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JUNE 2011



86th Year Volume 86 No. 06

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Published Monthly By: Atwater Larchmont Tila Pass Lodge 614 F&AM. 2927 Rowena Avenue, Los Ageles, CA 90039 Editorial and Publication Committee: Anthony Castillo - Chairman Joey Narte - Layout Jason Ilustisimo - Layout Manny Cruz - Circulation Doug McDougal - Circulation Jonathan Asis - Member George de la Cruz - Member

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2011 Lodge Officers: Gilbert Cabrera (Virginia) Master Jesus Rosal (Amy) Senior Warden Jonathan Asis (Lynville) Junior Warden Celso Fueconcillo PM (Anita) Treasurer Reuben B. Zari PM (Vilma) Secretary Joey S. Narte (Elvie) Assistant Secretary Romeo T. Julaton (Letty) Chaplain Nick Agapalo (Esther) Assistant Chaplain Alexis Alo Senior Deacon Eric O. Biscocho Junior Deacon George De la Cruz (Bernadette) Marshal Anthony Castillo (Grace) Senior Steward Jimmy Gonzales (Nancy) Junior Steward Micheal Mediano (May) Organist Wilson Olford, PM (Beverly) Tiler Archie Roque (Zenaida) Assistant Tiler Guillermo Munda, PM Officer’s Coach Leonardo de Castro, PM (Emmie) Candidate’s Coach Reuben B. Zari, PM (Vilma) Inspector of the 731st District


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JUNE 2011

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Jun Tallara and the overall chairman is Brother Nick Agpalo assisted by Brother Romy Julaton. Brother George de la Cruz and Brother Archie Roque, chairmen of our Hawaiian Night, are busy with their preparations, and from the looks of it, this affair should be a big bang as they have lots of surprises to offer. I’ve heard that they invited some Hawaiian Dancers and have some nice raffle prizes. So be there.

Last month of May was “Better Hearing and Speech Month”, and as a show of support to the Pasadena Scottish Rites Language Center, we presented a $500 check in honor of Wor. Vernon Dandridge, PM, to help in their project of serving the children who have problems with speaking, understanding or hearing. The Language Center of Pasadena Scottish Rites educates children and their family everyday as communicating effectively impacts the learning, socialization and emotional development of the children they served. Thanks to the effort of our Fund Raising Committee, chaired by Brother Henry Seno and cochaired by Brother Nick Agpalo. Brother Seno came up with the idea of actively giving to charities this year. The other selected recipient is The Masonic Homes of California at Covina and we will be presenting a check later this year, in honor of Wor. Celso Fueconcillo, PM.

Another big event that we will have is our Golf Tournament on 7/9/11, Saturday, chaired by Brothers Jun Batas and Ed Murallos. This is one of our biggest fund raising events for the year, as they have promised and knowing well the chairmen, I won’t be surprised if they will overshoot the target for this year encompassing the previous year outcome. Lastly, I wish to greet Happy Father’s Day in advance to all the dads. Upon the square, Gilbert O. Cabrera, Master

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Brother Bob Laurente and to Brother Mike Mediano for serenading our ladies last stated meeting in honor of the Mother’s Day celebration. Family Nights for May and June were cancelled due to the different activities that were so close with the schedule. Some brethren requested that we also need to spend some personal quality time with our respective families. But, on July 30, Saturday, we will have our Family Night at the Lodge, right after we volunteer to serve lunch at The Midnight Mission for the homeless people of the skid row. Of course, we will have some line dancing for the ladies and possibly practice with the degree conferrals for men or just do nothing but socialize. I invite our brethren and ladies to join us with this activity of feeding the homeless people of Los Angeles especially those who didn’t experience it yet and you will realize how lucky we are to have what we had. As Sister Letty Julaton once said, “You tend to appreciate more the blessings that you have received from the Almighty no matter how small it is when you see those people at the skid row who are desperately at the bottom”. Please contact the chairman, Brother Jimmy Gonzales, for reservations as we are limited to 25 volunteers only. This will be on a first come first serve basis only. Our basketball team is the number one in the standing of the Masonic Basketball League and our first playoff game is on 6/5/11, Sunday. Please be there to support our team as this is a knock out system, which means that if we lose a game, we are out of the championship. Our Sports Chairman, Brother Noel Prospero is the playing coach. The manager is Brother WWW.ALTP614.COM

JUNE 2011

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Listening, connecting to the brethren and communicating to have a commitment not only to the officers but also the brothers.These are the key factors especially to the EAM, Fellowcrafts and to the newly raised brothers, by giving them more direct participation to our lodge events and rituals. By improving the investigation process, providing quality rituals and mentors to every candidates. These are the few priorities which as our group agreed. Greetings from the West, I would like to thank our brethren for sending me and my Wife to the Senior Wardens Leadership Training last May 20 to 22 at Newport Marroitt Hotel. I gained a lot of experience and met many contemporaries from other lodges. They taught us to list priorities for us to do on our lodge and instruct us on how to accomplish the intented priorities.

We are having a Luau on June 18. It is chaired by Bro. George de la Cruz and I am sure that it will be a successful event. Join us to make it even better. From the West, Jesse Rosal

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JUNE 2011

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good, our lodges will prosper and our members will grow as good men and Masons only if we focus our thoughts and efforts and the thoughts and efforts of our candidates on Masonry as a way of thinking and a way of living in which brotherhood is the vehicle, the mission and the goal.

Greetings from the South, my brethren! There are so many activities that have happened in the Lodge during the past month. We initiated eight brothers, and three of them have already been passed to the degree of Fellowcraft. I am also pleased to see that some of our candidates are very eager to learn and give their proficiencies and move on to the next degree. Let us keep their interests in Masonry by helping them to understand and “practice those great moral duties which are inculcated in it”, and the significances of each degrees and how they can apply them to their daily life. My attendance during the Masons of California Junior Warden’s retreat in Newport Beach, CA, gave me the chance to introduce me further regarding lodge management and also to meet all the other Southern California Masonic Junior Wardens in which we shared ideas regarding the mission, vision, values and strategic objective of our craft. We have worked together to set our priorities on how to improve the overall goals of the lodge, membership development, leadership management, and implementing programs. There are so many great materials presented during this retreat which can be implemented in our lodge. I and my wife have a wonderful experience in this retreat and I hope that the lodge will continue sending participants in leadership training like this. With this different kind of experience that I have learned from this retreat, I came to realize that the making of a Freemason does not consist entirely of his progress through the various Degrees of the Order. Receiving these various degrees is in itself only the “Passport to Knowledge”. This can be described as the key to a continuing course of Masonic education. It is a great pride to belong to the greatest fraternity in the world, founded on the noblest of principles. Do not forget that it is not enough simply to make a man a member. Our fraternity will grow as an influence for WWW.ALTP614.COM

During our stated meeting for the month of May, the lodge celebrated Mother’s Day through the initiative of our Master, Wor. Gilbert Cabrera, making sure we make time to appreciate and honor all mothers. They were presented with a fan and flowers, and they are being serenaded by our Bro. Bob Laurente accompanied by our organist Bro. Mike Mediano. The first song was especially dedicated to our honorees but the next song is more for our brethren which I have been touch by the message of the song. (He ain’nt heavy he’s my brother). “The road is long with many a winding turn that leads us to who knows where. Who knows when? But I’m strong, strong enough to carry him; he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother”. “So on we go; his welfare is my concern. No burden is he to bear; we’ll get there. For I know he would not encumber me; he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother!” In light of such “one another” passages, there should not be any doubt that we are to be our brother’s keeper, and being their protector. But how well are we doing? How we answer may reveal how well or poorly we are fulfilling and living up to one responsibility we have that includes all others: To show our love for one another. We are exhorted to receive, edify, and serve each other, bear one another’s burdens, as well as to forgive each other, submit to one another, and be hospitable to everyone. Remember, that “It’s a long, long road from which there is no return, while we’re on the way to there why not share? And the load doesn’t weigh me down at all. He ain’t heavy, he’s my Brother”! For, in fact, remember that we are all traveling to that undiscovered country from whose borne no traveler returns. Will you be willing to share the heavy load that your brother has? Travel well my brother! Bro. Jonathan Asis

JUNE 2011

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JUNE 2011

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THINK ABOUT IT Ron Koretz, P.M. I happened to be listening to a conservative talk show host named Mike Gallagher a few days ago and was surprised at some comments that he made. It seems that his producer had been called for jury duty and, as a result, Mr. Gallagher had to do both his own job and that of the absent producer. He complained about jury duty in general. His perspective was that we should have professional jurors just as we have professional lawyers and judges. He decried having to be a juror and sit through meaningless cases. He also told his audience that, should he be ever asked to serve on a jury, he would do what he could to get out of it, including making some fairly outlandish statements when he was interviewed by the lawyers. My surprise was not that he wanted out of jury duty; I suspect that that is a sentiment shared by many citizens. My surprise was that he was prepared to undermine the very judicial system that most conservatives find an integral part of our Constitution. By contrast, I have worried about the jury system since the time of the OJ Simpson criminal verdict. Is it true that juries are composed of people who are not smart enough to get out of jury duty? If so, should we be surprised that WWW.ALTP614.COM

jury-created miscarriages of justice occur? Since then, I promised myself that, every time I was called for jury duty, I would go in and put forth my best effort to become part of a jury. I can only wonder what Mr. Gallagher’s response will be the next time a jury does something with which he disagrees. While professional jurors may be an answer in the future, we do not currently have that in place and we have to do something else in the meantime. Mr. Gallagher’s perspective also demonstrated a larger phenomenon. We live in a society that has all sorts of problems, and most of them will only be solved with a great deal of personal sacrifice. While people seem to understand this concept, it appears that their willingness to see a solution put into place depends on how much others are going to sacrifice. In reality, we will all have to sacrifice to fix what is wrong, be it our national debt or assuring that justice is served in the courts. Think about it.

JUNE 2011

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