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The proposed rule changes will be ratified or not every two years by a majority vote of those representatives entitled to vote at the AGM. All ratified rule changes will become effective 8 weeks following an AGM unless a lead in period applies. Each Technical Committee may provide a written report on their respective class to the AGM for discussion. ORGANISATION Permission and Control No meeting or competition shall be held other than under the control of and permit of SNZ. If any promoting body has been guilty of breach of the Rules of SNZ, the Directors may decline to grant or may withdraw a permit, without stating its reason. Application for Permit Every application for a permit shall be made to the Steward prior to the commencement of a meeting and shall be accompanied by the appropriate fees. Permit Fees A Permit Fee shall be payable by the Promoter for each meeting for the issue of a SNZ permit. These fees shall be payable to the Steward prior to the commencement of a meeting. For all meetings requiring an FIM International Permit, an extra International Permit Fee must be paid by the Licenced Promoters. If a meeting is not held or lapses before the commencement of the third event, the Permit Fee will be valid for the next meeting of similar value. Once a Steward has issued a permit for a particular meeting and the meeting is in progress, the permit cannot be withdrawn except when safety factors are involved. The meeting permit fee includes a SPANZ levy, which is a proportionate amount payable to SPANZ, as determined from time to time in agreement between SNZ and SPANZ. Special Levies In the event of Speedway New Zealand funds raised by means of the fees not being sufficient for administration by the Directors, the Directors reserve the right to impose further levies. Practices Each track must have at least three practice sessions prior to the commencement of its official season. New competitors shall ride or drive at three (3) compulsory practices prior to taking part in open competition or drive from rear of field for at least four races. (Refer Rule G8-1-5 re SNZ training programme) All such compulsory practices shall carry a permit fee for each of the first three sessions, and a fee for any practice held during the season. First Aid cover must be provided. Under no circumstances may admission charges be made for any practices whatsoever. No qualifying meetings or elimination meetings can be conducted under a practice permit. Promotions of Meetings Meetings may be promoted as follows: (i) By Promoters, under the permit and control of SNZ. (ii) By a Club under the permit and control of SNZ. Announcement to be made on all Official Documents: All entry forms or other official communications relating to any meeting or competition (i.e. Supplementary Regulations Programme Announcements) shall be conspicuously marked with the words



2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  

2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book

2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  

2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book