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(d) Crowd Control Fences At tracks where spectators stand at track level a substantial pipe or post and a rail or similar Crowd Control Fence be erected at least 2.5m outside of safety fence. (e) At tracks where the wall is back-filled and spectators stand at least 1m above the track level, an adequate Crowd Control Barrier must be erected at least 600 mm outside the safety fence. (f) All structures must be built to the satisfaction of the Track Inspector. After due application under Rule G5-5, the Directors can in special circumstances alter or amend these minimum requirements. G5-2-4 SAFETY FENCES – EFFECTIVE 1 SEPTEMBER 2012 All speedway tracks are to be enclosed by a wall and safety fence that complies with the specifications below. The safety fence structure includes:• Concrete Wall – see rule G5-2-4(a) • Wire Rope Fence – see rule G5-2-4(b) • Safety Netting Fence – see rule G5-2-4(c) • Pit Gate & Chute – see rule G5-2-4(d) • Crowd Control Fence – see rule G5-2-4(e) Exception: Tracks running Solos and Sidecars only – see Section G5-24(g) G5-2-4(a) (i) (ii) (iii) G5-2-4(b)


CONCRETE WALL Height: Minimum height is 1 metre above a prepared track surface at all times. Recommended height is 1.2m. Construction: Smooth concrete and/or of an approved design and construction. An angled kickout at the bottom of the wall is recommended. Curvature: The wall must follow the general shape of the poleline. WIRE ROPE FENCE A further safety structure is required above or behind the concrete wall, consisting of posts and wire ropes, or an approved equivalent. Posts (a) Height: Posts will extend at least 1500mm above the concrete wall. (b) Location: Posts will be located no more than 2m from the front of the concrete wall, and no more than 5m apart. Recommended distances are no more than 1500mm from the front of the wall, and 4m apart. (c) Construction: Posts may be constructed of the following materials:(i) Railway Irons - 32kg minimum. (ii) Black heavy pipe – 100mm nominal bore with a 5.4 mm wall. (iii) Box section – 100mm x 100mm x 5 mm wall. (iv) Box section – 150mm x 75mm x 5 mm wall. (v) Universal beam - 150 UB 18kg per metre. (vi) An approved equivalent. (d) Fitment: The posts must be secured at least to the following depths, depending on the method of fitment:(i) Fastened directly into the ground: Driven in at least 1500mm deep. (ii) Sleeved: At least 1m below the surface, with the sleeve to concreted to at least a depth of 1m.



2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  
2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  

2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book