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Contextual Design – Brand Report

Clean, hollow waves...

Soft, bottomless powder...

A smooth rail...

We live and breathe for these moments.
























































01 INTRODUCTION Quiksilver is synonymous with the heritage and culture of surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding. Established over 35 years ago, Quiksilver has become a leading global company representing the casual, youth lifestyle associated with boardriding, providing people with a connection to the outdoors; beyond sport-related equipment and apparel into everyday sportswear and accessories.


This report will examine how Quiksilver has continued to be a globally successful and recognised brand in a highly competitive marketplace. The report also aims to forecast future trends and opportunities for Quiksilver, which will enable them to develop new products for their potential markets and consumers.

Quiksilver represents adrenaline-charged living, where form and function are the keys to survival. They design, produce and distribute clothing, accessories and related products for young-minded people and develop brands that represent a lifestyle driven from a boardriding heritage. Quiksilver has developed from a 1970’s boardshort company into a multinational corporation, grounded in the philosophy of youth. Quiksilver’s mission is to become the world’s leading youth apparel company, to maintain core focus and roots whilst bringing their lifestyle message of boardriding, independence, creativity and originality to a global community.

Quiksilver believe that individual expression, an adventurous spirit, authenticity and passion are all part of young people’s mind-sets – and have thus become an essence of the Quiksilver brand. Combine this with the aesthetic appeal of beaches and mountains, and a connection is established that transcends borders and continents. Include thirty-plus years of quality, innovation and style, and you have Quiksilver.

attitude inside. live outside.


1984 Hackman was in Europe shooting surfing films and as a result, Quiksilver Europe was founded. New lines of products with a European twist were marketed.






Summer of ‘69, Torquay. Australian surfers, Alan Green and John Law decided to make a living out producing wetsuits specifically designed for surfing.

Law decided that surfers should wear something more durable and lightweight, and thus boardshorts were born. The company Quiksilver was founded – the genuine, functional choice of the hard-core participant.

American surfer Jeff Hackman was in Torquay winning a surfing contest, when he spotted a pair of these ‘Quiksilvers’. His Aussie friend (and surfing pro) Mark Warren managed to get his hands on a pair for Hackman – they were a perfect fit. Back in Hawaii, Hackman’s surfer friend Bob ‘Buzz’ McKnight had just graduated University with a business degree. Due to the massive

popularity of the boardshorts, Hackman saw the opportunity and managed to convince Green and Law to sell the distribution rights in the US for several million dollars. Throughout the rest of the 70s and early 80s, the firm’s constant advancement in technology, materials and graphics helped propel the brand further. Snowboarders and skateboarders soon wanted-in.





Quiksilver goes public on the Australian stock exchange.

Quiksilver break into the female boardsports market by launching the first ever all-girls surfing brand ‘Roxy’. At the same time, Quiksilver also branched out its product ranges, including eyewear and other accessories, for not only surfers but directly to snowboarders and skateboards too.

Skating legend Tony Hawk joins the Quiksilver team, along with his own brand of ‘Hawk’ clothing.

The skateboard clothing company DC Shoes is purchased by Quiksilver.





World Surf Champion, Tom Carroll is endorsed by Quiksilver. Two years later, Kelly Slater, at the time an amateur surfer, is also sponsored by Quiksilver.

Quiksilver acquire Mervin Snowboards, to increase their association with the snowboarding market.

Quiksilver Entertainment was established, creating a range of boardriding television shows for the Fox network. A few years later Boardriders’ TV was also broadcasted across European Quiksilver stores.

Quiksilver joins forces with French ski giants, Rossignol.


Material Suppliers and Factories


Quiksilver Inc. Quiksilver Initiative

Quiksilver Foundation




DC Shoes

Dynastar < 18 brands in total >

Professional Boardriders

Stores and Outlets Surfboard Shapers

Menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Wear


Events and Competitions


Youth Wear

STAKEHOLDERS 03 Quiksilver operates around 150 stand-alone stores in major cities across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Africa. Their products are also sold in many other outlets across the world such as Jackâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Surf Shop, Killer Dana Surf Shop, and Ron Jon Surf Shop. Quiksilver also sponsors around 500 amateur and professional surfers, snowboarders, and skateboarders. Among them are surfer Kelly Slater and skateboarder Tony Hawk. This provides Quiksilver a ground level and real connection to their customers, and helps represent the brand to the world.

in California. The Quiksilver Slopestyle Pro featured the best freestyle snowboarders in the world at Europeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s finest snowpark in Les Arcs, France. In 2005, Quiksilver Inc. achieved revenues of $1.8 billion, a 41% increase to the previous year. Their net income increased by 32% to $107 million, whilst earning per share price increased 26% to $0.86.

World-class surfing contests and events have included Quiksilver Pro Fiji, the Quiksilver Niijima Pro in Japan and the Boost Mobile Pro presented by Quiksilver at Lower Trestles



04 PRODUCT RANGE APPAREL (Casual Clothing)

— — — — — — — —

T-shirts Knits Jackets Fleeces Wovens Walkshorts Denim (Jeans) Pants (Trousers)



— Boardshorts 06 — Retro Boardshorts

— Watches — Eyewear — Headwear — Belts — Socks — Boxers — Bags/Packs


— Shoes — Sandals — Youth

Boardrider series Lifestyle series Grom series Boardrider series Grom series



— — — — —

‘Cell’ ‘Ignite’ Wetsuit lines ‘Syncro’ ‘Lycra’ (Rash Vests) ‘PFDs’ (Wakeboard Armour)

SNOW — — — — —

— ‘Necessities’

— Goggles

— — — — — —

Boardshorts Walkshorts Jackets (Casual) Fleeces Wovens Pants (Trousers)

— — — — — —

Jackets Vests T-shirts Sweaters Shorts Bottoms

QuiksilverEQPT (Training Apparel)

— Caps — Mitts — Boots

‘Utility’ ‘Heavy Weather’ Jacket and ‘Endurance’ Salopette lines ‘Limited’ Youth Hats Inner-wear Snow Packs


Values » Focus on enjoying yourself in the moment.


» Quiksilver designs, produces and distributes clothing, accessories and related products for young-minded people » Quiksilver develops brands that represent a casual lifestyle, driven from a boardriding heritage.




» » » »

Quiksilver’s mountain and wave logo communicates outdoor fashion and reflects boardriding, the beach and music-inspired influences, with high quality apparel that is functional and durable.

» The name of this clothing company is purposefully misspelled.



Red and white colours are used on the logo. Red implies risk or danger, an attribute that is a part of extreme sports. Red is also the colour of energy. It is associated with the movement and excitement, which is what the Quiksilver brand offers.

White for most of the world this is the colour associated with purity, but it also projects the white components found in the environment of boardriding sports: snow, waves, clouds and the ‘open’ space.

Individual expression Adventure Creativity The spirit of outdoor activities

Origin »

Australian-founded corporation. Australia has one of the world’s largest communities of surfers, and one of the largest industries for manufacturing surfwear and other boardsport-related equipment, clothing and accessories.

» Quiksilver has expanded its leading position in the outdoor market, whilst bringing their lifestyle message to a global community.

Boardriding Beach






Individual Expression





Animal are a design led sports brand. They produce products that are tested and tweaked to perform against extreme conditions in the areas of snowboarding, windsurfing, mountain biking and kite surfing. They produce clothing, watches, eyewear, footwear, luggage and accessories. Animal is very similar to Quiksilver, but are more known for their accessories rather than their expertise in the board related sports. Quiksilver are more recognisable and trusted brand.


O’Neill was founded in Santa Cruz, CA near San Francisco, sometime around 1952 by Jack O’Neill. By 1980, Jack O’Neill’s surf shop had morphed into a thriving international company, dominating the world’s wetsuit market (in the U.S., Japan, and Europe) and has continually made countless improvements to the design and quality of the wetsuit. They now also make surfboards and clothing. O’Neill International has licensees and distributorships in more than 60 countries. However, Quiksilver is truly a global brand that remains a pioneering force in boardriding sports. Quiksilver offers a diverse line of products under its umbrella including a complete clothing collection, accessories, eyewear, watches, and wetsuits, which all are targeted at males of all ages. Quiksilver’s sponsored professionals enhance the brand and its appeal to the youth market.


Billabong specialise in designing durable board-shorts courtesy of the unique triple-stitching technique that they developed. They are firmly established in the Australian surf culture, as well as New Zealand, Japan and South Africa, Europe. Through the 1990’s the company also followed its core customers into other boardsport markets, including skate and snow, and still maintain their brand integrity and commitment to the global boardsports sector.

Rip Curl was founded in 1969, making and selling handmade surfboards out of a garage in Torquay. The founders (Doug Warbrick and Brian Singer) spotted a gap in the market and expanded into wetsuits. In 1970, the founder of Quiksilver (Alan Green) worked for Rip Curl making wetsuits in a disused bakery. Green soon left Rip Curl and founded Quiksilver with his friend John Law, making boardshorts.

Billabong is one of Quiksilver’s biggest competitors and has branched into almost every area that Quiksilver have, including co-branding with a well-known car company. They are very similar in the products they make. However, Billabong’s expertise has always been more focused around clothing and materials. Billabong portray themselves as a vintage brand and from this are seen as ‘less-modern’, whilst Quiksilver is a more contemporary brand.

Rip Curl, along with Billabong is one of Quiksilver’s main competitors. Although not as diverse as the Quiksilver brand, they have expanded into other areas but stuck to their roots and focused mainly on their surfboarding heritage.


Search, explore, and go where they say you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t.

Sponsorships, Events and Contests

07 TARGET MARKET Youths and Athletes Today, Quiksilver offers a diverse line of products under its umbrella including a complete clothing collection, accessories, eyewear, watches, and wetsuits. In addition, a similar offering for 8–14 year old boys, 4–7 year olds and toddlers. The Winter Sports division is emerging with snowboarding apparel and hard goods designed for high performance enthusiasts. To further-expand the division, in 1997, Quiksilver acquired Mervin, a snowboard manufacturing company that makes Gnu and Lib Tech snowboards and Bent Metal bindings. QuikSilverEdition is a line of clothing targeting the now 25–40-year-old waterman. In 1999, the Company brought legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk into the Quiksilver family by sponsoring him and purchasing his company, Hawk Clothing.


Quiksilver sponsors a healthy number of surfing teams, snowboard teams and a diverse selection of skateboarders, sailboarders, wakeboarders and motocross riders. The company also organizes and sponsors numerous contests and events ranging in scope from premiere international events to small community based efforts with which its riders and dealers may be involved. Quiksilver’s continually supports athletes such as eight-time world professional surfing champion Kelly Slater and women’s four-time world professional surfing champion Lisa Andersen.

Future Quiksilver Inc.’s primary focus – under the Quiksilver, Roxy, DC Shoes, Raisins, Radio Fiji and Island Soul labels – is apparel, footwear and related accessories for young men and young women. The Quiksilver brand is likely to stay within its current market to hold true to the brands belief to keep the brand authentic and premium for the outdoor sports lifestyle market. Quiksilver will go on acquiring premium sport brands and sponsor new talented boardriding professionals to expand Quiksilver’s product range and brand interest across the globe to future male youths.

Trend Analysis Quiksilver started out as a specialist, ‘real sport’ company. Currently, Quiksilver see themselves as a universal company with the heritage of real sport, whereas customers see Quiksilver as a widespread, fashionable company. This is proved by their branching-out to appeal to all ages. Quiksilver brings extreme sport to practical fashion and vice-versa.


Rip Curl and O’Neill are specialist companies, which provide products in their respective fields.



Customer view

Billabong is a more popular company, which focuses on real sport products. They are the only competitor that can relate to all four sectors more equally. Animal are a design led sports brand and are more known for their accessories rather than their expertise in the board related sports.

Company view Establishment


Current market position of major boardriding brands

The boardriding market is expanding all over the world; countries such as Bulgaria and Hungary are becoming hot spots for investment in housing, due to the increase of popularity of snow-related sports there. This influences which brands will be bought when purchasing products related to these sports. Technology surrounding people is expanding. GPS and online sharing are examples of a new culture being developed, influencing Quiksilver to be part of it.




WEEE Legislation (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). Environmental groups are forcing the government to reduce the amount of waste that is being produced from electrical products and components.

‘Cash rich’: Society now has a ‘more disposable’ income available, to spend on products that promote physical activity.

World Trade Organisation (WTO). The phase-out of the WTO Agreement on Textiles and Clothing in 2005. China, India and Pakistan enhanced their role in global exports of textiles and clothing while suppliers from South and Central America and Africa have lost market shares. (Ref: World Trade Statistics Press Release) Global trade patterns have been strongly influenced by the rise of fuel and mining products prices, which have given a decrease to export prices of agricultural products and manufactured goods. (Ref: World Trade Statistics Press Release) City councils have become more tolerant with skateboarding and have helped to embrace skateboarders as part of the community, by building skate parks and holding extreme sport events.

‘Time poor’: People feel they have less time to go high street shopping and so online shopping is ever increasing. This breaks down continental shopping barriers and dramatically increases overseas shopping sales. Quiksilver have international ties that are organised into geographic positions: the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. The majority of revenue is generated through wholly owned operations in Australia, North America, Europe, Japan, New Zealand, and South America. In 2005 Quiksilver Inc. annual revenues grew by 41% to $1.8 billion and a net income increase of 32% to $107 million. This shows the success of Quiksilver as a brand. (Ref: Quiksilver Annual Report 2005) Production facilities in China are a lot cheaper, and it has proved more cost effective to have production outlets in China and then import to other countries. Seasonal trends are not an issue for Quiksilver, as they produce boardriding products for all times of year.


Social Quiksilver has shown that the majority of sales come from specialist stores or Quiksilver’s own stores; proving that Quiksilver is, subconsciously, a specialist brand. Quiksilver have a foundation that they run alongside their brand. This is a non-profit organization committed to benefiting and enhancing the quality of life for communities of boardriders across the world by supporting environmental, educational, health and youth-related projects. (Ref: Governments are keen to promote the benefits of leading an active healthy lifestyle, as more people become health-conscious. This benefits Quiksilver, as they are a brand that promotes outdoor activities and achievement. In the past decade or so, women have become more associated with extreme sports. Quiksilver now cater for women with their co-brand ‘Roxy’. Quiksilver have also expanded their product range to accommodate older men and children. In the past five years there has been a huge progression and acceptance of skateboarding and snowboarding as a true sport, and the popularity of both sports has grown tremendously.

PEST 08 Technological The technological boom from the last 20–30 years is now flattening out. Most technologies and manufacturing techniques are now well developed and research and production costs from these have now been recovered, making a lot of existing technology cheaper. GPS is becoming more wide-spread. This new technology is being utilised frequently in current products. As the market leader of boardriding products, Quiksilver is implied as being at the cutting-edge of technological advances. Quiksilver’s essential qualities of functionality, innovation and durability remain true to its heritage.


Strengths Quiksilver’s authenticity is evident in its innovative products, events and retail environments across the globe. Quiksilver’s products are sold throughout the world, primarily in surf shops, skate shops and other specialist stores that provide authentic retail experience for our customers. Quiksilver have a strong brand reputation, which has established them as the leading brand for extreme outdoor sports. Quiksilver currently sponsor a huge number of professional boardriders. Quiksilver support many global boardriding events and clubs.

Quiksilver is progressively being seen by the public as a fashion-clothing brand, rather than its traditional boardriding heritage.

Annual revenues are currently increasing every year, which produce good profit margins, resulting in more money that can be utilised in areas of expansion. (Ref: Quiksilver Annual Report 2005)

Quiksilver’s ‘Individual Expression’ within the brand is not exposed, in products, as much as it could be.

Quiksilver’s goods are produced principally in Hong Kong, China and the Far East, but also have other facilities around the globe.



As Quiksilver are so well known for the three main boardriding sports, it is hard for them to diversify into other areas, and target new markets.

Quiksilver have recently established ‘QS Asia Sourcing’ in Hong Kong, which will broaden its scope from coordinating production for the Asia/Pacific division and all global businesses.

Quiksilver are in a highly competitive market.

Quiksilver currently co-brand with technology-based companies in order to expand and enhance products used by Quiksilver users.

Quiksilver have a current lack of embracement of technology.

The Quiksilver heritage is very similar to other competitor brands.

Opportunities Being an established company allows people to easily relate to, and trust the Quiksilver brand. Having many shops around the globe helps to market new products more easily and effectively. Neither Quiksilver nor their competitors are currently exploring the possibilities to bring/integrate technology within boardriding equipment to enhance the sporting experience; giving Quiksilver the opportunity to exploit this gap in the market. Healthy lifestyles are currently being promoted more than ever, providing the opportunity to promote and sell Quiksilver’s ‘active products’. The three main boardriding sports have became noticeably popular in the past five years, allowing Quiksilver to take advantage of this. There is a possible avenue to incorporate safety into the extreme lifestyle that Quiksilver encompasses. Individual expression can become more apparent in new product extensions, which emphasise the essence of the Quiksilver brand.

SWOT 09 Threats Making diverse products may dilute the brand and as a result, a loss of existing customers to other brands. Competitors are in a similar position to Quiksilver and liable to be pursuing similar prospective paths. Competitors producing ‘me too’ products, and hence taking Quiksilver’s market share. New technologically advanced products may not suit the lifestyle environment in which it is placed. New markets may not agree with Quiksilver’s fresh directions.


10 CONTEXTUAL THEMES Prosumer Presently ‘prosumer’ is a marketing term that combines professional and consumer, and describes a purchaser of equipment who wants to obtain goods of a better quality than consumer items, but cannot afford professional gear. Prosumer items are a step up from the mass of consumer goods, but a step or two down from the pro-level equipment It gives the seeking consumer quality and professionalism in what they do.

With Quiksilver, consumer’s start as amateurs in the particular boardriding field. However, they have enough knowledge to require and purchase equipment that has some or all of the professional features. As a result, all Quiksilver equipment, clothing and accessories have a ‘sense of professionalism’ for aspiring individuals, which enable them to connect to and adopt the company’s brand values sub-consciously. It also gives the consumer confidence in the activity. Quiksilver listens to the needs of the consumer to improve the consumer-brand relationship. They also offer products that can be customized to attract and motivate a wide youth market.


Well-being Well-being is a term that can be interpreted in many ways. It can be recognised as beneficial qualities for a person, such as mental and physical health, along with many other components. This means that many aspects of a company/brand can be seen to have a well-being aspect within itself. Quiksilver can be seen as well-being because it provides a service and way that enables people to attain what they want. The brand can give people the ability to feel better about themselves and be empowered. Users feel comfortable to use the brand to do what they love. Even though the brand is categorised as more prosumer, it is believed that well-being is a definite aspect of Quiksilver. It is something that the brand will continue to deliver to its users far into the future.




Boardriding heritage


World renowned

Authentic retail experience

Sponsored Quiksilver amateurs and professionals


Represent outdoor extreme sports



Casual lifestyle

Expand position in the outdoor market



Deliver the boardriding lifestyle message SI to a global TIO community



Outdoor spirit


Express the aesthetic appeal of beaches and mountains


Sponsored Events






Logo and graphics

Specialist products

Due to the expansion of Quiksilver and their desire to be at the forefront of this competitive market, there is a need for them to branch out and further fulfil market needs, whilst still having a firm commitment with the three main boardsports.



It is shown in this model that the current brand attributes are primarily targeted towards the three main boardriding sports; surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding. Research has shown that Quiksilver are becoming a strong fashion statement. Their popularity has diversified out to a larger amount of people; some of which do not ‘board’ at all, but want to be perceived as someone who is adventurous and is fuelled by excitement.



This doughnut model of Quiksilver’s current brand attributes incorporates everything that the brand stands for and contains the core essence of the company in the centre.






Sponsored Quiksilver amateurs and professionals

PURSUIT Sponsored Events


Expand market position and produce cutting-edge products


Pursue your inner-self


Target thrill-seekers


Deliver the boardriding lifestyle message SI to a global TIO community

Get your rush!



“We live and breathe for these moments”


Represent the thrill of Quiksilver in everyday life




Logo and graphics

World renowned

Enhance experience/ performance/ achievement



This change is by no means undermining to the foundations of Quiksilver. The three main boardriding sports will continue as the major outdoor thrill-seeking activities, portrayed by the provokingly strong Quiksilver logo.

Boardriding heritage

Innovative products

The core essence of individual expression remains. This is a firm backbone to Quiksilver as a brand. Other key words have now been incorporated into the brands essence, which have helped focus and reinforce their new position as a brand. The new essence incorporates more of the public, and by doing so opens Quiksilver up to other potential future markets, which will consequently increase revenue.



The future model of Quiksilver’s brand attributes incorporates everything that we believe the brand will stand for in 5-10 years time. The fundamental structure and key roots of Quiksilver remain, but the brand will branch out to other areas to satisfy the needs of the society. This will enhance the image of Quiksilver as well as expand their position ahead of the competitors.





Kelly Slater Eight-time World Surfing Champion “Growing up surfing we didn’t have any video games. I remember my friend’s dad had a picture of a pipeline hanging on his wall. I must have mind-surfed that wave a million times, just dreaming of one day riding it. I still remember that picture when I’m surfing the pipeline today.


“Even after accomplishing my big goals...I think life comes back to simple things. It’s about being able to enjoy what you’re doing in the moment. It’s about eating dinner with your friends or learning something new. It’s about watching somebody else enjoy their life.” (Ref: Quiksilver Annual Report 2005)

Chris ‘Metz’ Metzler

Johnny Utah

Snowboard Junkie

Skateboard Enthusiast

“Summers are spent dreaming of feeling the cold air pressed against our uncovered faces as we speed down some trail…every day that I ride, is a day that I can look back on and say that I went out, and did what I absolutely love.

“...We skate for that awesome sensation. You know the one I mean. That tingly feeling that you get that, I think, is better than pretty much anything I’ve experienced. It is satisfaction to the extreme. Nothing in my opinion comes close. Like those rare times when we go for a big trick, and land it.

“I love snowboarding…waking up far too early, looking at, and knowing that this day is going to be a good one...knowing that the mountain, no matter how big or how crowded it might become, is yours, and yours alone. ...There’s nothing else in this world that comes close. This is who I am and what I love. I’m stoked on snowboarding.” (Ref:

“But not just landing it a bit sketchy – maybe a little wobbly knee bend to compensate for over/under balance, or immediately stepping off the board – I mean when you ****ing nail it, feet equally over truck bolts, no wobble, no need to tick-tack out, you just roll straight out. Perfection.” (Ref:


There are times when risks need to be taken.

13 PRODUCT ANALYSES Quiksilver’s constant innovation in materials, high-tech fabrics and cutting-edge graphics has helped the brand to be propelled further. Involvement in assorted boardriding activities led to the creation of newer designs for these varied avocations. Quiksilver creates functional, yet fashion-driven clothing, equipment and accessories for the would-be and accomplished boardriders and non-boardriders alike. These products are suited to their lifestyle. Quiksilver design all of their products, but are normally produced by outside contractors and imported as complete garments. Screen-printing, embroidery and other embellishments are often done after import. Goods are produced principally in Hong Kong, China and the Far East.


An analysis of some of Quiksilver’s existing products provides familiarity with the Quiksilver ‘visual language’. Fluency in this visual language is imperative, in order to distinguish what shapes, angles, materials, colours, and textures are used extensively in Quiksilver products.

‘Mo’Betta’ Boardshorts » Classic looking shorts. Smart, laid back Hawaiian style. »

Simple colour palette consisting of three core brand colours and print detail. Black and white print with red for logo highlight. The print works as a texture detail (natural plants/ flowers). These little details make it a Quiksilver product.

» New radical logotype emphasizing the lifestyle that the product will be used in. » Made from super soft 100% polyester. 100% shows high standard and brand quality. »

Hawaiian print boardshorts, the graphics bring the sense of outdoors. Practically, specifically styled to be fashionable, which work well, look good and give an impression of relaxation and fun.

» Two Velcro®-closure side pockets – sense of ‘ruggedness’. Practical for extreme use – to keep personal items from falling out. » ‘Neo’ fly plus Velcro®/drawstring closure » Elastic key loop


‘On the Mark’ T-shirt Quiksilver t-shirts are very much affected by changes in fashion. They have new ranges for each season and the colours and designs reflect this. For instance during winter the colours are muted whereas in summer they are far more bold and vibrant. Even so, some things stay true and constant throughout the designs. Most Quiksilver apparel is more form over function, especially in the case of t-shirts.

The material used is 100% garment dyed ringspun cotton. It has a screen-printed logo and graphical elements. The placement and frequency of the swirls make for a very bold and recognisable design, which embodies Quiksilver’s values. The t-shirt is also slim-fit, which is in popular fashion at the moment.

» Small piece of print where the tag would usually be, this is very fashion orientated and more professional looking. » The Quiksilver logo itself is the handwritten version, which provides more of an urban spirit and looks suitable against the weathered print. » ‘Purple-heather’ coloured material; with red, black and white (the key Quiksilver colours) used for the print – complemented with blue and grey, acting as accent colours. »


Deteriorated effect on the swirls, giving a worn and poster-esque feel to the print – a vintage effect on modern design. This brings out a sense of texture, even though the t-shirt is flat, making the garment feel rather ‘extreme’ in itself.

Peugeot 206 – Quiksilver The Peugeot 206 is seen as a small, cool and fun car to drive. By adding the Quiksilver essence, it becomes unique by gaining a ‘rough and ready’ appearance.

1 Quiksilver tags symbolise the brand. You see the tag; you know your sitting in a Quiksilver-qualified product. It makes the driver feel more comfortable and ready for action. 2 Quiksilver Upholstery adds essence to the car. You know your car is different from another’s. Individual expression is gained as a result. Sitting, touching and seeing Quiksilver. 3 The rubber foot-well mats have patterns of simple bold shapes embossed into them. They resemble the patterns associated with other Quiksilver products. Practical for all weather – all extreme sports.

5 Strong rubber handles give an ‘extreme’ feel to the car interior. Patterns are seen on the handles, portraying the Quiksilver brand detail.

6 Hard plastic equipment tray in boot – giving the feel of quality and durability. 5




4 The Quiksilver logo is stamped all over the car, windows, doors, mats and seats. You are a Quiksilver user – you are an individual.

4 3


‘WIZ’ Sunglasses » ‘Grilamid’ black frame – clean, crisp finish that gives a sleek look. » Distortion free and shatter resistant shades. Showing that they are a specialist product for extreme use. » 100% UV protection polycarbonate. Giving specifics and expectations of brand quality.

Key details that portray the ‘rough and ready-inside’ of a Quiksilver user:

» Italian metal hinges are used, which emphasises quality. » Logo subtly appears four times on the glasses. The user and others absorb the brand subconsciously. » Lenses are rounded oblongs with accentuated curves to give an aerodynamic look, so that they will not ‘dampen’ the user’s performance.

Soft Megol® nose pads with ribbing in the pads to give an underlying essence of being extreme, flexible shades. Logo incorporated on the rubber of the nose pads – attention to detail on the interior of the glasses.


Rubber detail placed on the earpieces mimic the shape of the earpiece as it tapers towards the hinge.

The name ‘WIZ’ – embossed on the inside, near the temples – implies that the shades are performance-driven and are used to enhance the boardrider’s experience.

Chrome logo placed on the outside of the temples to accentuate the ‘coolness’ of the brand. This helps to show a professional, slick and sporty exterior.

A dip in the ‘binge’ portrays seriousness and determination. Reflected in the sport in which this eyewear might be used.

Slick shape with no sharp edges, but still gives the impression of being rugged.




As expected, Quiksilver’s clothing line is heavily influenced by fashion and seasons. In order to keep up with changing styles and desires, many shades of colour and types of pattern are used.

Textures and Patterns

This spread contains an aesthetic manual detailing the colours, shapes, textures and materials used throughout Quiksilver’s product range. This study can be used to determine what ‘Quiksilverness’ is and how it can be incorporated into new products. After studying Quiksilver’s current products, it was found that there are two separate themes running parallel to each other; one is fashion directed (textiles) and the other trend directed (hard products).


Texture is scarcely used in textiles; graphical content is used to provide ‘Quiksilverness’. Patterns, flowers and curves are given to textile products, as they depict the fun and casual lifestyle. The heritage of Quiksilver comes from boardshorts with funky looking designs and patterns on them; “A graphic feast for the senses” (Ref: Floral patterns, etc. help to reflect the outdoors, which is a Quiksilver user’s area of interest.

Materials The use of materials is kept to a minimum with no more than three different materials used on a single item. The key materials used are cotton, polyester, nylon and acrylic. To accentuate the Quiksilver essence in the clothing range, colours and patterns are used to provide the brands attributes.

Hard Products and Accessories

Core Colours

Colour is not excessively used in Quiksilver’s product range. A clean, crisp, professional image wants to be portrayed and subtle use of colour helps to do this. Usually no more than three colours are used on a single hard product.

Quiksilver have their core logo colours; red, black and white. These colours are common throughout both themes and emphasise the brand. Black is extensively used on Quiksilver’s products as “Black is always in style”. (Ref:

Textures and Patterns

Texture is a major factor of Quiksilver’s products and accessories. Multiple textures are used on a single product to challenge the senses. ‘Inside and outside’ is a common aspect; the exterior is given a smooth finish to represent the stylish and professional look, whilst the interior is given rougher, more rugged feeling. This portrays the true heart of the brand and the Quiksilver user. The impeccable attention to graphical detail is apparent, with high-precision logos meticulously placed on the product.

Materials As colour is kept to a minimum in these products, materials are used extensively in order to compensate. Rubber, leather, glass, stainless steel, polycarbonate, polyurethane and PVC are the main materials used to portray Quiksilver’s character.

The Quiksilver clothing range relies on colours in order to give the extreme Quiksilver vibe. The hard products and accessories tend to be the opposite, and rely heavily on materials to create extremes; making the items ‘rugged yet professional’ and ‘stylish yet chunky’. Quiksilver’s core colours will be logically used throughout their new product range wherever possible. Hard products will not contain any more than five colours, and textures will be similarly utilized to the way they are presently.


Theme Selection

Branching into Other Sports

The theme ideation process exposed many themes based around various aspects of the Quiksilver brand. Eventually, after analysis and evaluation “What’s Your Rush?” was chosen. A summary of the proposed themes follows, with reasons behind their proposal, selection or rejection.

Another opportunity for Quiksilver was to embrace an emerging ‘up and coming’ extreme sport. One that related well to the Quiksilver brand image was ‘free running’, or ‘parkour’. Free running is a sport where urban areas are utilised to perform physical tricks and stunts – with no rules and no ropes. It is all about individuality, creativity, and the extreme lifestyle.

Changing the Target Market Currently, Quiksilver target a young market. It is felt that there is a middle-aged market audience, which is being alienated by the three major boardriding brands. Should Quiksilver create products for this generation of extreme sports enthusiasts, they could stand out from the competition. This theme was quickly pushed aside due to the lack of idea generation around the theme. Also, by pushing Quiksilver to include such a generation it may lose its youthful image and as a result its core customer base.

Customisation Customising your experience was seen as a viable route for Quiksilver to take because it hooks onto the brand values well. Individualism and creativity are what customisation is all about.


Throughout theme analysis sessions it was decided that this avenue should not be taken, as much of the sports already contain these elements and the scope for potential products was insufficient.

Unfortunately by diversifying into another sport Quiksilver may be saturating the brand and stretching it too far, sacrificing tradition and losing a loyal customer base. Therefore, Quiksilver will be sticking to the boardriding sports.

Healthcare/Safety Equipment Quiksilver are a brand based on the lifestyle and the extreme sports that they represent. To this effect, they know the dangers of partaking in such sports. In the future Quiksilver could become more of a ‘responsible’ brand – preserving the lifestyle through protecting its users – by branching into safety-type products.


Real safety is a precarious area for Quiksilver, so the idea evolved into informative safety devices, or ‘bionic extensions’; a product that gives the user an extra ability or some additional knowledge, allowing them to make better decisions. This then developed into “The Quiksilver Sixth Sense”, which was incorporated with initial concepts resulting in the final theme below.

What’s Your Rush? “What’s Your Rush?” was the result of an initial brainstorming session. It was one of the first themes examined and, because of its strength, has outlived all of the other theme ideas put forward. The key words of the Quiksilver brand values were taken into consideration, ending in a concept title that fits perfectly into the brand: “What’s Your Rush?” It’s completely Quiksilver. It’s about the sport, about the feeling, about the rush you get. People use the brand to achieve their goals and experience their rush through creativity. It’s also about individuality – asking them directly.

Initially it was thought that this could include a whole range of different concepts about what things people get their rush from. However, from analysis it was realised that it was not specific enough and needed to be more defined. For this reason, the theme moved on – but still has the same tagline and values. It was then refined to ‘capturing or enhancing the rush’, which also encompasses “The Quiksilver Sixth Sense”. The theme centres on the main boardriding sports, a territory that Quiksilver is already comfortable with, and is a satisfying step-forward into the future for them.


16 ADCEPTS What’s Your Rush? ...The project title for the future of Quiksilver accessories. “Enabling the user or a group of people to get more exhilaration and pleasure out of boardriding, as well as the opportunity to share and revisit that ultimate moment.” The following set of adcepts illustrates concepts or metaphors for ‘capturing or enhancing the rush’ experienced from participating in a boardriding activity. This is a fresh and clear direction for Quiksilver, which will allow them to generate products around the values of the brand, staying within the main boardsports and youth demographic.







17 SUMMARY Quiksilver is far more than just a fashion apparel company. It is a company with deep roots in the history of the demanding outdoor sports lifestyle. Quiksilver, now a truly global brand, remains a pioneering force in boardsports. A Quiksilver culture exists; it unites people from different corners of the globe and often reflects the versatility of life as a whole. Quiksilver has done extremely well using all avenues to create a radical and accepted brand identity for males of different ages.


Quiksilver is dedicated in providing amateurs, enthusiasts and athletes to embrace this culture of outdoor extreme sports, giving them a passion for adventure and allowing them to be as creative as an individual can beâ&#x20AC;Śenabling them to pursue the rush. We believe in preserving this basis for the brand because it is the lifestyle Quiksilver is connected to, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s their heritage and global business. Therefore, we are committed to this lifestyle, remaining true to the boardriding roots and values.

We believe in developing products that boost the experience that Quiksilver provides to its core demographic, new or old. For future product developments we hope to utilise future technological occurrences, producing desirable, never before seen products expanding the current product range and market. These products will embody the Quiksilver visual language; the core colours will be complimented with innovative materials, high-tech fabrics and cutting-edge graphics.

These rush enhancing or capturing products will also have the opportunity to attract people into the boardriding culture. As a result, a new entourage of thrill-seekers will be introduced and connected to the values of Quiksilver.

This is Quiksilver


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History: Competitors: Testimonials: Quiksilver Annual Report 2005

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