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Dear ¡Adelante! Students, Alumni, Advocates, and Friends: It is an honor to write this letter on behalf of the ¡Adelante! U.S. Education Leadership Fund. Our 13th Annual Leadership Institute & Recruitment Fair will be held on October 15-17, 2011, at the Hyatt Regency Riverwalk, in beautiful downtown San Antonio, Texas. Our three-day Leadership Institute is loaded with “eye-opening” discussions and conversations by corporate and community leaders – all designed to help develop students’ professional /leadership skills and give them a competitive edge before they start their careers. Approximately 200 high-achieving, Latino undergraduates will be attending from colleges and universities from across the country to take part in the ¡Adelante! Experience. Over 85% of our student scholars who attend the Leadership Institute are the first in their families to go to college. After our Leadership Institute concludes, students return to their campuses with powerful knowledge, career leads and connections, and most importantly, increased self-confidence as they become ready to lead and be successful in their futures. I strongly believe our Leadership Institute is a life-changing event that provides a great road map to career, professional, and leadership opportunities for Latino undergraduate students.

The work ¡Adelante! does supports a critical piece of the educational experience and provides students with a valuable insight early on in their undergraduate journey. Since our inception in 1993, the ¡Adelante! U.S. Education Leadership Fund has strived to become a national leader in providing leadership development opportunities for undergraduate Latino students through scholarship, internships, and conferences. Today, we have impacted thousands of students and look forward to creating even more new and exciting opportunities as we strive to broaden the Latino leadership pipeline for Corporate America, public service, and the non-profit sectors. The following information includes the information about our program, tentative agenda, and student experiences. I would encourage you to visit our website at to learn more. If you should have any questions, feel free to visit us at or by calling toll free at 1-877692-1971. I look forward to seeing you in San Antonio! Sincerely, Javier “Jay” L. Zambrano Executive Director

Our mission is to inspire the best and brightest Latino students to graduate and lead through scholarships, internships, and leadership training.

Hyatt Regency Riverwalk - San Antonio, Texas October 15-17, 2011

About the National Leadership Institute & Recruitment Fair For more than a decade, ¡Adelante!’s premiere leadership program has impacted the lives of thousands of Latino student leaders. The goal of the Leadership Institute is to increase college students’ knowledge about being successful in their professional future through improving communication, leadership, and career skills. Students will learn about their personal leadership skills through teamwork in an outdoor Challenge Leadership Course. In addition, the student will learn how different personality and leadership styles can be successful in any environment. Students will have the opportunity to connect with a network of business professionals and peers. ¡Adelante! will strive to improve students’ communication skills through interactive workshops. Past sessions have included topics such as: Branding You!, Business Etiquette, Community Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Dress for Success, Interview Tips and Preparation, Maximizing your Job/Internship Search, Money Management, Presentation 101, Resume Workshop & Review, StrengthsFinder© Assessment, Work Style Adaptation, etc. Students will participate in activities where they learn the unspoken rules of the workplace and network with professionals in their area of study while learning about internships and employment opportunities.

About the Leadership Institute What is ¡Adelante!’s Leadership Institute? ¡Adelante!’s Annual Leadership Institute & Recruitment Fair is an intense, three-day “eyeopening” and “Aha! Moment” event that entails workshops, great conversations, and hands-on activities conducted by corporate, motivational, and educational leaders – all designed to inform, empower, and motivate Latino college students. Students network with professionals in a variety of fields, many of whom offer internship and employment opportunities, plus endless advice of the importance of effectively planning and preparation for the corporate job market. When the conference ends, the student participants will return to their campuses enthusiastic about their futures, determined to seek out solutions to better prepare themselves, and with more self-confidence in their abilities to assume leadership roles in their communities.

What students walk away with… Knowledge – loads of the do’s and don’ts in preparing for an interview, the unspoken rules of the workplace, the importance of networking with the “right” people, and the significance of taking advantage of meaningful internships that will ultimately land great employment opportunities.

Empowerment – students will gain personal leadership skills through teamwork in our Outdoor Challenge Leadership Course, as well as crafting the perfect resume, acing the interview, and learn how different leadership styles can be successful in any environment. Motivation - our entire conference is geared to challenging students to reach their full potential, mentally and physically. Our event will demonstrate to students that are truly in the driver’s seat on their own path to success.

Tentative Agenda

(¡Adelante!’s Leadership Institute Class of 2010)

National Leadership Institute & Recruitment Fair Saturday 10/15/2011 – “The Meaning of Leadership” • Registration/Welcome • What is Leadership? • The Power of Networking • Welcome Reception Sunday 10/16/2011 – “Building and Branding You” • Ropes Leadership Challenge Course • Building Your Personal Brand* • Building a Rock-Solid Resume** • Keys to a Successful Interview** • Internships, Study Abroad, and Other Ways to Enhance Your Academic Experience and Resume** *General Session; include discussions on Professionalism, Dress Like a Pro, Ethics, Projecting a Winning Attitude, Financial Smarts, and more… **Concurrent Sessions Monday 10/17/2011 – “Your Journey Starts Now!” • Making the Most of the Career Fair (Prep Session) • Recruitment Career Fair • Power Lunch: “The Difference Maker and Turning Point”* • Adapting to Ever Changing Times** • Cultural Identity** • Give Back!** • ¡Adelante! Awards Gala *Power Lunch is General Session; include discussions on Life Journeys: From College to the Executive Suite, Turning Points, Motivation/¡Ganas!, and more… **Concurrent Sessions Tuesday 10/18/2011 • Departure

Institute Demographics

Serving thousands of students from over 60 U.S. Colleges and Universities ¡Adelante! serves over 60 Colleges and Universities in the Top 7 Hispanic geographical markets which include: •Arizona •California •Florida •Illinois •New Mexico •New York •Texas


Classification Fresh.



Average GPA: 3.5 16.3%











Top 12 Majors Represented at Leadership Institute Computer Information Sys. Engineering Biochemistry Chemistry Marketing Management Accounting Finance Economics Intl. Business Communications Business

Criteria/Costs What are the criteria to attend the 2011 Leadership Institute? All students attending the 2011 Leadership Institute must meet the following criteria: •Must be a sophomore, junior, or senior undergraduate student •Must have a cumulative 3.0 GPA •All majors are welcome How can students attend? Students can attend in the following ways: •Sponsored by their colleges and/or universities • Pay registration on your own How much does it cost to attend? All registrations must be completed online at Adelante will book all students at Hyatt Regency Riverwalk. El Paso and out-of -state students will be provided air travel. Colleges and Universities Sponsoring Students Student (Texas, excluding El Paso) - $450.00 per student In-state student registration includes conference registration, three-night accommodations at the Hyatt Regency Riverwalk (two students will be assigned per room), all conference meals, and one admission to the ¡Adelante! Awards Gala. Transportation is not included. Send three students (Texas, excluding El Paso) and get the fourth registration free – total cost $1,350.00 . Student (El Paso, TX and Out-of-state students) - $900.00 per student Out-of-state student registration includes conference registration, three-night accommodations at the Hyatt Regency Riverwalk (two students will be assigned per room), all conference meals, and one admission to the ¡Adelante! Awards Gala. Round-trip airfare is included. Send three students (El Paso, TX and Out-of-state students) and get the fourth registration free – total cost $2,700.00.

registration It is not merely about crossing the finish line… It is crossing the finish line prepared!

Student Registration (You may also register at

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$450 Registration includes Program, Hotel Accommodations, ¡Adelante! Awards Banquet, and meals.

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___ Option B $900 Registration includes Program, Hotel Accommodations, ¡Adelante! Awards Banquet, and meals PLUS Airfare.

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___ Option C Register 3 Students, and the 4th Student can attend for FREE. ___ 3 x $450 = $1,350 for 4 students OR ___ 3 x $900 = $2,700 for 4 students (includes airfare)

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