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A trip of a life time! By: Jazmine Jones Manchester

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• Hawaii U.S.A • Manchester united England

Intro For the past 2 years and raising money so I can buy my one boat. I was also preparing to go to 3 different countries. The countries are Phuket Thailand, Hawaii and Manchester united England. My estimation was it will take me about a month to do the whole entire trip. Wish me luck!

Phuket My first destination is Thailand phuket. I have to sail the east china sea and the south china sea so I would be pretty close to phuket. I can’t wait to see the beautiful oceans I am going to see. If I am lucky might even see my grandparents they are in phuket so I might visit them to! Now I am heading to a new destination.

Why I want to go there To see my grandparents. Seeing the beautiful oceans. Riding on elephants.

Hawaii My second place to visit is the island Hawaii I have to sail through the south china sea and the Philippine sea then I will be in Hawaii Honolulu! I've already been to Hawaii twice but I love it so much that I came again! I love the food there and especially the hotels the hotels there are so nice. So I made a decision to be there the longest so about three days. Also my uncle is there surfing so I might take surfing lessons and help him put wax on surfboard!! Why I want to go To eat delicious food! To be in a great hotel or Marriott!!!!!!! To see my uncle and take surfing lessons!

Manchester united It is going to be a long ways a way to get to England I have to sail through the Philippine sea , south china sea, bay of Bengal, Arabian sea and the Mediterranean sea to get to England. Now I am headed to Manchester!! I am so exited!!!! I am going too see some soccer or football in Manchester.

Things I need to bring • Money • Laptop • Cell phone • Video camera • Camera • Books • Homework (if I have to)

jazmine's Trip of a life time  
jazmine's Trip of a life time  

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