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How to Upgrade Prestashop to 1.4.8 Version The latest version of Prestashop is 1.4.8. In this tutorial, we will provide steps to be followed for updating Prestashop to this new version manually. It is always better to upgrade manually rather than to Automatic so as to minimize the risks of getting errors.

Following are the steps to be followed:

Step 1 The first step in any upgrade process is to take a complete backup of your website files as well as database. In this step you are required to take a backup of:

Website files


Customized Translations Whenever you try upgrade, make sure to disable your store. You can do this by going to Preferences>Enable Shop and setting this option NO. Below “Enable Shop” option there is one more option “Maintenance IP”. In this field you need to put your IP address.

Step 2 In this step, you need to download latest stable version of Prestashop. Rename the admin folder of newly downloaded Prestashop to unique name. You may also need to copy some customized files from the backup which you have taken in first step to new “prestashop” folder.

The directories which need to be updated as per backup are:





/download or /upload (if you have downloadable products or customizable products)

/classes (In case you have customized classes)


Step 3 Now you need to upload all the files contained in “Prestashop” folder with above mentioned changes to FTP Server.

Step 4 After uploading all the files, you need to open “Installer Wizard” by typing There you will see 2 options – Installation and Update. Now follow these 3 simple steps: 1.

Click on Update


Agree to Terms & Conditions


Click “Next” After clicking next as mentioned above, a new page will be opened which will ask for the confirmation that you have taken a complete backup. Check a box for confirming this and click next.

System Compatibility After disclaimer, you can see a page regarding verification of parameters before update. Make sure you meet all the measures of system compatibility and then click on “Next”.

Once you click on Next, the upgrade will start and will take few minutes.

Step 5 If the update was successful, you will see a message:

“Your Shop has been successfully upgraded to 1.4.8”

Read Full Tutorial here:

How to Update Prestashop to 1.4.8 Version  

Prestashop 1.4.8 Update tutorial which describes vaious steps for upgrading.

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