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REGULATI ONS OF SPEEDWAY NEW ZEALAND I NC G1 INTERPRETATION AND APPLICATION These regulations shall be considered the By-laws of Speedway New Zealand and shall be interpreted according to the Directors unless instructed by the members under Rule C7(k). The Directors shall be empowered to decide any question within New Zealand concerning the interpretation of these regulations. Any technical matters must be referred to the relevant technical committees before the Director‟s rule on the issue concerned. G1-1 DEFINITIONS The following terms, where used in these Regulations shall be deemed to bear the following meanings. G1-1-1

Approved: An approved component will be a component built to a suitable standard acceptable to Speedway New Zealand.


Approved Safety Component: An Approved Safety Component will be any component described in the “S3 Personal Safety” section, and must be “SNZ approved”. Any component required to be “SNZ approved” must be submitted to the SNZ Office for approval. A record of approved components will be available from the SNZ office.


Championships: The NZ, North lsland and South Island Championships are the Official Speedway New Zealand Championships. All other Championships must be approved by the Directors. Allocated Titles: All championships as above as well as the New Zealand Grand Prix, for each National Class. These are allocated by SPANZ at each AGM.



Club: Any constitutent Club which has formally undertaken to observe and comply with the General Competition Rules and other Regulations of SNZ.


Clutch Start: A clutch start is when the machine is started from a stationary position on the starting line with the engine running.


Competitor: A person licenced to compete at a meeting.


Competitor's Agreement: The approved form of agreement between a Promoter, a Competitor and SNZ.


Competitor's Representative: A person elected by the competitors in each class to represent all competitors in the competition.


Composite Materials: Composite materials are those of special properties made by a combination of components none of which alone could attain those properties. In particular, a combination of fibres in the form of fabric or tape with reactive polymer resins followed by curing, producing a composite component of extraordinary strength.



2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  
2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  

2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book