knak”. Label: Loveland Records / More info:

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26/02/14 14.22


Søren Dahl Jeppesen with Óskar Gudjónsson Insomnia

”A perfect work of art” is a very apt description of Søren Dahl Jeppesen’s sonic universe. On his latest two CD-releases in his own name, the young guitarist has hit on a beautiful and spherical vein, where silent landscapes of sound offer a suitable background for a melodic and Nordic tone. Thus was the reasoning when 32-year-old guitarist and composer Søren Dahl Jeppesen received a nomination for two Danish Music Awards 2011 (“Best Jazz Album” and “Best New Jazz Artist”) for his latest release, “Red Sky”. Furthermore, The Danish Arts Council (Statens Kunstfond) awarded the album for being amongst the eight best releases of rhytmical music that year.

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“My goal is to create moods and soundscapes. I keep my focus on simplicity rather than complexity”, says bandleader Søren Dahl Jeppesen. Line-up: Søren Dahl Jeppesen: guitar; Óskar Gudjónsson: saxophone; Klaus Nørgaard: bass; Jakob Høyer: drums

26/02/14 14.22

Alex Riel/Stefan Pasborg Drumfaces

Two of Denmark’s most important drummers in an intense collaboration. The relationship between drum legend Alex Riel and Stefan Pasborg – his junior by a couple of generations – has slowly shifted from teacher and student to colleagues. They have inspired each other for thirty years and spent hours and hours duo drumming. On their new joint effort “Drumfaces” they pass on their fascination of drumming and its history with energy and love. When Alex and Stefan finally decided to record a studio session, they chose to focus on the style and tradition which first brought them together: Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich. They chose tunes associated with this era, but two of Stefan’s and

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Alex’s originals and the classic tune Giant Steps fit in perfectly. They don’t sound alike, but they are deeply connected through their common sources of inspiration, their friendship and their history together. Lineup: Alex Riel: drums; Stefan Pasborg: drums; Carsten Dahl: Fender Rhodes; Jeppe Tuxen: organ; Niclas Knudsen: guitar; Verneri Pohjola: saxophone; Peter Wettre: saxophone; Thomas Fonnesbæk: bass; Thomas Vang: electric bass /

26/02/14 14.22


Girls in Airports Grass by the roses

Ever since Girls in Airports formed in 2009, the award-winning band has drawn inspiration from around the world. These influences began to merge and left them with their own unique sound that permeates their third album, “Kaikoura”.

folk music from Africa, Asia and the Nordic countries. In the last year they have toured in China, Brazil and USA, and have now started touring more intensely in the German speaking countries

Kaikoura is a town on New Zealand’s rocky east coast where the sea is rich in life and coral, fish, whales and sea lions live together. Girls in Airports reflect this resounding diversity in a rhythmic ocean where sound and senses are brought together by their music that then returns them to the world.

Lineup: Martin Stender: saxophones; Lars Greve: saxophones, clarinets; Mathias Holm: keys; Victor Dybbroe: percussion; Mads Forsby: drums

Girls in Airports channel a mix of indie, jazz and

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26/02/14 14.22

Søren Møller/Jesper Løvdal/Joel Frahm/Ari Hoenig State of Mind

“Lines of Progression” documents a trans-Atlantic collaboration between four musicians from the New York and Copenhagen jazz communities. On it, you will hear the results of an explorative pursuit by the quartet to find new ground for the traditional sound of the Hammond organ combo. “Lines of Progression” maps that exiting intersection of ideas where references to the Scandinavian and American jazz vernaculars freely associate with both classical compositional formality and the spontaneity of modern urban grooves. The hot spark of New York energy and a bracing breeze of Nordic cool - not to mention extraordinary performances from the musicians - mark a sweet spot on the intercontinental music scene ...

danish_jazz_2014_booklet32.indd 7


and make for a listening experience we hope you will enjoy! Lineup: Søren Møller: hammond B3; Jesper Løvdal: saxophone; Joel Frahm: saxophone; Ari Hoenig: drums

26/02/14 14.22


Jacob Anderskov’s international quartet has made its second album. It continues where the internationally hailed “Agnostic Revelations” left off - visionary, spiritual, and with a tremendous elasticity. “Granular Alchemy” is maybe - in comparison - more direct, stronger in its focus, and more exclamatory of nature. The compositions here are all from a larger series of compositions with a metaphorical starting point concerning basic elements/materials. The album title (Granular Alchemy) refers to these materials, with a focus on partly their tactility, partly the mental concept of them in culture/religion & science over the millennia, and partly the

danish_jazz_2014_booklet32.indd 8

Jacob Anderskov Sediments

possible chances of transforming the materials or the concepts of them through conscious or mystic human actions. Lineup: Jacob Anderskov: piano; Chris Speed: saxophone, clarinet; Michael Formanek: bass; Gerald Cleaver: drums

26/02/14 14.22

Jakob Bro Laxness

Jakob Bro has gained wide international attention through his trilogy with first “Balladeering”, then “Time” and now “December Song”. “December Song” is with its sound a prolongation of its two predecessors. Right away the listener recognizes the dynamic and simplistic sound of Bro, where floating space and the occasional silence is a virtue. The record sets itself apart by having been added a new instrument to the sound: The piano. While the guitars are constantly setting the mood with a metallic and ambient feeling the compositions are rooted by the sound of the piano, played by Craig Taborn. It adds tranquility to the music and a warm intimacy, without taking away the spacious vibe and lightness of the total musical expression.

danish_jazz_2014_booklet32.indd 9


Lineup: Jakob Bro: guitar; Lee Konitz: saxophone; Bill Frisell: guitar; Craig Taborn: piano; Thomas Morgan: bass

26/02/14 14.22


On her new record “Twelve Sisters”, Elena Setién has reinvented herself as a songwriter and singer. A conscious change in her attitude towards her music has resulted in a new sound that cultivates the purity of the songs and storytelling as an element. An epic atmosphere is carefully build around the songs, from Strucks film-noir like guitar riffs which casually yet precisely punctures the light and elegant play of Westergaard and Bruun. “Twelve Sisters” is a lyrical, imaginative fantasy created from almost true stories, wondrous tales and some hard facts, from Elena’s Spanish family. It’s about looking at an old family photograph, it might happen that you recognize a part of your-

danish_jazz_2014_booklet32.indd 10

Elena Setién Near you, Near Me

self in the sad, distant gaze of an old aunt, the defiant look of a small boy or quiet smile of some fare-moved cousin. Lineup: Elena Setién: vocals, piano, violin, viola; Jonas Struck: guitar; Jonas Westergaard: bass; Peter Bruun: drums

26/02/14 14.22

Emil De Waal + Gustav Ljunggren, Søren Kjærgaard feat. Elith “Nulle” Nykjær Dabitt

A new musical constellation crossing borders of style and generations. The band had its debut on Copenhagen Jazzfestival 2011 and it was a pleasant journey in music - both original, improvised, jazz, world, beat, Ellington, Mingus, Chopin – that the four great musicians just love to take again and again.


Lineup: Emil de Waal: drums; Gustaf Ljunggren: tenor saxophone, strings; Søren Kjærgaard: keys; Elith ”Nulle” Nykjær: clarinet

This release won a Danish Music Award in 2013 for ‘Best Jazz Release of the Year’.

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26/02/14 14.22


The members of the trio are all well known from the flourishing Danish jazz-scene and have played together in the award winning orchestra Danstrup/Reptiles that won 2 Danish Music Awards in 2012. Now they have turned to the much more intimate and flexible trio unit, demonstrating their original and fresh take on trio music. Corresponding to an overall theme “Songs, that could have been Danish” bassist Peter Danstrup wrote all the CD’s 10 compositions, and presents new sides of his talent. The themes are singable yet quirky, creating the perfect framework for the obvious improvisational potential of the group. Thus grappling with terms like Scandinavian sound and music with Nordic roots the music challeng-

danish_jazz_2014_booklet32.indd 12

Klökkeblömst Ballade til John T

es and gives new definitions to the labels that too often is put on music from our part of the world. Lineup: Anders Banke: tenor saxophone; Peter Danstrup: acoustic bass guitar; Anders Provis: drums, cymbals

26/02/14 14.22

August Rosenbaum Bloomer

“Heights” sees pianist August Rosenbaum and his collaborators challenging preconceptions. There’s a certain Japanese influence, inspiration taken from the world of cinema, a dramaturgic mindset at work, there are achingly beautiful melodies and chord structures, dripping with emotion, there are experimental layers, seemingly abstract and cerebral. These concepts don’t work against each other. The conflict between abstract thought and immediacy of emotion doesn’t exist at these heights. Tone and noise, musical content and concrete sound meld here. “Heights” received nominations and shortlistings for a.o. Nordic Music Prize 2014, Jazz Composer

danish_jazz_2014_booklet32.indd 13


of the Year 2013, Danish Critic’s Award/Steppeulven 2014 and Politiken’s 12 Best Jazz Albums of 2014.” Lineup: August Rosenbaum: piano; Thomas Morgan: bass; Mads Forsby: drums; Joel Gjærsbøl: guitar, effects: Jakob Bro: guitar; Lars Greve: saxophones, clarinet, bass-clarinet; Otis Sandsjö: saxophones; Victor Dybbroe: percussion

26/02/14 14.22


The track “Pretinha” brings your home to life. Everything rearranges itself. The bedroom hauls itself over to the kitchen and the living room moves in with the hallway. Off we go. Sharp. Suddenly somebody starts singing. Don’t attempt to understand Six City Stompers. Just put their new album in your machine and dance or straddle a chair. Perhaps you will ask yourself: what do these guys have? It sounds great! The answer is very simple: six musicians, each of whom plays wild and well. An approach to tradition, which is too slithery to be caught on any hook and line. Together they create a sound that others would sell an arm and a leg for. But most

danish_jazz_2014_booklet32.indd 14

Six City Stompers Pretinha

importantly: they have a lovely understanding of the basic fact that life is more than one thing. Lineup: Mads Mathias: alto saxophone, vocals; Peter Marott: trumpet; Peter Rosendal: flugabone, piano, melodica, hammer spinet; Regin Fuhlendorf: guitar, banjo; Kasper Tagel: bass; Morten Ærø: drums, percussion

26/02/14 14.22

Aske Drasbæk Group Moraes

Having received two grammies at Danish Music Awards Jazz – first in 2011 with the band ”Orpheus” and most recently in 2013 when Aske Drasbæk Group won the price ”New Danish Jazz Act” for their debut LP “Old Ghost” – Aske Drasbæk is one of the most prominent young saxophone players on the Copenhagen jazz scene. Aske is mainly known as an alto saxophone player in both large ensembles such as ”Aarhus Jazzorchestra” and ”Det ny Bigband” and in smaller bands as ”Gemmer/Estola Quartet” and as earlier mentioned ”Orpheus”. In this band (Aske Drasbæk Group) Aske has dedicated himself 100% to the baritone saxo-

danish_jazz_2014_booklet32.indd 15


phone, and created some music especially for this specific instrumentation and these musicians. Besides baritone sax the band has two guitars, double bass and drums. The music is lyrical, welcoming and mainly simple. Lineup: Aske Drasbæk: baritone saxophone; Per Møllehøj: guitar; Søren Dahl: guitar; Tapani Toivanen: bass; Andreas Fryland: drums

26/02/14 14.22


Danish jazz pianist and composer Søren Bebe founded the Søren Bebe Trio in 2007. Four releases and a great deal of concerts later the band is better and busier than ever. Their latest release “Eva” features the great Marc Johnson on double bass. As a pianist and composer, Søren Bebe draws on a wide range of inspirations from American and European jazz, as well as contemporary classical music to rock, pop and folk-music. It all blends in this band, creating the unique Søren Bebe Triosound. Most important though is the energy and concentration and musical virtuosity that the music is played with. Søren Bebe explains ”For me music is about emotions and energy and about

danish_jazz_2014_booklet32.indd 16

Søren Bebe Trio feat. Marc Johnson One Man Band

communication. Although the music is complex and does contain a lot of improvisation, at the same time it’s very melodic and rhythmically exciting.” Lineup: Søren Bebe: piano; Marc Johnson: bass; Anders Mogensen: drums

26/02/14 14.22

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’s second album “Secret Service” is yet another strong album of adventurous, hard-swinging jazz. The music is from classic- and soon-to-be-classic James Bond films, primarily from the “Roger Moore Era”! “Secret Service” includes interpretations of the legendary theme songs, but KKBB also delves deeper into James Bond’s musical universe and has reworked elegant, auxiliary themes and incidental music from the films’ soundtracks as well.


Columbia Studios’ acoustic profile: a meaty, organic jazz sound with lots of headroom. Lineup: Rasmus Kjærsgaard: saxophone; Thomas Fryland: trumpet; Graig Earle: double bass; Carsten Landors: drums

The album was recorded in The Village studio’s huge recording room, reminiscent of legendary

danish_jazz_2014_booklet32.indd 17

26/02/14 14.22


The members of the trio; Thomas Rehling, Lasse Ehn and Anders Filipsen have created an album that is stripped down to the pure essentials. The three musicians met during their time at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen and have worked close together during the last 5 years. The expression of the music is primarily focused on silence and peace. This gives the music an elastic nature with rocking meditative features. The music is composed by all three musicians, and is placed in the borderland in-between composition and improvisation. A central feature of the record is the richness of images contained in the music – a focus from the

danish_jazz_2014_booklet32.indd 18

Busk Sprinkle

three musicians that first and foremost is fostered by the their ability to dwell in the details. A minimalistic album that continually seeks a balance between peacefulness and restlessness. Lineup: Anders Filipsen: piano; Thomas Rehling: bass; Lasse Ehn: drums www.andersfilipsen

26/02/14 14.22

Jacob Anderskov Waldhorn


Jacob Anderskov has been “widely hailed as a dazzling new force in European jazz” (Jazzwise, May 2013). This project moves effortlessly around the areas between improvisation, new music, jazz, folk music and European classical music – and is easiest categorized as Anderskovia.

The three virtuoso string players highlight a poetic beauty in Anderskov’s music, which it is difficult to remain untouched by. They are coloring the unsettlingly beautiful landscape that emerges under the skies of Anderskov’s compositions.

It is thoroughly composed pieces for string trio in fertile collision with strong improvisations by Bruun & Anderskov. It is clean and distorted. It is grandiose and simplistic. It is inescapable and highly present - and it outlines a brand new and incredibly concentrated direction for Jacob Anderskov’s composing activities.

Lineup: Jacob Anderskov: piano; Christine Pryn: violin; Anette Slaato: viola; Ida Nørholm: cello; Peter Bruun: drums

danish_jazz_2014_booklet32.indd 19

26/02/14 14.22


Carsten Dahl, one of Scandinavia’s most sought after pianists, is now ready with a new, inspired album of improvisational jazz. “Dreamchild” is different from Dahl’s earlier works. With a meditative approach his goal was to convey the childlike ability to completely immerse oneself in the moment. According to Dahl, this state of wonder and curiosity is harder to achieve as an adult – but through these unique improvisations the listener is invited into this melodious place. This is a more personal piece of work from Carsten Dahl, so it is only natural that the only other contributors on the album are his own daughters – Anne Sofie Abildskov Dahl on violin and Celina Sørine Dahl on piano.

danish_jazz_2014_booklet32.indd 20

Carsten Dahl #2

Lineup: Carsten Dahl: piano, arco contrabasso, voices, percussion

26/02/14 14.22

Claus Waidtløw Quartet Flavours

Claus Waidtløw Quartet is lead by the Danish saxophonist Claus Waidtløw. Although the music is always melodic and structured logically, Waidtløw has succeeded in mixing the complex with the simple. As a result, his music possesses profound substance but also a freshness and lightness that ensures that the expression of the artists’ concepts becomes neither too difficult nor unapproachable. “From the Story Book” (Calibrated Records) from 2005, marked the debut of the Quartet. Last years “Flavours” (Gateway Music), has received glowing reviews, including one that described Waidtløw as “one of the most proficient in the art of playing the saxophone in Denmark today” and

danish_jazz_2014_booklet32.indd 21


added that Waidtløw “is in a league of his own.” Lineup: Claus Waidtløw: saxophones; Henrik Gunde: piano; Kaspar Vadsholt: bass; Morten Lund: drums

26/02/14 14.22


“Innehåll: Musik” (Content: Music) is the second part of an EP trilogy by Kostcirkeln. It reveals Kostcirkeln’s honest idea of pop music today. The music and lyrics have a naïve and sweet expression, added with energetic anarchy and a touch of grandmother-nostalgia. The songs are backed up by sparkling arrangements with sharp edges. The third part of the trilogy is due to be released in May 2014. Kostcirklen consists of five strong-headed individuals who jointly create a constantly changing and wondrous sound scape. The front singer and composer Qarin Wikström and the musicians in Kostcirkeln are all very active on the Copenhagen music scene, and play with various artists such as:

danish_jazz_2014_booklet32.indd 22

Kostcirkeln Mycket bättre planet

Savage Rose, Anders Mathiasen (Murder), Mikkel Hess, Pinkunoizu, Eggs Laid By Tigers, Big Bombastic Collective, just to mention a few. Lineup: Qarin Wikström: vocals; Anders Provis: drums; Jakob Falgren: bass, guitar; Stephan Sieben: guitar; Simon Toldam: keys, bass

26/02/14 14.22

Nicolai Munch-Hansen Mela

Nicolai Munch Hansen is well known and equally at home in jazz and rock scenes. He is oblivious to irritating labels in music, and his ability to fusion the best from both worlds is legendary. He has played with Denmark’s leading pop and jazz names including John Tchicai and a close association with vocalist Kira Skov, to whose latest success, “Memories of Days Gone By”, he contributed greatly. Nicolai Munch-Hansen’s latest release “Æter” is a modern instrumental album. It is complex and simple. Lyricism and expressionism intertwine in a beautiful and distinct production recorded at Copenhagen’s Sun Studio. Munch Hansen’s compositions simultaneously pay tribute and

danish_jazz_2014_booklet32.indd 23


challenge jazz tradition in a progressive and symbiotic mixture. Lineup: Nicolai Munch-Hansen: bass; Mads Hyhne: trombone; Ned Ferm: tenor saxophone; Søren Kjærgaard: piano; RJ Miller: drums

26/02/14 14.22


Universal Quartet was founded in August 2008 by trumpeter Kasper Tranberg and drummer Kresten Osgood – two strong voices on the European jazz scene today. With their new release “Light” they continue their historic collaboration with American master musicians Adam Rudolph and Yusef Lateef. This unique recording was recorded and produced during two days in Copenhagen. Not just a blowing session but a creative work of art with strong compositional textures, rhythmic explorations and mind-blowing improvisations. Add to that a string of heartfelt “ballads” and the touching storytelling-vocal of Brother Yusef Lateef. The musical point of departure is the rela-

danish_jazz_2014_booklet32.indd 24

The Universal Quartet Cobra

tion between the sound of wood, skin and metal – an instrumentation as old as mankind. Lineup: Kasper Tranberg: trumpet, pocket trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn; Yusef Lateef: c and alto flute, oboe, tenor saxophone, bamboo flute, pneumatic bamboo flute, Syrian double bamboo flute, xhosa overtone flute, shenai, moan flute, piano, vocals; Adam Rudolph: congas, sintir, thumb pianos, frame drum, berber reed flute, bamboo flutes, slit drum, cup gongs, percussion, keyboard, piano, vocals; Kresten Osgood: drums, percussion, keyboard

26/02/14 14.22

Caroline Henderson Mac The Knife

“Lonely House” is Henderson’s personal and creative interpretations of the German composer Kurt Weill’s socially critical music. Henderson believes that the existential issues that Weill dealt with are just as important today as they were back then. The album symbolizes an apartment building with twelve apartments. Henderson is placed in the middle of the lonely house, and it is from this point she tells the stories of a number of human destinies and how the lives of the other residents of “Lonely House” have been shaped. With her new album Caroline Henderson aims to capture the spirit of modern days and simultaneously travel back in time and capture the beauty of Berlin in the 20’s and 30’s.

danish_jazz_2014_booklet32.indd 25


Lineup: Caroline Henderson: vocals; Nikolaj Hess: piano; Jakob Høyer: drums; Gustaf Ljunggren: guitar; Dean Bowman: vocals; Frederik Henrik Møller: programming, beats

26/02/14 14.22


Søren Ulrik Thomsen & Det Glemte Kvarter I en sen novemberdags svindende dagslys

In 2010 one of Denmarks best-known poets Søren Ulrik Thomsen began collaboration with the septet ‘Det Glemte Kvarter’ (The Forgotten Neighborhood) and in 2013 the group released their debut album “Rystet Spejl. Musik og Poesi” (Shaken Mirror. Music and Poetry) published at Gyldendal. On the album the group accompany the poets own readings of “Shaken Mirror” with original, atmospheric compositions. In 2013 the album won a Danish Music Award Jazz. The album has a very different expression, giving a listening experience out of the ordinary. An intense journey through the city’s blue corridors, where the moment is present despite of the past and the awareness of death - where the neat and

danish_jazz_2014_booklet32.indd 26

the emotional is standing side by side - where life is lived in everyday Copenhagen, quite recognizable, yet full of fears and “extra floors”. Lineup: Søren Ulrik Thomsen: reading; Maja Hartnack: vocals, percussion, melodica; Malene Brask Olesen: clarinets, saxophone, glockenspiel; Mikkel Grevsen: trumpet; Anders Kirkegaard: guitar, lap-steel; Janus Rønn Lind: piano, keys, melodica, glockenspiel; Jesper Thorn: double-bass, electrical bass, cello, synth bass; Terkel Nørgaard: drums, glockenspiel, percussion

26/02/14 14.22

Nikolaj Hess Make You Feel My Love

Jazz pianist Nikolaj Hess has made an album emphasizing the lyrical, soulful, unpolished, yet brilliant and refined, with strong musical intuition and subtle interplay up front. Hess has teamed up with Scherr and Wollesen, whose downtown NYC jazz scene sound blends perfectly with Hess’ impressionistic piano. “This is one of those rare discs where you do feel it tells a story. If Chopin had been born in New York and received tuition from say Bill Evans or Keith Jarrett he may have sounded like this!” Hess’ works as pianist and composer include writing music for Lars Von Triers movie “Melancholia”, and recording and giving concerts in Europe, USA, Canada, Africa and Asia, with a solid list of

danish_jazz_2014_booklet32.indd 27


international jazz bigwigs and with his own various projects, trio, solo, quartet and larger groups. Lineup: Nikolaj Hess: piano; Tony Scherr: bass; Kenny Wollesen: drums

26/02/14 14.22


Bro/Knak Northern Blues Variations no. II Rebuild no. II

With this record, Jakob Bro has taken a tremendous detour in his style. “Bro/Knak” is woven together in fragments of sound, making a collage of versatile works of art recorded in collaboration with prestigious musicians from all over the world. The release distinguishes itself from others by containing two versions of the same compositions: In one edition, the maverick Jakob Bro has taken complete control over every detail. In the other version the renowned Danish electronic musician, composer and producer Thomas Knak has taken the same feedstock and shaped it into his own edition. Even though the melodic and beautiful themes are no longer led by Bro’s familiar guitar, and are instead translated into the language of other in-

danish_jazz_2014_booklet32.indd 28

struments such as harp, clarinet, piano and cello, the longing and honest sound of Jakob Bro still shines through. Line-up: Jakob Bro: guitar; Thomas Knak: electronics; Paul Bley: piano; David Vierelles: piano; Kenny Wheeler: flugelhorn; Jakob Kulberg: cello; Tina Rehling: harp; Jakob Høyer: drums; Jeff Ballard: drums; Oscar Noriega: clarinet; Jonas Westergaard: bass; Thomas Morgan: bass; Anders Mathiasen: guitar; Bill Frisell: guitar; Pamelia Kurstin: theremin; The Royal Danish Chapel Choir

26/02/14 14.22

danish_jazz_2014_booklet32.indd 29

26/02/14 14.22

Dear listener, In your hand you’re holding a free compilation of Danish jazz anno 2014. The 25 tracks have been carefully selected to give you – the listener – a close-hand look into the vast variety of the Danish jazz scene. All tracks have been selected from Danish releases from within the last year. And in case you’re wondering, it wasn’t an easy task! With more than 150 releases to choose from, the productivity of Danish jazz musicians in 2013 was overwhelming and just goes to show that jazz isn’t dead, but very much still alive and happening. So take a minute to download this compilation and listen to these 25 great artists from Denmark. And if you like what you hear, please support the music further by buying the albums, booking the acts, going to the concerts or simply recommend the music to others. Enjoy!

danish_jazz_2014_booklet32.indd 30

26/02/14 14.22

danish_jazz_2014_booklet32.indd 31

26/02/14 14.22

The small plastic card on the front of this booklet contains a web address and a download code, that lets you access the 25 tracks on this compilation. Go to the website, type in the download code and the download will begin. Inside the booklet you’ll find information about all the artists on this compilation.

JazzDanmark increases the possibilities for jazz in Denmark and Danish jazz abroad – for musicians, venues and the rest of the industry – so that jazz reaches a growing audience, which gets increasingly better experiences.

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JazzDanmark Blegdamsvej 4, 2. DK-2200 Copenhagen N Denmark

(+45) 3335 4300

26/02/14 14.22

Danish Jazz Compilation 2014  

Booklet for JazzDanmarks "Danish Jazz Compilation 2014", released on download-card.