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Science and Technology Week This week in the school ,we are making presentations, the whole school has to participate, the purpose of this is to learn how to speak in public. The parents are invited to participate in this activity. The principal make a schedule so the presentations were organized, it was Science and organized like this: Technology some presentations at 08:00 ´clock them others at 09:00, 11:00 and 13:00 it was very good because in a set were presentations in English and Spanish and from different grades.

I had the oportunity to saw some of the presentations, there were interestings topics and a presentation that took my attention was about the music that was presented by the 3rd Music graders I think that they presented very good , what I like about it was that at the end they put music and asked the parents what they felt with the music and it was interesting because every person has a different opinion

And other presentation that took my attention was about the fabrics that was presented by my friends they presented very good and it was Fabrics interesting I didn´t know that were a lot of fabrics but not the common fabrics were very modern some also can turn on and make figures it was very cool and interesting. A presentation that I really like it was about the dreams and it was very very interesting and cool I didn´t know many things about this topic Dreams really and It´s impressive how our brain works when we are sleeping how it creates the dreams, they presented very well and I learn many things

This week of Science and Technology I learn many things and not only about how to present and talk in public about many topics that I thought that they weren´t interesting.


science and technology week