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(c) Not less than 12m wide on bends. (d) Existing licensed tracks shall be allowed to construct a Motorcycle Solo and Sidecar only track inside the existing track provided that the measured length be a minimum of 100 metres measured one metre out from the pole line, and that the minimum width in the bends be 12 metres and in the straights 9 metres. The outside perimeter shall be clearly defined by collapsible markers. Where a Motorcycle Solo and Sidecar track is inside a larger track the existing safety fence shall be deemed to be the safety fence for the inside track. The outer track will be out of bounds to all vehicles and personnel while racing is in progress on the inside track. SNZ can only sanction two and three wheels competition on tracks up to 457m provided that the Directors may under exceptional circumstances in their discretion, sanction tracks varying from the above measurements. All Tracks must be inspected by an official of SNZ prior to the commencement of the speedway season and the full costs of inspection must be borne by the Track Promoter. In the case of the establishing of a new track, the costs of inspection/s are to be borne by the Promoter. Where an established Track fails to pass the inspection the Promoter/s of the track must also pay all costs incurred by subsequent inspection/s. Acceptance as a Member Track by the Directors by way of a completed Memorandum of Agreement and the issuing of a Track Licence also means automatic acceptance as a member of SPANZ by the named Track Licensee. TRACK REQUIREMENTS Track Lighting Lighting must be adequate and even, allowing no dark patches and all lights must be shaded so that there is no chance of glare in the competitorâ€&#x;s eyes from overhead lights. Control Lights and Flags (a) At least six (6) sets of red, amber and green lights are to be installed, one on every corner and one approximately halfway down each straight. They shall be placed an average height of 1.5m above track surface and on the track fence. (b) Red light to stop a race, amber lights for emitting warning signals and green lights for race in progress. The green light to be on continuously while race is in progress. (c) For daylight races, red lights must be supplemented by red flags, yellow lights by yellow flags. (d) When signals are given by flag and blackboard, the flag or blackboard should be at least 0.371m2 (4 square feet) in area. Tracks running Sidecars and/or Streetstocks to have all track flags and lights etc. to be viewed from both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. Safety Fences – note that this section is replaced effective 1/9/2012, see below Every Speedway shall be provided with a wall and safety fence around the outer edge of the course, of approved design and construction, suitable and sufficient for the protection of the public and the competitor. While racing is in progress, approved gates MUST be closed and fixed so as to continue the general line of the wall.



2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  
2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  

2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book