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Leeds College of Art BA (Hons) ILLUSTRATION LAUIL603 Extended Practice





STUDIO PRACTICE Statement of Intent 3 Name

Jay Stelling



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Rationale My ambition is to illu trate chil ren boo using puppet illustration and 3-Dimensional sets; inten to ini h thi mo ule ith a port olio o or which will showcase my work as an illustrator and storyteller which could be shown to publishers and/or clients. My interests in model-making might also lead me to produce a portfolio appropriate or po ition a a mo el ma er in companie uch a or ac innon an Saun er .

n or er or my port olio to demonstrate a range o ill an proce e relevant to both o the e iel plan to con uct a balance o challenge ome brie that ocu on boo illu tration e pecially or chil ren along i e brie that ill pu h my mo el ma ing techni ue Themes / Subjects

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Portfolio & Website Practical Skills / Media / Formats llu tration etchboo oo


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Sculpting clay oo paper mache paper clay pla ticine e pre abrication rmature joint co tume hair painting Set uil ing Set e ign prop ma ing lighting nimation puppet movement an manipulation




Brief 1: Jim en on ompetition Rationale:

Brief 2:



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n November 17

haracter e ign i a peci ic element o illu tration an conceptual art hich have not ully e plore be ore oul li e to try an get to grip ith thi proce inclu ing u ing a etchboo an roughing hi brie oul encourage me to con i er an e tabli h my character urther be ore moving or ar ith them he competition i ju ge by member o the en on amily organi ation an the rou amily ho are big in piration to me it oul be incre ible to gain a vice an ee bac rom the e in ivi ual ntering thi competition may help me to net or an ma e connection in the anta y art puppet ma ing phere

Ripon Christmas Fairytale Trail


December 2017

Collaborating with Gaynor Gray (Art Director and owner of Gray Finch, Ripon), Blow Your Horn Ripon (a

Rationale: community project for improving Ripon City) and local shops/businesses to organise a trail of my art dolls for children to find for prizes. This will provide me with experience in working as part of a team, collaborating and working with the community. It's a local project to me so it's relevant to my background and love of the city. It will also help to promote my work and get some free advertising. The trail is aimed at my preferred target audience of children and the dolls will be fairytale characters, a theme I find fascinating and will allow me to research the stories.

Brief 3: LAIKA Holiday Scene


December 2017

The chance to make a Christmas twist of one of LAIKA's brilliant films/characters/scenes! The winning entry

Rationale: is posted on their social media pages and is seen by members of the LAIKA production team, which could

help me to network and make connections with people in the industry/company. This would be a fun project for me as a fan and an artist. The competition is open to all art forms but I would make models and a 3D scene to build my puppet illustration/model making/3D storytelling portfolio.

Brief 4:


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ul or me la t year a great ay to get into maga ine hi call or ubmi ion ubject an tone li e to o omething urtone ue ith an el an retel inclu ing a very creepy cene hi year ant my entry to be an S N not ju t a

Rationale: per ect or me in it Brief 5:

Templar Publishing: Dragon Story


1 oun

20th March


Applying my passion for storytelling and interest in children's publishing, I intend to submit a 32 page

Rationale: traditionally illustrated children's book (draft + cover + 1 coloured spread) to the Templar Publishing competition. The theme for this competition is dragons.

Editions 1

Portfolio Work: Classic Children's Stories



Rationale: Practicing making puppet illustration for children's books, using classic children's stories such as The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

Editions 2

Portfolio Work: Animals



Rationale: A self-directed project in which I will produce a variety of different puppet illustrations of animals. Animals

are not something I hadn't attempted before in anthropomorphic puppet characters until the fairytale trail brief, where the Mouse and Wolf were the two most popular characters in the hunt, so I plan to make more and see how different animals translate into this media.

Editions 3


Children's Book: Whistle-Stop Thistle



I intend to finish this course with a children's book that could be submitted to a publisher. The book would be created using puppet illustration and 3D Scenes. The story will focus on a world I have created called Whistle-Stop Thistle and the tiny people who inhabit this land. I will practice storytelling, page design/layout and text placing. This world and the illustrations made for it could be applied to merchandise and other products, such as a proposal for a stop-motion animation for children's television.

Statement of Intent  
Statement of Intent