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Letter from the editor It has been a great start to the year, welcome to 2013! With a new year come new beginnings and hopes for a better future. This goes hand in hand with the theme of our new issue "spring". I think we can all say that term 2 has flown by with a bang, and we will be celebrating this with all new, fresh and exciting interviews, stories and jokes from Dulwich's premier journalists.

Editor’s letter – pg 1 Spring is in the air! – pg 2 New year, new movies – pg 3 Book review – pg 4 Game review – pg 4 Movie reviews – pg 5

In addition to that, this time, we had the chance to try out something new, our very own D'Journal "spring competition." We were very impressed with the amount of submissions we received from students throughout the whole Senior School in a variety of media including prose, poetry and art. And we are very proud in showcasing all submissions in our magazine along with the winning pieces (which are revealed inside)!

Spring Competition Entries – pg 6 International Women’s Day – pg 14 Grimm Tales Production – pg 16 Jokes and Riddles – pg 17 Horoscopes – pg 18 Sports Review – pg 20 Photography – pg 21

Apart from the competitors, I would also like to thank our voluntary writers who are also featured in this term's issue. On that note, whether you are an aspiring author or journalist, we hope that next term you will also contribute to this small community of passionate writers and enthusiastic artists!

Mr. Clapperton’s Gap Year – pg 22 Poetry Collection – pg 22 Advertisements – pg 24 ===

Lastly, I'd like to give a very special thanks to our own Megan Liu who was the editor before myself, Zhenglin, Jeffrey, and Jay; and passed down the reins of this wonderful organization to us. We wish her nothing but the best of luck for her upcoming IB exams and for the future.

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- Tanisha Kharwadkar


Spring is in the air! Written by Nayan Thakurani

Chinese new year

In China, Chinese New Year is one of the most important festivals. It marks the transition from one Zodiac year to the next, much like a regular New Year Celebration. During the holidays, consider flying to Hong Kong to take part in the spectacular annual Lantern Festival on February 24. And while you’re there, be sure to catch the multimillion dollar firework presentation at Victoria Harbor. Surprisingly, the metropolis of Hong Kong has traditional foods derived from its very beginnings, so while you’re there, try to get a meal of Char Siu Bao, or BBQ Pork Bun.

Feeling creative?

Go on to the Paper Critters website ( to design your own Paper Toy. You can make any color and pattern and once you’re done, you can print it out and make it!

Feeling hungry?

There are restaurants scattered all around Shanghai where you can celebrate the Easter Sunday of your dreams! Just head to Gennaro Italian Restaurant (1/F, Mandarine City Clubhouse, 1129 GuYang Lu), open 24/7, to have a delectable Easter Dinner for under RMB 1000 per family!

Feeling energetic?

Angry birds seasons

Go ahead and organize an Easter Egg Hunt right in your neighborhood! All you need are hiding places, Easter Eggs, a Treasure Map, and of course, lots of friends to hunt with!

Just like last year, the App Store, Google Play, and the Android App Store are all expecting an exciting new update to Angry Birds Seasons. At the beginning of 2012, we were surprised when Rovio released the Spring is in the Air update, and we’re hoping for something even better this time.


New year means new movies! Written by Nayan Thakurani

As with every new year, 2013 brings many exciting new movies. The adventure takes off with Robert Downey Jr. as he reprises his role as Tony Stark in Iron Man 3. To cool off, get washed away with Percy Jackson during his epic adventure in the Sea of Monsters. And finally, the spark is catching as we revisit Katniss Everdeen, the Girl on Fire, as she continues her battle for survival against the enraged Capitol and their murderous Hunger Games.

The movies of the past decade brought excitement, exhilaration, and of course, top quality entertainment. But last year, something changed. A new era of films was born out of crudely animated superheroes and childish themes. 2012 brought revolutionary ideas to the big screen.

But the fun doesn’t end there! The next twelve months not only bring many sequels such as The Smurfs 2, Monsters University, and Despicable Me 2, but also bring original new ideas like Horrid Henry: The Movie, Escape From Planet Earth, and from the creators of Ice Age and Rio, EPIC. Image from: r%20Wars%203D%20quadposter.jpg

The transformation began with Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in 3D, and the flow of heroic movies continued throughout the year with The Hunger Games, Men in Black 3, The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit, and Skyfall. The movies this year bear continuations of the new generation, come up with brand new innovations, and adapt an extraordinary number of movies into astounding 3D technology, like Texas Chainsaw, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, and exclusively the first Jurassic Park with astounding visual effects. Overall, cinemas are looking at a funfilled year ahead!

Image from:


Book review: Gone

Game Review: Dishonored

“In the blink of an eye. Everyone disappears. Gone. Except for the young. Teens. Middle schoolers. Toddlers. But not one single adult. No teachers, no cops. No doctors, no parents, no older siblings over the age of fifteen. Just as suddenly, there are no phones, no internet, no television.“

The best video game rated by CNN last year was Dishonored. The story is set in a rotting, parallel universe where advanced technology is combined with steam punk visuals where the population is being infected by a plague. The main area where the game is played is called Dunwall, a city modeled after the later 1800s to early 1900s London. The main character is called Corvo, and he was the Empress’ royal bodyguard. He was framed for the Empress’ murder and her heir’s capture, and seeks revenge against the people who set him up. The ending of the game depends on how much chaos you cause, your chaos level differs according to the number of people you kill, the more people you kill the higher your chaos level becomes. There are two ways to play the game, using stealth or combat. All assassination targets can be either disabled or killed. The choice is yours, you could sneak and avoid your enemies or you can run, headfirst, right into your enemies and brutally slaughter them. To avoid detection you can always use rooftops, ledges and sometimes tunnels to get past open areas where you are exposed. You are equipped with unique weapons such as a folding blade, a special crossbow and a pistol. A godlike figure in the game, known as The Outsider, grants you unique powers such as teleportation, x-ray vision and slowing down time. The player can collect runes, ancient artifacts dedicated to The Outsider, to upgrade your physical abilities such as increased health, strength, speed and mana, which is consumed whenever you use your powers.

By Jessica Ma

By Kyle Tan

Gone is the first book of a science fiction book series set in a dystopian society written by Michael Grant. The series is centered on the fictional town of Perdido Beach. Every human aged fifteen and older vanishes and the town and surrounding areas are encased within an impenetrable bubble. This bubble is painful to the touch, and is later named the FAYZ (Fallout Alley Youth Zone). Many of the people and wildlife develop supernatural powers, some before the FAYZ, and some after. The books follow the exploits and adventures of the various characters, mainly protagonists Sam Temple, Edilio Escobar, Astrid Ellison, and antagonists Caine Soren, Drake Merwin (aka Whip Hand), and Diana Ladris. In the series, you will be able to explore a new, dystopian world, find out about these characters and they’re dramatic relationships, and join them as they desperately try to thrive in the FAYZ, whilst trying to find a way out. Hundreds of lives are lost throughout the journey. Will the children be trapped inside the bubble forever, without parents, without adults, without Internet? Or at the very end, will they find their way out?


Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man By Lauren Loy

Rating: PG-13 Genres: Action,Drama,Fantasy,Science Fiction Duration: 136 mins. Cast: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone Director: Marc Webb

Image from:

Synopsis: Typical teenager Peter Parker embarks on a journey to fulfill his destiny after discovering a secret carefully protected by his father for many years.

Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises By Lauren Loy

Review: For Spiderman fanatics out there, Marc Webb brings yet another classic movie (sequel) to the big-screen, adding in modern day twists to satisfy the favorable styles of everyone in the audience, children and adults! Taking them to an entirely new dimension of science fiction, through creative graphics as well as complimenting sound effects, this movie incorporates the perfect balance of technical elements. Familiar faces in the movie are also seen repeatedly, but some new faces have also popped out in certain scenes, bringing refreshments every now and then.

Rating: PG -13 Genres: Action, Adventure Duration: 164 mins. Cast: Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway Director: Christoper Nolan Synopsis: The hero Batman emerges from his self-imposed exile once again to protect the city of Gotham from a new villain, both battling for victory. Review: For the Batman comic lovers out there, this movie brings out the best in the classic trilogy, adding in unexpected plot twists throughout the film. Not only does this movie bring in a different experience of action themes, but also brings in a different perspective of passing on messages using visual elements. Although sometimes a little bit draggy in a few sections, motion picks up soon enough to attract the audience. However, there are also many outstanding scenes to wait for. Great graphics, as well as a great twist make up this amazing bundle of action!

Image from:


The d-journal competition Poetry Entries

Written by Angel Liu, Anna He and Bun Joon Kim

Harvest festival

Jack Low The scarlet sun sighs. “One death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic” – Joseph Stalin The dead gears of a photo book turn Again, they turn and the screws unwind They squeak of lye, “We pirouette to the singing air, Where our temples are being built. Won’t you burn with us and Feast upon the rain of silver and gold. Dare you come into the circular meadow?” <On your deathbed, I was the one by the door. When everyone close vaporized to the flooding trend My arid eyes of sands linger, clutched in hands. The gossip of the toe-jammed streets Crowd, a chorus that hums their cantata,> “Shh. Spring, she stains. Nature’s council erect again, The scarlet sun sighs. They’ll soon start building more trees, and birds shall march up. Honk, honk! They bellow as they zoom away in vain Leading a trail of ebony moths in mourning soot, Lured and sparkling to glades of vitreous rays. The rusted rainforest affirmed to asphalt Shrouded in mustard morning mist, gazes up Each spring, as the crane builds pillars, higher and higher and away But no! They will deforest by May. They’ll explode flat to the littered floor where the smog and darkness Smother over bejeweled jaguars, predators in pelts. <The oasis curls to the drop of her blood, With a struggle, the moon ripples and then lies still. Her fiery hands, lilies once stiffly held by him, But now no more at last sank past the hill. Shh. Spring rains come. The snow starts to melt.” Thus they lamented in the temple square And dispersed back, abandoning orchids of trash. While in the snowy distance, the countryside, Remaining pilgrims grope and awake from hibernation. Thin as a stick, face adorned by hunger and hope. They resume the march to the temple, Coins and starving babies in their jingling purse. Once they all left, I came to the window There, the cadaver bed glares at me.> Before the end of spring, they’ll all wilt from heat Ivory irises and so will acidic acacias,’ Country or city, their brittle tears drop. ‘What lies. ‘ <I stare into the jungle, at your memory that grows warmer Dreams of titanium bells ringing as iron clashes. The deserted landscape though fades to fog And like fireflies, explodes, then dims as> The scarlet sun sighs.


The d-journal competition Poetry Entries When I closed my eyes, I saw darkness; when I opened my eyes, I was blinded. The storm thundered inside the forest, But, alas, it only strengthened the unknown, Roots of trees coiled into devious paths into the abyss Confused. Lost.

The Hibernation of a Bear Clara Martiny

Birds begin to sing Trees begin to grow Butterflies flap their wings Fireflies start to glow

What happened to the beauty? What happened to the grace? Why didn't I feel secure anymore? Why did wisdom have its boundaries? Blinded, had failure been my destiny? Lost.

Tiny buds come out The wind hisses my name They’re all waiting for me To stretch out and run again

So long I have waited for the blessing from Him, For the blessing of spring, For the blessing of a new day, For the blessing of discovery, For the blessing of light, And the blessing of change.

Grass begins to sprout The dark clouds fly away Animals begin to shout Humans begin to play The sun shines onto me The clouds anticipate my return The rabbits start to flee I’m getting hungry, so it’s time to ROOOARRRRR!!!!!

I am resurrected from the shadows that have imprisoned me so long, I am renewed with the bestowal of grace upon me. Singing in exultation, dancing in exultation, I am found again.

Spring Angela Lin

It was dingy outside, and it was cold outside, It was lonely outside, and it was despondent outside. It felt lonely and scarce in there, There lay an impenetrable forest of darkness and the unknown. By the outside force, The inside was also affected.

Where is my spooky little forest? Ha, He assures me the abyss has devoured the unknown. No longer must I be called thither! The snow is melting. Oh, my, it is melting! My body trembles in mercy and my eyes flutter open, The sun breaks from the east and illuminates the earth. The light is mighty. Flowers bloom and flourish in radiance, inspiring the warmth and beauty. Birds chirp urgently, giving praise to such phenomenon. Praise for spring, they chirp exuberantly. Praise for spring!

It snowed and hailed from the summit of Mount St. Helens To my garden outside. Everything was obscured by the color of blinding white, Nature seemed to succumb to torpor. Winter. Lifeless. Lost. I felt my limbs shiver, and the storm pierced my heart,


The d-journal competition Poetry Entries Are a thousand times more pure

My Spring Poem

People talk about How snow Should never have To go away But I think That the changing cycle Of seasons Is what makes them so special

Amelia Lee

I see flowers swaying with the breeze, Bees and butterflies enjoying the green, Sparrows and robins perching in trees, I see the picture of spring. Bees and butterflies enjoying the green, Joyfully welcoming little buds, I see the picture of spring, The earth has finally awoken.

SPRING Claudia Meng

Joyfully welcoming little buds, Swaying along the gentle green meadows. The earth has finally awoken, Beauty has finally emerged.

Summoned to awaken the sleeping earth Presents of renewal in the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rebirth Rosebuds on the verge of blooming Incessant stages of careful grooming Not a child without a smile on their face Gifts made abundant in natureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s grace

Swaying along the gentle green meadows, Trees whisper quietly in the woods. Beauty has finally emerged, It finally sleeps no more.

The strange mystery of snow

Trees whisper quietly in the woods, Sparrows and robins perching in trees It finally sleeps no more, I see flowers swaying with the breeze.

Harriet Pok

Just as it comes, it goes. Falls in small flakes light as a feather, And gorgeous as the perfect rose.

Snowmelt Claudia Meng

The sun comes out, Shining through the frost-tinged air. And she smiles as the rays Melt the snow in her hair.

People talk about How snow Is the most beautiful thing They have ever seen But I think The fresh-faced earth That emerges Is a thousand times more beautiful

White seeps through green As though a blanket is being pulled through the ground By the fingers of a million tiny hands, Disappearing without a sound.

People talk about How snow Is the purest thing In the world But I think The blossoming flowers That bloom

And all these observations make The mysterious disappearance of snow No Longer A Mystery.


The d-journal competition Poetry winner â&#x20AC;&#x201C; tara parekh

Spring transition Icy snow from a winterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s past, Slowly begins to melt. Its reserved and chilly presence, Can no longer be felt. The trees come out of hiding, Their green leaves shyly flex. Stretching and slowly waking up, Out of their winter hex. To take the place of the sinister snow, Flowers slowly bloom, Roses and cheerful daffodils, Emerge from the inky gloom. Now the dazzling spring is here, Colours all around. Not a trace of winter left, Not a smell a sight or sound.

Image from:


The d-journal competition Prose Entries

Spring and SPirituality By Prisha Kapur

Spring! The word brings beautiful pictures in your head of flowers, trees and butterflies. It gives you a sense of hope. When you think about spring, you think about warmth defeating the bitter winter and flower buds blooming. Spring is when chickens start laying eggs and when trees grow tall. It is the time of the year when you take the vacuum and the broom out and start taking the dust out of your carpet. But what about the dust inside of you? Spring is the time when you cleanse the outside, but what about the inside? Couldn’t your body use a little dusting? Yes, every spring, nature shows its true colors. But this spring, why don’t you sit back, relax and wipe the dust away from the rainbow inside of you and let your true colors shine? All you have to do to cleanse the inside is to follow the example that was set on the outside. When spring arrived, what was the first thing that happened? Nature said goodbye to the cold winter and hello to the warm summer. The first step in cleaning yourself is getting rid of all the bitterness and hatred and filling yourself with warmth. Leave your internal winter behind and let your spiritual spring blossom. Nature opens itself when spring arrives. Spring does not hide itself in a cave, it lets everybody see and enjoy its beauty. You should be open like a flower. All in all, you are like a flower bud. A simple flower bud. You stay closed all winter but when springtime arrives, you open yourself. It is nothing new. Those petals have been inside of you the whole time. But when you try and you open yourself, it is beautiful. And let’s face it, everyone loves a blossomed flower. No one likes the grumpy old bud that just would not open. The petals inside of that unopened bud must be beautiful, but sadly, no one can see it. So don’t be that grumpy bud that would just not open, be a nice flower and enjoy this springtime!

Image from:


The d-journal competition Prose Winner – Yifeng Dong

Spring In China, we call it the Spring Festival - even though there’s still some time left until spring actually begins. Why? That’s simple. Spring is by far the most exciting season of the year, and it’s also the first season of the year. The Chinese believed that winter was the hardest season, and after that, you got to enjoy the beauties of spring. Old people celebrate the fact that they have made it through the ‘hardest’ season and await the coming of spring and renewal. To some degree, it’s a huge burden lifted off your shoulders. Spring gives the feeling of joy and happiness, because there’s life all around you. Flowers are blooming, many birds return, and shoots begin to appear on the ends of tree branches again. In contrast to the cold, dry, bitter winter air, you become more and more inclined to go outside, run around and have fun, and because the temperature isn’t as cold as it is in winter but not as hot as it is in summer either, you rarely get sweaty to the point where it becomes disgusting. After spending an entire three months huddled up inside your air-conditioned apartment, simply going outside and enjoying all the sunlight and fresh air gives you an unspeakable, even childish, feeling of ecstasy. In conclusion, what is spring? Spring signals the coming of a new year, and the beginning of a new cycle. Spring signals the rebirth and renewal of many plants, insects, and birds. In short, spring is when Mother Nature wakes up from her cold slumber and her glory returns to earth.

Image from:


The d-journal competition Art Entries

Top row: Adele Lim, Smruthi Rangarajan, Ashley Z Middle row: Simon Cho, Antoine Archaimbault Bottom row: Isabella Fincher, Smruthi Rangarajan, Christian Noble


The d-journal competition Art winner â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Ashley wu


International womens day By Mathilde Xiao

progressive community that when it is subtle, like an off-hand remark, it is simply brushed off and ignored.

March 8th 2013 marks the 101st anniversary of International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate women in a still predominantly patriarchal, unequal world.

However, sometimes we can see gender inequality occur in nonverbal ways. For instance, I would argue that the school uniform policy is an example where sexism exists in our every day school lives. Personally, I think it is unfair that we have separate uniforms for boys and girls.

Obviously women’s rights, along with all human rights, have progressed during these 101 years. Had I lived 101 years ago, would I have been allowed an education let alone the opportunity to write this article so freely? Would my mother have been allowed a career? Would my sisters have been allowed to vote? However, let us not forget that many of us here at DCS are fortunate to have been born and raised with an assumption of these human rights due to the privilege that our socioeconomic circumstances and nationalities offer us. But many women today still do not have such rights and do not know such privilege. So how can International Women’s Day be meaningful to us here at DCS? It is a time for all of us to reflect on how far women have come and to remind ourselves that for many people discrimination and hardship, arising from the simple fact they are women, is an everyday occurrence.

Image from:

Does clothing define gender?

But we should also consider how even at a progressive school community such as DCS we still encounter sexist behaviour. One can hear teachers admonishing students with comments like: “stop being such a girl” or making overgeneralizing remarks about how female students tend to be “verbose” and excessively “emotional” in their writing. And perhaps as you are reading this, you may think I fall into that description.

Does a boy wearing a blue and red striped tie as opposed to a plain red one confirm that he, in fact, is a male? I would argue in a less sexist world, gender based uniforms would not exist. Now maybe most boys might not want to wear skirts, but it is interesting that if they were to, it would probably be considered degrading, shameful or simply a joke. One has to wonder whether those reactions come from the clothing being considered ‘female

But such statements are simply instances that make me realise that sexism is so embedded in our relatively


attire’ and therefore making it embarrassing for him to wear. On the other hand, girls do not, in the vast majority of cases, ‘diminish’ themselves when they wear commonly thought of male attire; a perfect example is a tie itself, which is for most people associated with something men wear. So do the degradation, shame and mockery come from the fact the clothing is seen as being associated with a less valued part of the population - females? I bring up the point, not because I think all boys must wear skirts but, because I think it is unnecessary for a piece of clothing to have the power to dictate and define one's gender. Gender equality can only be furthered when there are less rigid guidelines on what is appropriate ‘only for girls’ and ‘only for boys’. So is there really a need for gender based uniforms? Are gender-defining ties necessary?

time to celebrate the accomplishments of women while we also reflect on how all of us (male and female) can challenge inequalities, no matter how big or small, in our own communities.

Facts and Statistics •

• • •

Yes, we have come a long way over the last 101 years. And we must thank many great social and political activists, such as Luise Zietz and Clara Zetkinto who created International Women’s Day, for the progress. But let us not forget that we still live in a world biased towards patriarchy. We see this, blatantly in countries such as Saudi Arabia where it is illegal for women to even drive a car and subtly in countries like the US, that puts itself forward as an international leader in the struggle for women’s rights yet only has 10% of its governors and 20% of its Congress represented by women; but we also see this in small ways in our own communities.

• •

• •

We cannot deny that gender equality has progressed in many ways; but inequality is not a thing of the past even though it might be far less serious for us individually than for others around the world. I hope that on International Women’s Day we can take


It is illegal for a married woman from Iraq, Oman, Yemen, Jordan, Libya and Morocco to travel outside their country without their husband’s consent. In Lebanon, a woman cannot file for divorce on the grounds of domestic abuse unless there is an eyewitness who is willing to testify to the claim. In Israel only men are allowed to file for an official Jewish divorce. The sn’tates is 80% of the average’s man’s salary. In South Korea male fetuses are terminated at a rate of 10% and female fetuses at a rate of 30%. In China there are approximately 32 million more males than females under the age of 20 due to sex-selective abortions. Only 7% of countries have female leaders. Each year approximately 5,000 women in India are victims of bride burning because of inadequate dowry payments. Globally, women make up 70% of illiterate adults. Regions under Taliban control in Afghanistan prohibit women being in public without being accompanied by a man. Studies show that 40% of South African women are raped in their lifetime and that only 1 in 9 rapes are reported. In Malta abortion is in every case, including for the life of the mother, illegal.

Production: Grimm Tales Written by Esther Dauenheimer

Last term, the Senior School here at Dulwich College Shanghai put on another inspiring production, showcasing the young talents in the dramatic arts across Years 10 to 12. This year, the drama department, led by Mr A. Huxtable decided to bring to life The Grimm Tales, adapted by Carol Ann Duffy. Everyone has been told or has been influenced by these fairytales in their childhood (or adulthood), traditional and iconic yet dark fairytales from the German Grimm Brothers devised in the late 18th Century. As the drama department felt that the talents of our pupils should be displayed equally, a collection of four fairytales (some less known than others) was chosen. Aschputtel, Little Red Cap, Rumpelstiltskin, Snow White was the perfect combination, demonstrating the amusing, aesthetically pleasing, witty, silly, and serious all in a 90-minute performance for friends, fellow pupils, and family. The preparations started four months before the final performances from the 5th to the 7th of December. In mid-September, just three weeks after returning back to school from the long summer break, pupils auditioned on the big stage in front of Mr Huxtable, Ms Glisson and Mr Eades. A one-minute monologue demonstrating their dramatic skills was required and the monologues chosen ranged from proposals to complaints about food in McDonald’s! “It was scary having to go up on stage and perform my monologue to everyone but then again, that’s what I’ll be doing in a couple of month’s time so this is good practice I guess!” reports Ashley Kim (14) auditioning for the Senior School Production of 2012. “I think the worst part isn’t the actual performing - it’s the waiting! Not knowing whether you’re going to get in or not and whether you’ll get a big or a small part is so stressful,” explains

Toria Glover (14). Finally, after one and a half weeks of waiting, the results are published. Madi Braun as Snow White, Ishita Aradhey as Rumpelstiltskin, Samantha Noether as Aschputtel and Esther Dauenheimer as Little Red Cap. With the cast established, rehearsal schedules handed out, contracts signed… the show can begin! Rehearsals kicked in slowly, friendships slowly established and hidden talents slowly discovered. “The best moment was probably when we were reading through our scripts and Sam and Ashley did their female voices!” say several actors. The ugly step sisters portrayed by Sam Stobbs and Ashley Van De Casteele, sporting high wigs, fake breasts and butts, beauty spots, ridiculously high voices and hearts of gold were definitely a crowd-favourite! Costumes started to be discussed, triggering another very ‘high’ moment of the whole production! Many great actors had always agreed that even as children, the most memorable part of a performance. After many weeks of hard work and stress, the final stages of preparation finally approach, the set is made, props are sorted out and the word is spread around the community of a show being put on! The set consisted of six large scrolls, with artistic trees painted on them; a block bed in the middle of the ‘forest’ and lots of leaves all over the place. The general theme is to recreate a child’s nightmare - the fairytales. Night after night, there was a full house. The public reactions are amazing, actors are ecstatic, teachers are proud and turns out this fairytale did get its happy ending.


Jokes and riddles Written by Lauren Loy, Artwork by Cindy Zhu and Kei Kusama

Q: What do you call a baby bear with no teeth?

Q: In a one-story pink house, there was a pink person, a pink cat, a pink fish, a pink computer, a pink chair, a pink table, a pink telephone, a pink shower– everything was pink! What color were the stairs?

A: A gummy bear! Q: How do you stop a dog barking in the back seat of a car?

A: There weren’t any stairs, it was a one story house!

A: Put him in the front seat. Q: How does a dog stop a video?

Q: What is so delicate that saying its name breaks it?

A: He presses the paws button. A: Silence. Q: How is a dog like a telephone? Q: What starts with “P” and ends with “E” and has more than 1000 letters? A: A post office! Q: What has 88 keys but can’t open a single door? A: A piano! Q: Poor people have it. Rich people need it. If you eat it, you’d die. What am I? A: It has a collar I.D.

A: Nothing.

Q: What did the grape say when the elephant stepped on it? A: Nothing, it just gave a little wine! Q: What’s in the middle of nowhere? A: The letter H. Q: Who makes the best cake on a baseball team? A: The batter. Q: I’m tall when I’m young and I’m short when I’m old. What am I? A: A candle


Horoscopes Written by Zhenglin Liu


(Artwork by Jaerelle Lim) How many things one needs good luck for, It could be tests, speeches, and e’en more. Don’t walk atop ladders, Nor under roads’ tatters, But work helps as much as luck, or more.


(Artwork by Cindy Zhu) Now if a mountain-load of work, Is your predicament Along with queues of deadlines grim Enough to, well, dement, You still can’t hide from worried friends, Who too by work are spent.


(Artwork by Kei Kusama) Hardworking you may be, and dedicated, But really there’s no need overwork Yourself when you are almost feverish, E’en if to miss a deadline you are fated.


(Artwork by Elizabeth Stanley) Alone, aloof, in storms of stress you’ll stand Without all other’s terror, staying sane. Too busy though you’ll be to notice these, For thought about the luster of your mane.



(Artwork by Cindy Zhu) The brilliant sunlight temptingly will shine, And all the green outside will for you call, and make you go to parks for nature fine. But why forget your friends, and family all, When you can take your other self benign.


(Artwork by Cindy Zhu) Encumbered by a workload overwhelming, You might be chased by Gemini who’re trying, To drag you to some park or other. Go: You should not always be for neatness freaking.

Horoscopes Written by Zhenglin Liu




(Artwork by Elizabeth Stanley) By suffering friends you may pestered: It’s duty yours to be the voice of balance. It does mean you must have your life well ordered: To make friends sane you must yourself have good sense.

(Artwork by Cindy Zhu) Stop worrying about that essay, And don’t to the Leo critique say. You did it just fine, while His fear is his clothes’ style. Just go with the Virgo away.

(Artwork by Kei Kusama) A break, an escape, All your nerves may scream for it., tumblr, Those are better holidays. Just try to come back in time.


(Artwork by Kei Kusama) Bizarre mishaps are stalking you! To flee, You’ll have to give up every kind of sweets: that’s pastries, ice cream, even choc’lates wee. And if you cannot bear to yield your treats, You’ll miss a bus, your tests will be misplaced, and people may well move away your seats.


(Artwork by Elizabeth Stanley) It’s true, you could be clever and invent Reliable ways to check your big assignment. But if it’s gone when you return to it, Then all is lost: you should’ve saved each bit.



(Artwork by Cindy Zhu) To you I wish a happy natal day, too late perhaps, but I’ll say if I may, that with the starting of another year, for you, you could let your friends once more hear, Your resolutions made for New Year’s day.

Sports review Written by Andrea Chan

performances and won the swimming, athletics, Girls basketball and boys football events. BISS Puxi came away as winners of the Boys basketball, with the British International School Vietnam leading the field in the Girls football.

ACAMIS BASKETBALL Congratulations to the DCS Boys D1 Basketball Team who won the ACAMIS tournament in Beijing. The boys were undefeated throughout the tournament. DCS D1 Girls Team came second in their competition. The girls were also undefeated in their pool games and were only unfortunately narrowly defeated in the Final in the closing minutes of overtime. The Girls D2 Basketball have also had great success this season and emerged champions of the Shanghai League.

Dulwich Cup and SITT Touch Rugby Both our D1 and D2 sides performed very well in the Dulwich Cup Touch Tournament with both teams making the playoffs – the first time our school has achieved this since the inception of the Tournament. The D2 team finished eventual Plate Runners Up. The D1 team was the overall Cup winners after yet another hard-fought battle against SAS Pudong in the Final – a remarkable achievement for a core group of players from this team to accomplish this result two years running.


The Boys and Girls D1 Squads travelled to Guangzhou for the ACAMIS Volleyball Championships. Dulwich Girls were identified early as the team to beat after getting off to a cracking start. They lost only one match in the early rounds to the home team, winning all their other games 2 sets to love. They took their revenge in the Final, playing exciting Volleyball and proving too consistent and strong for their opponents. A fabulous result and a first ACAMIS Volleyball win for Dulwich! The competition among the Boys Squads was also very tight with all the teams closely tied on points and fighting for a playoff place. After a valiant effort, the boys were placed 5th.

U19 Netball

The D1+D2 Netball teams travelled to BISS Puxi to play the Pudong and Puxi teams. Both teams returned undefeated. The next weekend, we played host to the Shanghai teams and also to Harrow International School, Beijing. The first match was played on Friday at 4.15pm, with games in both Gyms, then on Saturday, from 8.30am – 3.00pm. DCS finished strong with both the D1 and D2 teams in a play off against each other in the finals.


BISS Pudong hosted the SISAC Rugby tournament and Dulwich teams once again made us proud, D1 finishing first in their group and D2 as runners up in theirs.

U15 FOBISSEA Games In early November this academic year, DCS students gave some outstanding



The Contrast The hidden darkness

By Willie Techavachara

I’ve always been interested in photography, doing this job in D journal is a great pleasure. As a photographer in D Journal, I have to do many things such as finding out what kind of photos the writers want for their articles. The most interesting project I have done in D Journal was taking photos of Dulwich’s Christmas tree during the Christmas Carolling. It was really bright and colorful but the downside of taking photos at night is that there is no sunlight therefore the lighting is much harder to adjust.

“The Last Leaf” Don’t be frustrated. Be hopeful.


The Difference Same place, same time, different views.

By Vincent Choi

Dream World Can the dream come true?


Mr. clappertons Gap Year

According to Mr. Clapperton, he learned a lot of skills during his gap year; he learned Spanish, and also independence – how to be responsible for himself. Both of these skills have helped him in life. Mr. Clapperton has also ridden a bike all the way from Beijing to London! If you see him, ask him about the fantastic experiences he enjoyed on this trip, despite the hardship.

Written by Angel Liu, Anna He and Bun Joon Kim

‘The only obstacle to having the experience of a lifetime is yourself’ Mr. Clapperton, who you all know as a teacher of Spanish in Dulwich College Shanghai, went on his first of two gap years in 1998 to Cuba, which was before he went to university, and he spoke to us about it recently. He chose to take a gap year mainly because he wanted to be independent and challenge himself. He had an amazing time in Cuba and made lots of friends, and he is still in touch with some of them. He went to Cuba partly because he wanted to learn Spanish, and travelled with the help of an organization called “Project Trust”. As a result, Spanish helped him for his future job.

He’s looking forward to taking another journey someday in the future.

Poem Collection Written by Candy Gan

Tiny Elephants Disguised with a blanket of sulphur— the sky; the air cradling the musty whiff of sweat and frustration accompanied by an orchestra of horns. Ah—the pleasant cacophony of horns. It began as a hesitant shuffle, like one who has been stripped of all direction; an infant enclosed in a maze. And oh, how it built up; gained momentum, those little tiny elephants, they never tire. How rapid their galumph became, like a bat within a circular room. As pedestrians trudged home, irritated that the elephants were stampeding on such a Friday-I saw no such thing. No such thing at all, my friend. For the elephants, when they charged into the ground-a child cried out; rubber wheels flying on bitumen, the harmony of voices and the squelch of footsteps. I have never been so aware.

At first, Mr. Clapperton couldn’t adapt to Cuban culture, such as the country’s food and weather. But he soon settled, and he told us that he experienced incredible events. He went to carnivals and heard Fidel Castro, who is a communist revolutionary and politician who was Prime Minister of Cuba, speak. He said that it was a memorable experience. While Mr. Clapperton was in Cuba, he travelled around the country mostly by hitch-hiking, but also by a lot of other kinds of transportation, such as car, bike, horse, lorry and bus, and he specially liked old American cars. Mr. Clapperton couldn’t contact his family back in England, because there were no mobile phones or the Internet. He missed his family, but he missed the food back home even more!


For the plants were bathing, and the pavements were washed-all without human effort. The frustration, what a misunderstanding; the little tiny elephants, what a blessing! But their dominance diminished, their speed slacking; as they collected between pavement and road. The elephants—so they left.

His immensely peaceful nature unsettled me quite a bit. “Don’t you sometimes feel demoralized, uninspired?” I inquired. “Don’t you feel alone—sometimes—a goal-less being possessing the life of a rock weathered uneven?” “Listen close, my friend, for these words don’t exist too commonly together”—he ran his hand across God’s quilt. “The universe may seem menacing at times; too heavy for our simple scales to comprehend. Nature may seem more formidable, but your mind is yours. That is the magic. But we often blind ourselves from that privilege. When distance parts your soul from the natural world, that is magic. Believe in today, the past and potential ones. The buzz of chatter, the hum of Life; believe in the vastness of your own tenacity. For your friends won’t keep you company-neither will the strangers, the buildings, nor the mountains, the crevasses-forever. Your mind will. For Time is the mother, and we are her children”. The hour had been lived; as I departed, so did he. But as I glanced back, a sparkle escaped the ground. ‘Twas a small metal plate, no larger than a tennis ball. I curiously turned it over and there lay the words, “look upon things as though it was your first, and last time”. I’ve only ever seen him twice: the second, on the very face of the moon; that solitary soul.

That Hour Like it was scratched onto metal—that day, that shy evening with infinite possibilities. Yet, not infinite enough. As the wind caressed my cheek, and as the laughter tickled my ears, ‘twas an hour before I had to leave. Evening arrived like a hesitant drop of water, persistently grasping onto the tip of a leaf whilst gravity did her worst. A solitary soul found his way to my side and planted his figure just there. “How gentle the stars are”, he mumbled as they introduced themselves to the dying blue of the day. “Do you wonder,” I started, “if they are actually flecks of hope delicately cast upon the marble sky?” “I do not wonder,” he replied, “I believe so”. My eyes carried on to five the dazzling city lights their much-deserved attention. “Do you sometimes feel that Life is too much to handle?” I pressed on. “And do you sometimes feel that your life was the best thing that’s ever happened?” he questioned back.


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Dulwich Journal - Spring Edition  

The Spring Edition of Dulwich Collge Shanghai school magazine

Dulwich Journal - Spring Edition  

The Spring Edition of Dulwich Collge Shanghai school magazine