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Tuesday 18th October 2011

SSU Fashion Southampton Solent University Fashion students are out in full force today to promote the new line of Sports wear. Emma Pritchard, Fashion and Marketing Course Leader said the look they were trying to go for was popular “casual lifestyle” alá Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister. Jodie Coles, 25, is on the Yellow Team and is in her third year of the Fashion Marketing and Management course.

“Because there are brands like Jack Wills we thought students might prefer to buy them so we had to make something students will want to buy and wear.” The influence of such brands is evident in the clothing style and they seem to have achieved their mission statement “for students, by students”.

This project is the brain child of graduates Israr Jan-Parker and Pascal Mattais who looked into each university course to see how they could help with the project. The collection was developed in collaboration across the university including the staff.

Mark Wing put together the FABSE copyright assignment. Students from BA(Hons) Fashion Design designed the sportswear; Elliot Cotgrove, studying Product Design, was behind the pop up shops; the students studying an MA in Media and PR designed a crucial internal marketing strategy, and Lorraine Mankoo, an MBA student in FSBE, devised a marketing strategy report.

Team leader Miss Coles said that getting to this point was “difficult but rewarding, it’s hard really to get 18 people motivated.” However, this isn’t all for nothing, the winning team receives an unknown prize plus small extras such as a boat trip or a gym membership which makes the competition for teams fierce.

Amy Wells, who is also on the Fashion Marketing and Management course and on the blue team said: “We are all really competitive. Although we don’t know what the prize is we really want to win. And it’s not just for the prize because the money raised goes to help everyone really.” This view was echoed by fellow blue team member Robyn Kardamash who also thought that it was paramount that they win. She added: “I want to win but I’m not sure if people will want to buy the clothes because it’s quite expensive and it’s not something like Abercrombie where people will know the brand straight away.” On the other hand Beth 507 words

Webb, 18 and a Film Student purchased a hoodie recently and said: “I didn’t mind the price because it’s so warm and thick.”

The predicted best seller is the t-shirt and it seems to be a favourite among the Fashion Marketing and Management students. Among the sportswear are jogging bottoms, hoodies, t-shirts and the popular varsity jacket. Prices start at £10.99 and you can find the teams dotted around the university campus.

The money goes to the university funds and the project was funded by the university’s strategic development fund, that aims to increase employability in the curriculum.“It is important for students to get as much experience of the real world as possible,” added Emma.


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Tuesday 18th October 2011 Amy Wells, who is also on the Fashion Marketing and Management course and on the blue team said: “We team member R...