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All motorcycles to have front numberplate 150mm in minimum diameter, (e.g. BMX type plastic number plate) Minimum figure dimensions: Figure height 100mm, Figure width 60mm, width of stroke 15mm, space between 2 figures 15mm, legible and of contrasting colours. Bibs or T shirts may be worn, but riders to have number on their back. All numbers must be legible and of contrasting colours. Solo Numbers 1, 2 and 3 to be reserved for NZ Championships placegetters, to be displayed if competitor so wishes until the next championship is run. No other competitor is to use these numbers. Throttle Cut-Out A device must be fitted to ensure that the ignition can be interrupted. The device must be mounted on the handlebars, as close as practicable to the throttle and securely attached to the throttle operation wrist, by a cord, of non elastic material, no longer than 300mm fully extended. The interrupter must operate in the primary (low tension) circuit of the ignition system. All throttle controls must return closed when not held by the hand. Wheels and Tyres All spokes must be tight. Rear wheel rim to be 480mm. Rear tyre shall not exceed 110mm in width. All tyres be measured mounted on the rim at a pressure of 1 kg/cm (14 lb./, measurements taken at a tyre section located 90 deg. from the ground. Tyres to be inflated / filled with air and cannot be filled with any other substance to increase overall weight. Balancing weights may only be added and attached only to the rim or spokes. Any modification to the rim or spokes of an integral wheel (cast, moulded, riveted) as supplied by the manufacturer or of a traditional detachable rim other than for spokes, valve or security bolts is prohibited except for tyre retention screws sometimes used to prevent tyre movement relative to the rim. If the rim is modified for these purposes, bolts, screws, etc., must be fitted. Primary Chain Guard A guard, which ensures that the chain and sprocket cannot be touched accidentally, substantial enough to prevent a broken chain throwing upwards, must be fitted. Small holes (maximum diameter 10mm) are allowed for extra cooling. Excessive cutting of the guard is not allowed. Cutting is only allowed to expose the clutch pressure plate and to allow for adjustments to the clutch springs. If plastic, or like (primary) guard is fitted a steel stud or bolt of not less than 10 mm diameter must be fitted in the area of the lower rear quadrant, close to the clutch sprocket, to prevent a broken chain throwing upward. The stud to protrude 10mm outside clutch sprocket. This stud, if damaged, must always be completely replaced. JHR frame type where stud is built into rear leg is acceptable. A guard must be fitted to provide protection where the rear chain enters onto the rear wheel sprocket. Mudguards and Wheel Protection Motorcycles must be fitted with mudguards. Mudguards must project laterally beyond the tyre on each side. The front mudguard must extend at least 5 degrees ahead of a vertical line running through the centre of the front wheel axle and at least 5 degrees under the top edge of the mudshield.



2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  

2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book