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Summer Season has begun!

Delia Berry, Jazz President

Well, this has been my first experience of the beginning of a Season and boy oh boy, what an incredible amount of work goes into the process! Allocating players to teams, obtaining enough courts for training, plus ensuring that all teams have a manager and coach. Then, just when you think you have got it sorted, they continue to stream in on Friday and Saturday on first game weekend to sign up and join teams. Huge thanks to Rob and Sandra Eley for this. Total chaos, but to sit down at the end of it all and see the new memberships and the level of interest in basketball steadily increasing, that is the reward. Lyn recently reported seeing a young boy get slotted into his first game on Saturday Summer Sign on the first weekend, where this new boy came off red faced and dripping in sweat, but his excitement at only getting beaten by 4 points was being expressed quite vocally with great delight along the concourse area. Win or lose, that is what it is all really about - enjoying the game!

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PLEASE SMILE AND TAKE THE TIME TO SAY HELLO I cannot stress to you all enough, the importance of introducing yourselves to others and making them feel welcome - this goes for all of us. All it takes is a smile, the dreaded eye contact and then the word “Hello”. Not hard to do at all, for new players, they need you to do this, imagine how you would feel if you were new and walked into this group of players that all know each other and nobody turns to say hello and you don’t know who to approach, or worse, whose place you are taking on the court when asked to go on!! There is nothing worse for a new player to arrive, not know where to go or who is on their team, only to walk into a ‘clicky’ group and feel as out of place and unwelcome as it gets.


Please say hello and make others feel welcome, these first impressions last forever and they are such an important moment of initial experience with our Club. I have heard reports from various people that some coaches and managers have done the right thing and looked out for and welcomed new players and for that, I, personally am very, very grateful. Thank you.

Coach Coordinator: Rob Eley

GLORIFIED FLOOR WIPERS! We got off to a flying start in our first week, only to come to a screaming halt in the second week with no games, it is a bit like a false start, but I guess it does give some teams a bit of additional time to train before playing again. It is clearly going to be an incredibly hot Summer Season and I do believe as a Club we are being offered the opportunity to be “Floor Wipers” for the WNBL, as I had to enquire if that meant exactly what it was called, I am told that you can be on television seen wiping the floor of sweat from players and be “Glorified Floor Wipers”. So, if the idea of being on television while wiping up sweat off the floor is something that you would like to do, please email So, that’s it for this month, enjoy the story from Greg of their travels around the countryside over the holidays and the amazing girls and their basketballing efforts. Best of luck everyone.

Current committee members President: Delia Berry Vice President: Carl Wooding Treasurer: Sharon Ramsay Secretary: Lyn McNulty LBI Delegate: Lyn McNulty


BSB - 633 000 Account No. - 120190335 Please ensure that you send an email to the Treasurer so payment can be allocated with your surname, amount paid and team name. Thank you for cooperating.

SUMMER SEASON PAYMENTS ARE NOW DUE - PAYMENT PLEASE Please remember that Jazz Basketball Club is a not for Profit organisation and is run entirely by volunteers, from the committee, down to each and every coach and manager. It is the preference of the Club that game fees are paid as a lump sum for each season as that dramatically helps the cashflow of the Club and alleviates the work of allocating payments each week by the treasurer, which is a tad time consuming. If you are able to pay as a lump sum that would be greatly appreciated, if not, we do understand and please continue to pay as you have been. Our new payment system that is being worked on is going to make payments much easier for everybody.

These Amazing Girls! by Greg Day In April this year, our Logan U14 girls team won the State Championship & in so doing, qualified as one of the top seeds for the U14 Girls National Club Championships held in Ballarat in early October. The team comprised of 3 JPC girls, 1 from Cavs, 2 from Blitz & 4 from our own Jazz ranks; Ula Motuga, Chae Jonson "CJ", Emily Secher-Jorgensen "E" & Jaida Kingi. The premise of these championships is to bring together 24 of the best teams from across the nation, and playoff in a week long tournament to determine who is the #1 club in Australia. We reassembled the team in July to prepare for our campaign. The girls worked hard with 2 training sessions a week plus working on individual shooting in their own time (nearly 200 shots per day). We culminated our build up with a 2 match series against our Logan U18 team whom we pushed in both games. We flew down Sunday Sept 30 to Melbourne & drove up to Ballarat. We arrived at Galwiji, a homestead 30mins out of town which we found to be an excellent escape from the daily rigours of tournament play. The girls spent the first afternoon decorating the bus, before heading in to town for our team photo shoot & training session/shoot around. We only had the one game on Monday. The girls' were up early & after wiping out a loaf of bread & half a container of Nutella, some of them took a walk through the paddocks to a place they affectionately dubbed "Moo Moo

Meadows" & fed the cows. In the afternoon we played North Sydney whom we defeated 63-53. All ten girls hit the floor & it was a great team effort. Ula & CJ got amongst the points with 9 each. Whilst Brisbane was coping with the approaching summer, we spent the week coping with a part of the country still in the throws of winter with close to zero degree temps & gusty winds. The girls spent the evenings curled in front of fire places or rugged up in blankets. Tuesday was freezing cold with almost category 2 cyclonic winds. We played a morning game v Moe Meteors (Vic) which we won 67-31. Again Ula topped with 21, CJ 10, and E & Jaida scoring 6 a piece then in the evening we played Perry Lakes Hawks (WA). It had been awhile since the girls had played 2 games in the one day & The Hawks had nothing to lose & so pushed us to a 4pt game by end of the 3rd. I can tell you it did not make for a happy coach & I had to give them a "gentle reminder" of what they were here to do. In the final qtr we went on a 29-5 romp & took the game 75-47. Ula with 18pts but an excellent game on the rebounds, Jaida 3pts & CJ 2pts. That wrapped up the first pool round. The top 2 teams in their pools advanced to the Championship Division whilst the bottom 2 teams went to the Shield Division. Having won all 3 of our games we advanced as top seed of our promotional pool where we were matched up with two of Victoria's top teams in Bellarine & eventual grand finalist Sandringham. We were now in the top 12 of the country & getting to the pointy end of the competition. If we finished first or second in this promotional pool, we would advance through to top 8 quarter finals & with a shot at the Gold Medal. Individually, Ula was having an awesome tournament & at this stage was becoming noticed by everyone. She is a true star of the future for Queensland & perhaps Australia if she wants it enough. Wednesday again brought poor weather but we only had the one game vs Bellarine who just two weeks prior, were runners up in the Victorian Championships. Little did I realise that this game was to bring about the most controversial circumstances probably in Australian Championships history. Bellarine were a similar team to us & the match ups were fairly even. The game didn't disappoint and we finished out the first qtr just 2pts up though we believed there was a scoring anomaly & thought we should have had a 4pt lead. We questioned the referees but they came back to us & said no. At that stage we knew we would protest the result if we lost by 2pts or less. As you would have it, the

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game was tied at end of regulation 69 all. Bellarine went on to win the game in overtime 75-73. We protested the result and after review, Basketball Australia awarded us the game 70-68 and wiped any record of overtime being played. Ula finished with 22pts, CJ 6pts & E 2pts. Bellarine later appealed which meant we faced a judiciary hearing at 8am the following morning. Without knowing the outcome of that hearing, we convinced the girls to take it as a loss, and then focus on playing hard against Sandringham the next day. Sandringham had already beaten Bellarine that afternoon meaning we needed a win to advance through to top 8. Josh (Logan GM) & Luke took us out for dinner that evening to help us forget about the drama. We had a great night & the girls enjoyed dressing up in something other than basketball gear or track suits. Thursday morning brought about a beautiful day. I hadn't had much sleep worried about facing a 12 man judiciary and wondering what/how Keely (asst coach) & I were going to say to convince. A 90min judiciary hearing to & fro'd at least 3 times, but the BA decision was eventually upheld & the result given to us. It was the biggest emotional roller coaster of my life & a result that took a lot out of me. But Keely & I now had the exhilerating job of going back to the girls & parents & telling them we had won. The news had breathed life into the girls who went out & faced a tough Sandringham outfit. We knew this would be a tough game but the pressure of top 8 was off us and we were now playing for top of the promotional pool and a relatively easier cross over game in the quarter finals. We had scouted Sandringham well and the girls did everything we asked of them but this was an outfit that were able to play more consistently than us across all 4 qtrs. We eventually went down 63-50 & suffered our first loss of the tournament. Ula finished with 12 pts & CJ 2pts. Even though we lost, we were still into the qtr finals & one more win would realise our goal of top 4 and a semifinal berth for the Grand Final. The loss against Sandringham though resulted in a qtr final cross over match up with our arch rivals Spartans. This was the team we had defeated in the State Championship Final back in April, and as we were about to find out over the coming days, the eventual National Champs. Spartans had recruited heavily from other clubs with one-third of their team brand new. We took the path of developing the players we had further and I have to say, we matched up quite well to them. Sadly, they ultimately had too many guns for us to cover and we went down in an exciting encounter 71-60. Ula top scored for us with 16pts, , Jaida came to life with 9pts & again CJ put in a consistent performance with 2pts. And sadly, that was where the Gold dream came to a halt. We didn't have time to wallow however, and we knew we had to shake off the disappointment and rally for the

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Sporting Institute approved healthy snack food! next day's game where we played our cross over game to determine if we played off for 5/6 spot or 7/8. Friday. Logan v Canberra Capitals. A day we would rather forget. It wasn't our best performance but then going up against the tallest team in the competition when we had never battled height before Boredom = Selfies was going to prove a challenge. Phone spamming! We knew our game plan was to make use of our bigs on the post hoping they would be more quicker & agile for the big ACT girls to cope with & as well, use our great perimeter shooters to get their game going. Finally, we would look to capitalise on their errors and missed shots & beat them with our fast transition game. Sadly, not a lot of it worked for us and Canberra hardly missed. The eventual result was a disappointing 57-29 loss. Ula her usual consistent self with 16pts and E popped up with a massive 3 that hit nothing but the bottom of the net. She spends a lot of her energy in a game working hard on defence and it was good to see her contribute on the scoreboard as she is a very good shooter & probably had a less than normal performance throughout the tournament in the scoring dept. That night was relatively mild & we promised the girls a campfire at some stage so we built one for them & must have sat around it for a couple of hours talking, laughing and telling secrets. Sorry, what happens on tour; continued on last page


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LIGHTNING Jazz Lightning - more than a team, it’s an attitude For those who haven't heard us on a Friday night our games start with an intense roar ”LIGHTNING” is the chant, it doesn't matter who we play or how good they are; we always start with the same spirit, it is this spirit I am trying to harness in our team. It all started in the summer season of 2012/13, I was asked by Keith Willie if I would take the U16, Div2 boys side, I hadn't coached basketball and like all parents sitting on the sideline thought; how hard can it be? I had won a NBA championship on 2K12 (a console computer game) with the Boston Celtics - surely I could organise these kids and win a ring? Isn't it funny how things unfold and a desire to do well can force you to learn to help others by learning first yourself? Last Championship Season, 2013 Lightning were in U18, all the boys had come up from U16 and were all bottom age players, a group of boys who had some skill, but I believe Lightning lacked confidence. Our first game was against Blitz All That and I believe we lost by at least 60 points, this was a disheartening loss, but we just got up and came back and trained then played. Lightning had a very long season; the competition was made up of eight teams. I believe there were four teams of Division 1 standard and four teams of Division 2 standard, which enabled the Boys and I to set a goal.

by Christian Johnstone

After the first round, I sent an email to all parents asking if the boys could commit to another training session per week, which most of the boys were able to attend. This led to a dramatic improvement in our games. I always say to the boys “we can't keep doing the same things and expect a different outcome”. We must change what we do to get better. Our goal was to beat the three teams of similar skill level and ability as ourselves and use the other 4 teams as training for our defense. Unfortunately, we lost by 2 points to the Blitz Blackhawks and 2 Points to JPC Spurs, and 10 points to Cav Eagles. We came very close to our set goals and I am extremely proud of the boys and their achievement. This season we have entered the Mens Division 3 comp to try and improve our match fitness and gameplay. So far we have won our first two games and as I write this we will go into battle tonight for our first real test in this competition As our journey through the season continues I hope that together, we all learn some important lessons in the game of basketball and life. Remember we will see you on the court, and that LIGHTNING always strikes before the Thunder!

RESPECT for your fellow teammates and well done Falcons! Jazz is a Club full of players of different skill levels and skill sets and it is important that all players are embraced into the Club by accepting each other for the good and the bad. If a mistake is made, it’s simply a mistake, if you get pushed over, it was, hopefully, an accident. We cannot control how some people treat us, but we can control how we react to it! It can be laughed off, or apologised for, or just simply let go. Deliberately causing offence is just sad and not who any of us should be striving to be at any level of player. Good sportsmanship at all times is a far higher quality than any skill level at basketball or any sport.

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Please be encouraged as a player to rise to the top, not just at playing basketball, but as a person in your everyday life. A recent comment from the parent of a new player to Jazz Falcons, be proud boys: “Just wanted to let you know xxxx had a good game on Saturday and enjoyed it. There are some talented boys in the team, but very nice boys. They all said hi and bye to him and seemed to accept him as part of their team, it was really nice. And the Mums are lovely and very friendly. You should be proud of your club, it's awesome”.

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Message from our new Vice President - Carl Wooding Hi everyone. I am so pleased to have been voted onto the committee to represent Jazz Basketball Club as Vice President. I constantly get a sense of pride when I attend Cornubia on a regular basis and see so many young, dedicated and enthusiastic players representing Jazz Basketball across all the age groups, along with their coaches and managers. This is the main reason why I was so happy to volunteer to fulfill the role of Vice President of the committee. Jazz is a certainly a wonderful club we can all be proud of. Jazz is a “family” and like many families we all have our ups and downs, however, like a family we must always have an open line of communication with each other. it is one of my main aims to improve that communication. If you don't know me, then please come and introduce yourself as I am looking forward to meeting many of you over the coming weeks. If you have an issue with any aspect of the club, no matter how trivial you believe it may be, then please contact me, either in person or via my email which is listed on the website. As a Club, we believe that to continually improve, it is important to receive positive and negative feedback, so all is welcome as we are genuinely interested in always improving our Club and the way things get done.

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All issues, whether positive or negative will be discussed by the committee and will be resolved in some way. I believe that unless we all feel free to express our thoughts and feelings then those issues become larger and undermine the strength of the “family”. On a final note, we as a committee have noticed a big decline in our very young membership, namely the little Thunderballers. We know we need to invest in the very young age groups because these tiny stars of the future will be essential to fill the boots of our older players in years to come. If you know of any young players between the ages of 5 and 10 years of age, then please encourage them to consider joining the club. We used to have a number of Thunderball teams but we find ourselves down to just two teams of about four players each. Lets all get out there and find our little stars of the future. Stay safe……….

Where’s me Shorts? More playing shorts are being ordered and should take about 5 weeks, so they will be ready definitely for the start of Term One and the remaining Summer season. Please be patient and if you don’t have any, wear dark coloured sports shorts that breathe and don’t stick to you.

These Amazing Girls! continued


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by Greg Day stays on tour. Saturday - Grand Final Day & the last day of the tournament. Even though we finished in the 5th-8th bracket, we were amongst some of the elite powerhouse clubs in Australian basketball with Canberra, Knox and our final opponent, Dandenong. Again, we struggled with consistency across the 4 qtrs of basketball and despite getting out to an early 12pt lead, Dandenong proved to be a quality outfit & they fought their way back into the game & eventually ran out winners, 63-52. Ula finished with 15pts, CJ 6pts & Jaida 2pts. That was it for our tournament. We stayed & cheered Ipswich in their final playoff for 13/14 and then watched the grand final played out between Spartans & Sandringham, two teams we had pushed hard & very nearly defeated. The closing ceremony followed and then began the phenomenon of "swapping". All 240 girls in the one court walking around swapping team jerseys, singlets, shorts, warmup tops, socks, jackets, beanies, badges....... It goes on. Probably the most frenzied the girls had been all week. We returned to our homestead & the parents came out and we kicked back & had a fun night relaxing & reflecting on what was & what could have been. Ultimately we finished 8th best in the country which is the 2nd best effort by any Logan team that has gone before (2010 girls got silver). Individually we had 2 scorers in the top 10 with JPC's Jade Kirisome in 4th place on 17.3ppg & our own Ula Motuga in 7th place on 16.3ppg. If they kept the stats, I am confident Ula would have won the Blocked Shots top spot & quite possible the Rebounding. Sunday was a free day before we flew back on Monday. We organised a day at Sovereign Hill for the girls. Who would have thought panning for gold could engross 10 thirteen y.o. girls for 2 hrs? The photos reflect the intensity of the prospecting and also the fun. If you asked the girls what they will remember the most it will be this day. In wrapping up, I thought I'd make a list of what was heard so many times throughout the week and will bring back so many memories for the girls and their week. If they don't make sense.... ask them to share. Nutella Jaida, get out of the fridge Lil Bill Giddy up!!!! #1194 Unky Bill Moo Moo Meadows Jaida, get out of the fridge Dutch Oven Head Count!!!!!! Nek Minnit Girls!!!! Phones!!! Jaida, get out of the fridge Blonde Bill Another debrief?????? Logan Thunder 1, Logan Thunder 2, Logan Thunder click click click click click Chopsticks JAIDA!!!!! GET OUT OF THE FRIDGE!!!!!

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