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E arl y R elease —   L imited E dition

Life was good for little brother. After all, he was living life in a world that looked like it belonged to Jerry Maguire.

Ownership of a three-year-old sports PR firm and 10 previous years in the business featured experiences with names like Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, John Daly and Justin Leonard. Memories with sporting legends like Barry Sanders, Walter Payton and others were just part of the “job” and part of his life since college years began in the late ‘80s. Many considered him to have the dream life, and in many ways he did. But he walked away. A call that would change his life forever had come without warning. Amidst a winter of new beginnings, with only a slight hint of direction, he discovered the most unexpected of paths. Little did he know it would lead from the sporting greats to a place that once housed the person in his life he seldom even remembered to mention—his older and physicallychallenged sister, Kathy. And there, he found his path was one she had been traveling all along. As Kathy’s 40th birthday drew near, this writing journey revealed the symbolic relationship of siblings connected by a twist of fateful birth circumstances. Kathy’s life in the wilderness had served as a beacon to the land that had been awaiting his arrival. The light he often believed was his would be found in the heart of his sister and in the memories of a facility he had spent his life trying to forget. “Cottage 12” embarks the reader on the same journey taken by the author, both as a writer and as a person—an adventure fueled by divine intervention and interpretation. It tells the story of changing perspectives and seeing life—past, present and future—through new eyes and with a transformed heart. By the end, the life that may change the most is yours.