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approach to the webbing must be in line with the eye bolt ring. (Fig. 1 below)

(v) The shoulder straps must be directed towards the rear, directed downwards with an angle of between 1 (one) degree and 10 (ten) degrees to the horizontal from the top of the shoulder (Fig 2).

(w) The belts must be anchored within 250mm of the back of the seat or pass through guides within 250mm of the back of the seat. The mounting points or guides must be no more than 150mm apart with their centre point 90 degrees to the seat back. Where the shoulder straps pass through the seat, the edges must be rolled or have grommets fitted to prevent chaffing or cutting of the strap material. (x) Check the entire harness for chaffing, stitch damage or hardware corrosion. Under no circumstances can cutting and re-sewing of webbing or modifications to hardware be permitted. (y) Two belts joining in a 'Y' behind the neck to form one strap are not permitted. Butler, Britax and other automotive safety harnesses, where shoulder belts are only looped around lap belts and fastened by a seat belt buckle are not permitted.



2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  

2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book