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A lower hip plate must be welded between floor runner bar and lower rollcage side bar to protect driver from hips to feet. T13 -1 -9 Rollcage

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The roll cage must be reinforced above the driver's head with steel plate of 6mm thickness. Minimum size to be 400mm square, and welded continuously on 4 sides to the cage. Head plate shall not have lightening holes cut into plate. Driver head plate must extend 150mm in all directions from centre of driver's helmet when in the normal seated position to provide ample protection for the driver's head. Driver's helmet must have 50mm clearance from any part of the car. A Vehicle checker may drill a 6mm (1/4") diameter hole for inspection anywhere in roll cage, plating or chassis. Rear Floor Brace The 51mm OD RHS or 50 mm OD pipe maximum size rear floor brace must be attached to the rear rollcage down tubes and the rear bumper.

This brace may pass through differential tunnel or chassis but must be no lower than the top of the boot floor, i.e. bar must not be seen when looking under boot floor from behind vehicle. This rear floor brace may be welded (not stitched) to the chassis with no more than 250mm of continuous weld between rear bumper and roll cage. The two rear floor braces may be either joined to each other by welding or connected to each other by one 50 mm pipe or 51



2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  

2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book