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My Grandad has the most beautiful garden on his street

I go round to play and dance on the grass in my bare feet.

Grandad spends hours pruning the hedge

and I sit and watch from the window ledge

He has lupines and peonies, daffodils in spring

I have my own little red can for doing the watering

But he won't let me borrow any flowers for my crown

when I tried to pick his Aquilegia, he turned around with a frown


but that didn't stop me, I loved the flowers way too much

I'd just wait until he left to take the washing back inside

to quickly grab my flowers and find somewhere to hide

Grandad always knew when even a petal was misplaced

and with a bright red, furious grandad I would be faced.

One day I found a really pretty flower

but as I reached to grab it my Grandad turned sour

Step back, don't touch it! Go away now, shoo!

I wouldn't do that if I were you...

That plant's called a Snapdragon and it's fierce as a beast

you watch your fingers or it'll be having a feast.

It might look nice but that's only a disguise

for a blood-thirsty dragon with a sweet tooth for flies

The Snapdragon lives inside of the plant

he waits patiently for an insect like an ant

to walk along and cross the snapdragon's path

then the dragon BITES and the insect feels its wrath

Keep your fingers away, don't fall into the trap

or the dragon will eat you up with a SNAP!

So now I know not to pick the flowers, just appreciate them with my eyes

because you never know where a snapdragon might lurk and be your demise.

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SnapDragon Story  
SnapDragon Story