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1 - ROLLING RAZOR INTRODUCTION IMAGE ANNOUNCER VO Every decade sees an innovation that becomes the standard for years to come. Introducing the Rolling Razor™A revolutionary shaving device so unique, it's destined to change the face of shaving forever. 2 - ROLLING RAZOR VIDEO FEATURES AND BENEFITS ANIMATION SEQUENCE:(:20) STATIC PRODUCT SHOT (BLUE)(:03) ANNOUNCER VO Men have shaved in the same way for over a century. Until now! The Rolling Razor™ is positioned to lead the way for men to experience to experience the most innovative shave yet! The Rolling Razor™ will lead the way toward the most innovative shave a man can get. 360 REVOLVING PRODUCT SHOT (:10) ANNOUNCER VO So get off the stick and wrap your fingers around the state-of-the-art, ergonomically designed Rolling Razor™. The Rolling Razor™ features hightech, innovative designs engineered for effortless use. STATIC PRODUCT SHOT (:05) ANNOUNCER VO A man's beard typically contains between 7,000 to 15,000 hair follicles. That's an average of 615 hairs per square centimeter. Combine these figures with an infinite number of possibile bone and muscle structures creates a multitude of angles unique to each individual face. With this in mind, using a quality shaving instrument is critical to producing a superior shave. Any shaver knows that the key to getting a close shave is having the razor consistently as close to the face as possible. Only the Rolling Razor™ offers this extreme closenesscreating the ultimate shave. (MORE)

2. ANNOUNCER VO (CONT'D) This is accomplished by putting total shaving control at the users fingertips. The Rolling Razors™ patented shaving system is so revolutionary in design, the moment a user cradles it in their hand they will feel an unparelled sense of confidence. For the first time, the razor will get as close to the face as it possibly can throughout the entire shaving experience. Imagine the Rolling Razor™ as an extension of the hand- so natural, its like shaving with your fingers. 3 - FEATURE DETAILS A - TITLE FADES IN: DUAL HEADS ANNOUNCER VO The crowning glory of the Rolling Razor's revolutionary fingertip control system are the uniquely designed dual heads. Two precision blades mounted parallel to each other on opposite sides of the handle allow users to remove facial hair in continuous fluid motions. The Rolling Razor™ will be the only shaving device on the market today that incorporates a dual head shaving system. Dual heads create true economy of motion and an amazing fluidity that is only possible with bi-directional motion. The Rolling Razor™ glides smoothly across the face- stroking it in a way similar to an artist painting with a fine sable brush. The back and forth, up and down and side to side strokes feel safe and natural. The end result is apparent the moment the user looks in the mirror. B - TITLE FADES IN: BUTTON RELEASE ANNOUNCER VO (CONT'D) Dual buttons, conveniently located on each side of the Rolling Razor™ offer one-touch activation of the cartridge docking ports. Off-theshelf blades can be easily mounted for a dual or single blade shave. The Rolling Razor's one touch release system allows for fast, easy, hassle free blade exchange and disposal.

3. C - TITLE FADES IN: ELASTOMER INNER GRIP ANNOUNCER VO The elastomer inner grip provides steady non-slip precision and control of the Rolling Razor™. It is the foundation of the perfect shave. When the user slips their finger inside the Rolling Razor™, the smooth elastomer inner liner fits like a second skin. Artfully designed, tapered edges, feel pleasing to the touch and allow the user to distribute stabilizing pressure equally and comfortably without fear of wobbling or pivoting during strokes. The sleekly contoured shape keeps the Rolling Razor™ on course no matter how extreme an angle it needs to navigate. D

- TITLE FADES IN: TACTILE OUTER GRIP ANNOUNCER VO Six tactile outer grips on each side of the razor provides the user reference points of rotation. These reference points are precisely angled to work as a system with the dual blades. Each stroke is smooth and glides parallel to the face. Pivoting is eliminated therefore lowering the risk of nicks and cuts.

E - TITLE FADES IN: GRIP PIVOT ANNOUNCER VO The tapered grip pivot directs the fluid motion of the dual blades against the face. Feather light pressure and subtle finger rotation combined with gentle flicks of the wrist position the blades exactly where the user wants them providing unfaltering control of the Rolling Razor's upward and downward strokes. 4 - IMPROVED CONTROL - MAN SHAVING NECK ANNOUNCER VO Each angle and contour on the face is as unique as the beard that grows there. Neck hairs may grow one way while hair on the sides of the face, chin and upper lip grow another.

4. 5 - IMPROVED CONTROL OVERVIEW - SERIES OF SHAVING SHOTS ANNOUNCER VO The razor should do most of the work. The dual blade rotating system of the Rolling Razor™ is the essence of precision handling. As you can see by the images on the screen, by using continuous fluid motions, partnered with fingertip control, the Rolling Razor™ gives the user a wide range of flexibility- hugging the curves and smoothing out the straightaway's on any face in record time. 6 - UNDER NOSE 1 - MAN SHAVING UNDER HIS NOSE ANNOUNCER VO The innovative rotating design is perfect for the hard to shave areas under the nose. 7 - UNDER NOSE 2 - MAN SHAVING UNDER HIS NOSE ANNOUNCER VO The razor's shape is contoured to fit perfectly under the nose. The balanced shaving system allows the user the luxury of finessing this hard to reach area, eliminating the fear of cutting the upper lip. 8 - UNDER NOSE 3 - MAN SHAVING UNDER HIS NOSE ANNOUNCER VO The user gently glides though these hard to reach follicles under the nose using finger tip control. The end result is a closer, sharper, smoother shave. 9 - UNDER CHIN 1 - MAN SHAVING UNDER HIS CHIN ANNOUNCER VO Another sensitive area for shavers is under the chin. The bi-directional motions of the Rolling Razor™ glides smoothly in this area. 10 - UNDER CHIN 2 - MAN SHAVING UNDER HIS CHIN ANNOUNCER VO Continuous up and down motions allow the blades to gently stretch the skin, expose and remove the whiskers without interrupting the fluid motions of the stroke.

5. 11 - UNDER CHIN 3 - MAN SHAVING UNDER HIS CHIN ANNOUNCER VO This helps eliminate nicks, cuts and bumps, leaving the neck smooth and clean to the touch. The result will be a closer shave on those areas of the face where hair growth patterns are different. 12 - SIDE

- MAN SHAVING THE SIDE OF HIS FACE ANNOUNCER VO Shaving the side of the face presents different challenges because of decreased visibility. The Rolling Razor™ acts as its own guidance system. The oval shape and width of the precisely balanced, lightweight, handle, partnered with six stabilizing points of reference on each side of the outer grips offer maximum confidence and accuracy while guiding the dual blades over and around the cheek and jaw bones. Fingertip control permits the final precision touches for any style, fullness or length of sideburns.

13 - MARKET RESEARCH - QUESTIONNAIRE AND PROTOTYPES ANNOUNCER VO The Rolling Razor™ shaving system was developed through intense research and development phases over a year and a half period. Models like the ones pictured below, were put in the hands of actual consumers. Men with every kind of facial structure and beard density put the Rolling Razor™ to the test. Each participant filled out data sheets and questionnaires at each phase of development. Comparisons were made to the Gillette Mach 3, Sensor Excel and Schick FX Diamond. Criteria for ranking was based on the closeness of shave, users tactile sensitivity, comfort, accuracy and ease of use. Evaluations and comparisons to existing shaving devices provided an up close personal perspective on what was needed in order to refine the concept. This data plus hours of personal interviews helped transform eventual design problems into working solutions. (MORE)

6. ANNOUNCER VO (CONT'D) The product you see today came out of the last phase of the development process. Consumers reported that the Rolling Razor™ is the most comfortable razor they have ever used. All agreed that the design provided maximum sensitivity during shaving, while reducing or eliminating cuts and nicks as well as providing heightened sensitivity and accuracy. Users also reported experiencing a faster, better, sharper, cleaner shave over top name razors. 14 -FULL ENGINEERING DATABASE ANNOUNCER VO The beauty of the Rolling Razor's design is simple to see. ANIMATION SEQUENCE: (:20) STATIC PRODUCT ILLUSTRATION (:03) ANNOUNCER VO Each of the patented technologies are designed to work together as a system. The Rolling Razor™ is no less than poetry in motion. Pure function undoubtibily redefines the shaving experience. 360 DEGREE REVOLVING VIEW (:04) ANNOUNCER VO The sexy, high-tech revolutionary design, excites the eye and stimulates the senses- motivating consumers to slip it on, lather up and shave. 360 DEGREE REVOLVING EXPLODED VIEW (:10) ANNOUNCER VO In a world of excess and over design, the secret is "less is more." The Rolling Razor™ takes five precisely tooled innovative components and assembles them into one engineering marvel. STATIC PRODUCT ILLUSTRATION (:03) ANNOUNCER VO The product that you are looking at unites the highest levels of pure (MORE)

7. ANNOUNCER VO (CONT'D) function with unparelled form in a single lightweight shaving device. The Rolling Razor™ is destined to establish a new tradition in men's grooming devices for years to come. 15 - BENEFITS SUMMARY A- DUAL HEAD ANNOUNCER VO The crowning glory of the Rolling Razor's revolutionary fingertip control system are the one of a kind dual heads. Two precision blades symmetrically mounted on each side of the razor, allow the user to remove facial hair in smooth continuous motions. The Rolling Razor™ will be the only dual head shaving system on the market. Uniquely designed, the razor will result in the creation of a true economy of motion, and an amazing fluidity, only possible with bi-directional movement. B- BI-DIRECTIONAL HANDLE ANNOUNCER VO The lightweight, bi-directional handle is designed to bring the razor blades as close to the face as possible. By slipping the index finger inside and wrapping the thumb around the Rolling Razor™ the user will have created an extension of their own hand. It is so natural of a position, the user will feel as if they are shaving with their fingers. The sensitivity offered from this fingertip control produces fluidity with each and every stoke. This allows the user to pivot the cutting face of the razor head through a wide angle, enabling them to reach every contour making it almost impossible for the user to cut the face. C- SUPERIOR CONTROL ANNOUNCER VO Get a better handle on shaving with Rolling Razor's lightweight and natural grip.

8. The Rolling Razor™ has been ergonomically designed to provide optium levels of comfort and ease. Let the fingers do the shaving. By slipping the finger inside the handle, the user will feel at one with the Rolling Razor™. The natural position allows for fluid movements creating a perfect balance and giving shavers heightened sensitivity with fingertip control. D - REVOLUTIONARY DESIGN ANNOUNCER VO The revolutionary hi-tech design of the Rolling Razor™ will create excitement among consumers and the media. The razor's unique shape and design will position itself outside the realm of the traditional razor, creating a new and different class for itself. Consumers will want to try it and the media will want to spotlight it. Its shape and design make the Rolling Razor™ an irresistible product. 16 - ROLLING RAZOR WRAP UP - PRODUCT SHOT ANNOUNCER VO The Rolling Razor™ will be the only shaving device on the market to utilize the innovation of dual shaving heads. Truely, it is an object of beauty to behold. What's even more beautiful is the way it shaves. The moment a user slips their finger inside this engineering marvel they will feel at one with the razor. It fits like a second skin and gives users the sense that they are shaving with their own fingers. Lather up and glide through continuos bidirectional fluid motions. The back and forth, up and down and side to side strokes feel safe and natural as blades glide smoothly and effortlessly over the mounds and crevasses of the face. When used with the Rolling Razor™, standard blades will set a new measures in hair removal. The end result will become apparent the moment the user looks at their face in the mirror. (MORE)

9. ANNOUNCER VO (CONT'D) It's a memorable shaving experience that won't be forgotten. Put your best face forward with the Rolling Razor™. ANNOUNCER VO (CONT'D) Each fluid motion removes hair leaving your face looking like the masterpiece you intended it to be. The Rolling Razor glides across the face stroking it in a way similar to an artist painting with a fine sable brush. You've truly created a masterpiece. The key to the fluid motion

ANNOUNCER VO (CONT'D) Feel the fluid up, down, sideways and back again strokes. Each is a completely fluid motion. You always know where you are because the blade never leaves your face. You are always parallel versus angular. Perfect for the steamy shower. You can feel it working without having to watch every detail. Finger tip control, begins with our. After one shave you'll see and feel the difference. Feel a new level of confidence with control. The Rolling Razor is the only shaving device to be introduced onto the market which utilizes dual heads.

ANNOUNCER VO (CONT'D) It can easily flip and allow for a reverse stroke when the user wants to take downward and upward strokes without changing the way that the razor is held. The bi-directional up, down, side and reverse strokes flow. It true ease and economy of motion. Picture the motion of an artists brush gliding across a work of art. Its the same feeling when you shave with the Rolling Razor. A simple flip of the wrist, twist of the fingers flies over the different angles and over the different directions of hair growth. Not dragging or scraping but a fluid motion.

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ANNOUNCER VO Men have shaved in the same way for over a century. Until now! The Rolling Razor™ is positioned to lead the way for men to expe...

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