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Welcome the Spring in Style Spring is just around the corner, and do you know what does it mean? It simply means that you need to spruce up your wardrobe. Since the temperature is slowly rising, many women have replaced their warm boots for some spring footwear like stilettos. But wait right there, even if spring is here – you don’t need to throw those lovely boots away. Get your feet ready and remain trendy with the perfect type of boots you’ll want to wear all spring long.

The Material First, look for a warm material- you have to make sure if the material is well made, well cut and perfectly put together. Choose the material that can resist the bad weather. Leather Those who belong in the blue collar workforce will surely tell you that leather boots are the only way to go. New material may come and go but leather continues to stand the test of time. Many of us have remained loyal in choosing leather material for its durability and style. However, leather material has also a negative side. Leather boots do have a tendency to stretch and hence they do need to be broken in to some extent. But leather does still offer the best protection from hazards such as hot or heavy objects. The Color Some of the most popular colors are black, brown, tan and white. But you can also opt for more bold choices like blue, purple and pink. Depending on your style and your individual preference, a classic brown or black riding boot might just be the only boot you need all spring long. But if you’re crazy for boots, like I am, then you’ll want to buy a flat embellished ankle boots, some furry boots for the snow, heeled ankle boots, and black suede over-the-knee boots.

The Length The trendiest ones this year are the ankle-length boots and the knee-length versions. I am confident to say that these sizes belong to the essential items to invest in since they never go out of style. Ankle-length boots work really well with dresses, pants, and skirts. Mid-Calf boots can be tricky, because if you are short, then you may end up looking shorter. I suggest you to wear black mid-calf boots with black pants and simply avoid wearing a brown pair with white pants since they may have too much contrast. Knee-High boots are more versatile than mid-calf, but not quite as versatile compared with the ankle. Since a lot of the end result will depend on where it hits on your leg line (knee-high boots can cut your leg in an inopportune spot). But in general, both the classic ankle boot and knee-high boot give you more versatility with your wardrobe.

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