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the course or track including the seating accommodation for visitors and officials and shall be made on the prescribed form. A Track Licence shall state the length of the track and any restrictions as to the number, type of power of vehicles that may be used thereon. A Track Licensee may not conduct or allow to be conducted by way of sublease, or permit from another Motorsport body, or other arrangement any form of motorised competition, exhibition or display for which it is not expressly licensed by Speedway New Zealand Inc. However should such activity not unreasonably interfere with the conduct of Speedway New Zealand Inc's business on the said licensed track, permission may be granted after an application. Fees shall be payable to SNZ for the following: (i) New Track Licence Application (ii) Track Licence Renewal (iii) Track Licence Transfer Fee A Track Licence will only be issued to a Promoter who can fulfil all the requirements of Section G5 of the SNZ regulations. The Directors shall not be obliged to issue a license to any applicant who may comply with the provisions of Section G5 of the Regulations if in the view of the Directors the granting of that license is not conducive to the conduct of the sport or the interests of its existing licensed member tracks. The Promoter must apply, on the official 'Track Application' form, to the SNZ office for a Licence to conduct 'named classes' of speedway racing at a 'named track and locality'. With the application must be the appropriate licence fee, copy of lease, list of nominated officials and event calendar for the coming season. (See also G13-2-3) SNZ has the right to refuse a track from running a meeting that is in direct conflict to an SNZ allocated Championship Title of the same class. The SNZ office will forward to the Promoter a Memorandum of Agreement Document. The document must be fully filled in and returned promptly to the SNZ office. In addition, the Promoter must arrange for a Public Risk and Property Damage Insurance Cover of at least $500,000 and the SNZ office must be advised by the Insurance Company (or Underwriters), of the amount of the Cover, the period of the Cover, the Policy number and copy of receipt. (See rule G4-9-2) Once the completed Memorandum of Agreement document, and the advice from the Insurance Company re Public Liability and Property Damage Cover have been received, the Directors shall then consider the issuing of a Track Licence subject to a satisfactory Track Inspection Report from the appointed track inspector being received. If at any time an adverse report is received concerning any track or the conduct of competitors or the conduct of promoter/s thereby necessitating, in the opinion of the Directors, a special visit of inspection or inquiry a fee of $50.00 plus all expenses incurred by the inquiry or inspection shall be payable by the Promoter. In consideration of any applicant for a Track Licence as aforesaid, SNZ will require Tracks on which racing will be held to be: (a) Minimum of 250m, maximum 1000m in circumference. Measurements shall be taken 1m out from the inside line of the track. (b) Not less than 9m wide on straights.



2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  
2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  

2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book