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The Directors must be advised that premiums in respect of the aforesaid Policy have been paid and if called upon to produce to the Directors receipts therefore. The Competitor for himself, his Executors and Administrators hereby acknowledges and declares that he will at all times participate in all such races and all such practice at his own risk throughout and that neither the Competitor nor his estate shall institute or make any action, suit, claim or demand against the Promoter, or other competitor or SNZ for any injury or damages suffered by him or the machine or vehicle used by him during any such race or practice. Competitors Personal Accident Insurance: Personal Accident Insurance is strongly advised but is not compulsory. Moneys due to the Competitor The promoter must pay to the competitor all moneys due to the competitor from his contracted track within 14 days of such a meeting and within 30 days of a meeting at any other SNZ Licensed Track. In the case of an appeal affecting prize money, payments must be made to the competitor within 14 days of the release of the Appeal findings. Fidelity Fund (Refer G1-1-13, Definitions) Every SNZ Track Licensee shall be a member of the Fidelity Fund once they have a signed Memorandum of Agreement with SNZ and upon payment of a one-off joining levy, which is nonrefundable. Claims against the Fidelity Fund can only be made in respect to an SNZ permitted meeting. Claims must be lodged with Speedway New Zealand Inc. with sufficient tangible proof of the amount not paid before 30 June following the season's racing. No claims will be paid before 28 July following closure date. The Fidelity Fund is limited and any or all claims may not be honoured in full. Claimants must forward details in writing to the SNZ Chief Executive Officer, who will research claims and forward findings and any recommendations to the Fidelity Fund's Board of Trustees. Any successful claims against the Fidelity Fund will be paid out within 30 days of the decision by the Board of Trustees. TRACKS Licencing of Tracks No track shall be used for motorised competition or attempts on records until it has been licenced by SNZ, which may with hold, grant or withdraw a Track Licence at its discretion if any promoting body has been guilty of a breach of the rules of SNZ without stating any reason for such action. A Track Licence may be granted to: (i) The Owner or Leasee of the track, being the applicant. (ii) A Promoter who, being the applicant, can satisfy the Directors that he has obtained the use of a track for motor racing for the season or such other period as the Directors in their uncontrolled discretion may deem sufficient. A track licence shall expire on 31st August. Following its issue the existing licensee of the track must apply for renewal on or before 1st September. No licence will be renewed for a period greater than 24 months from the expiry date of the current licence without prior approval from the Directors. A Track Licence shall not be transferable except with the written consent of the Directors. An original application for a track licence shall be accompanied by plans and other particulars of



2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  

2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book