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St. John Fisher College ​good afternoon committee my name is Lavar day and I did my capstone project on examining the payment of student athletes and revenue generating coolidge of that letters so the personal interest from this basically grew from being exposed to visual methods the first time this year I'm volunteering with the West Virginia football team where I'm exposed to multiple players coaches and athletic administrators and during our downtime mr. Thurmond scuffs NCAA rules payments so on and so forth I'm also a former collegiate division 2 football player which also you know puts into effect the the idea that you know we're not business to athletes aren't necessarily game table of Division one that's opportunity so I can basically contracts compare and contrast for to also my personal knowledge and NCAA in their profits how much they make per year how the problems have spent haven't go back our knowledge on that has also a me get interest on this topic and most a lifelong our cultural often it's a revenue generating sport one of the biggest long basketball so this is really where this the train started rolling so the problem basically then same experience does that expensive collegiate athletes and do not the rest of my health the bodies minds so on the other hand student-athletes feels that they're not getting adequate compensated so basically this project is trying to discern the clues right out of that better sanded to visual and student-athletes of REM enjoying sports deserve more or better conversation for their participation are they fairly compensated so to pay or not to be that is the question so my literature review started off with the first up topic and saying amateurism which limits talks about the formation of the NCA why was an obviously to protect young people from dangerous and exploitative athletic practices which some are actually doing but we'll get into that later um basically maintain athletics is an integral part of the education program at leats as an integral part of the student body again some can argue with that as well requiring student athletes to be amateurs protects them from being exploited by the freshman of course in the process I mean this really struck me personally because that is what amateurism is and this is what amateurs have prohibits and as you can see you know signing with an agent receiving benefits playing professional players delaying initial full-time cause a woman to piss to participate in organized sports competition so basically what this subtopic did was break down the NCAA and what amateurism was along with what they can and couldn't do as amateurs next subtopic was a sermon antitrust act which is a act that we'll get into a little later but it's preferred non-commercial objectives and promoting and protecting the consumer welfare so it's not directly related to sports but it can be applied to sports the leopard view later gets into the exploitation of student athletes an abandoned case this is where he found a lawsuit against the NCAA saying the players were entitled to a share millions do be a sports because they had used their names images likenesses and this is for current the next I'll topic in the lipid Trudy was preferable treatment and what really struck me in this area with Jay Paterno's source basically what he said was pay for everything that athlete really needs the real true cost of attendance but they receive enough he basically breaks down the numbers and says that out-of-state students in Pennsylvania and 2010 are making about $50,000 per year and so on and so forth now on to the last earth excuse me the next subtopic in the literature on student athletes and basically what this happened what this area did was break down opinions of the non student athletes their peers what a college students think about their peers getting paid and basically some down to was costumes support the payment of their peers they also perceived angle payments will decline of payment were allowed opponents of the payment believed in athletics motion is that good enough as Jay Paterno was saying but not the true cost of attendance in additional funding should come from the University athletic department so I mean this is just a little bit of literature review again starting with NCAA going to amateurism and then now we get to discern might antitrust exploitation student athletes performance or treatment and then the knowledge do mathletes so getting to my methods the data collection tool well first I didn't decide which one I will use folks from survey and originally I wanted to use a focus group but found it be more efficient a little bit better Gina survey so after determining my data collection tool I went ahead and decided to look the revealed literature out there and and see what questions I could use pertaining to paying general general rating revenue-generating collegiate athletes so that then lets you open and close ended multiple tours of look at so tech questions you know depending on which will be the best for my project in particular so then I complete the Reb draft and I send it to six soon managers within the West Virginia football team and these are people I worked with so it's quite easy to get to them and get their feedback so once I got that feedback I made my final copy of my survey and basically had to determine who I was going to pay and it got to a point where I decided to have experts within that facility in that boot and we would be the best and that then led to the distribution email or our copy and then those are type of people and the football

facility that don't usually check their emails for uncie unfamiliar names because they're getting emails from hundreds of people a day so once I figured out the distribution I formed my potential pea members in a survey and I distributed my opportunity and experts so I conducted a survey and when I was conducting the survey I basically hand them the sheet of paper a pen and they did it just had any questions they had to answer the form right there and there if not finished it handed it back to me so I knew for sure that the survey was done and completed and back in my hands so there's no worry about no worries about losing it so I think my participants after police another survey and a week after completion so after all that was done the I conducted the data analysis in which I started on paper that transferred electronically so basically I broke down and create the tables on paper and their Tramp like I said transmitted to the computer you know graphs as well so once all that was done the study was completed so my participants like I said there's I used a tunnel back and utilized apparel of experts and there's 16 of them for West Virginia University football coaches for current players for former players and then for Western University football front office administrators now it was only a football not bass like I said before football is a key revenue joining sport here at West Virginia and since I was working there they're easily accessible now here breaks on each question each of the 13 questions and the number of respondents with each has received a Likert scale from strongly disagree to strongly agree and now here our percentages of said numbers now following that I have broken down each response with a chart so the first question in addition to their sponsorship Division one collegiate athletes should be paid for their participation as you can see three disagree to neutral for greed and seven strongly agree and as you see for the next 12 slides this is how it's going to be second question only revenue generating Division one collegiate athletes should be paid for the participation so on and so forth so as you see it's all broken down bar graph this struck me participating in a sport at Division one level should be defined as a job labor for student-athletes and as you see agree and strongly agree outweighs the distraught me discrete this free area again down for each one from it has its Aronoff autograph while there is one revenue-generating sport athletes you should receive a safe participation saying salary for participation as you can see the numbers correspond and again all these are broken down and the chart and the table and like I said in each one of these so then the survey had an additional comments suggestions a section and this is where they could freely write whatever they wanted first thing that was said to me was it's a privilege to be a Division one student-athlete soon athletes already compensated so cost of tuition over four to five years of two hundred thousand dollars and this is coming directly from a coach surprisingly to next on walkin Isaac's dining with scholarship athletes they you should not be allowed to dine they used to lock the doors on the walk-on athletes or non scholarship athletes for dinner and not be allowed to eat now it's starting to change so it's a really in need to compensate design fits or are they already being compensated as you can see with some of these responses most people forget about the expenses that it takes to be Division one athlete cost it through travel plane trips books academic services equipment damage at Perry central statement however shrewd to truly cover the cost of living depending on the location so here in West Virginia Rock and leap we're not gonna need as much of cost of attendance as I say UCLA in Los Angeles where the cost of living and everything like that is higher so it's a truly affect the location on where the student is from also better meal plans nutritious meal is only available for student athletes so ladies let these athletes get somewhere to go whenever they want to refuel the bodies after all the big biggest activities that they have to go through Dan and day out and again this additional comments and section suggestions section where the participant freely spoke about what what they thought the ancien could do other alternatives we need a new governing body you know call cost report these a new governing body they need to do with NCA because of the exploitation that are doing well or you can increase the statement by ten to twenty percent which at that point students student-athletes can be fine for insubordination which is poor GPA 2.5 missing class seven academic meetings laziness decreased performance destructible team rooms etc or even the escrow account and that would be upon graduation or after the exhausting eligibility so basically have some money for these athletes at the end from using their likeness and give it to them postgraduation basically gum going back with the new governing body have a third-party organization negotiate terms with the NCAA to find a way to pay players and it only be the revenue generating athletes and all the revenue generating a fleets would receive the same amount so the next one play first study later is kind of interesting competing the sport and then complete the degree so that you better concentration towards academics or sports so either you go to school first and then worry about playing afterwards or you play first and then come back to school afterwards so your mind and your attention is focused on one or the other not both so in conclusion the purposes of the better esting whether the business student-athletes and revenue generation should be compensated for beyond their scholarship value 68.5% either strongly agree or agreed that student athletes deserve compensated 57% strongly agree to agree that division or student athletes should be allowed to unionize 62 percent strongly agreed or agreed that division one of sports R&D jobs and 57% strongly agreed or agreed that Division one student-athletes are indeed student or

indeed employees and that is of course only the revenue generating athletes so Division one student-athletes to receive additional compensation on top of their scholarship for their participation the FCA should then share funds with universities to them painting said student-athletes and it would not be unfair to non athletes or athletes and sports that aren't really revenue driven if athletes and Revenue German sports are compensated for that participation because in all reality they are the ones indeed bringing that money in so a couple of limitations to the study I had only surveyed division one football student athletes coaches and ministers I wish I could have had the opportunity to get into basketball or other revenue-generating sports but lost crunched for time as you can see and I just didn't have access to the basketball guys as I did the football guys coaches players a letting benefit all everyone's usually come short I'm usually a star baby was given when we when we were passing by one another it wasn't it wasn't completely done correct me on there and some people would rush through it some completely forgot side I always have to remind them and stay on them for getting the survey done some thought the server was too long some men take the survey seriously because they are that against NCAA or they feel like this should be paid and that's where I found people choosing Anton randomly and not reading the questions thoroughly so future recommendations like I said it's every other division with student athletes and revenue during sports such as basketball and also sports are necessary I mean you've driven see how there's a student athletes feel that we sports like women's soccer gymnastics rifling reverence women serve any costume short athletes maybe they have a little input on what they have to say about their peers getting paid or not game paid and a comparison between coaches do not need some funding administrators university administration student bodies respond to Dean I like to get a comparison of all those and see how coaches feel versus what players feel because most players feel like they should get paid most coaches feel that the athletes deserve a little bit more but they deserve but never to get it enough but all I can say is give them more time and shorten the survey this football guys like things quick it was a 13 question survey probably kind of knocked it down to about ten eight to ten questions too certain time but the number one my feed recommendations not during football season again trying to intercept these guys going from meetings or to their car or to dinner it was quite difficult to get a survey completed thoroughly out of them during football season of course and looks like thank you guys for your time we should thank you SUNY Technology Colleges.