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Jay Shree Tea – The Perfect Collection Of Special Healthy Teas Jay Shree Tea is an online portal providing tea lovers around the world to taste quality and healthy Indian tea varieties. White tea is a rare variety of tea and was initially produced in China. As this tea is procured out of minimum processing, it contains loads of nutrients and antioxidants. This variety of tea is produced from silvery unopened buds of a specific group of tea plants. Besides loads of health benefits, white variety of tea is globally known for its light taste and stimulating effect although the percentage of caffeine is significantly less in white tea varieties and thus consumption of white tea is an ideal drink for those who has caffeine sensitivity or wish to reduce their caffeine intake. To know more about the nutrition enriched white tea, visit the website It takes great care and minute processing to get the right produce of white variety of tea. Tea planters select special tea bushes and tend the bushes for years before collecting their harvest. Best time to collect white variety of tea is early spring; alternatively, during monsoon and foggy winter white tea cannot be collected. This tea type is collected within a short stipulated time frame hence it is considered as rare and quite expensive. Not only the climate, the soil, altitude, and proportion of mist and sunlight contribute widely in forming the celestial quality of this rarer tea variety. There are four varieties of white tea type. These are Silver needle, Tribute Eyebrow, Long Life Eyebrow, and White Peony. •

Silver needle tea is procured out of unopened buds only and this tea variant offers wonderful, light and sweet taste of tea.

White Peony is known as Bai Mudan and it is the second best category of white tea after silver needle variety. Best variety of white Peony is made of silvery white hair covered buds and leaves.

Long Life Eyebrow type of tea is also known as Shou Mei and it is often made with the left over leaves of silver needle and white pony harvest type.

Tribute Eyebrow is procured from a special tea bush and after due processing. Its processing is slightly different from common tea processing; although quality wise it is not at par with silver needle or white Peony variety.

Other White Tea Varieties beside these four main variants, there are even other verities of white tea available. However these are named after the manufacturing region and sometimes fruits are added to leaf and buds while the tea is in preparing process; and this preparation adds extra dimension to its taste.

White tea is known as an amazing source of antioxidants and it satisfied the consumer with its exotic flavor and liquor. To know more about the varied range of Indian tea offered by Jayshree, visit them at ###


Probably, the world's most popular energy drink, tea is not merely rich in taste and flavour, but it is also a rich source of the health ess...

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