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(see diagram). Rear bumper side extension ends are to be attached to the chassis rail or rear floor brace, but not both. No shear bolt corners and no square corners. No sharp corners.

140mm minimum

280mm min Outside diameter Bumper bends minimum radius. (f)


(h) T13-1-9 (a)


(c) (d)



Rear bumper may have gussets at welds to rear of T13-110 rear floor bars, and may be gusseted where rear bumper side extensions are attached to sides of rear floor bars. (ii) A maximum of six gussets allowed on rear bumper - two gussets at each rear floor bar and one gusset at each bumper front extension. Gussets to be 75mm x 4mm maximum size. (iii) Rear bumper to extend no more than 100mm backwards than original. 25mm OD pipe or square maximum badge bar. Bottom of bar to top of bumper pipe to be 150mm maximum. The badge bar may be connected to the bumper in up to seven places using the same material as the badge bar. Plating between the two bars is not permitted, but original car bumper or similar may be welded to badge bar and bumper. Front and rear bumper pipe or RHS may be welded to the body as they pass through the body panel to the chassis rails to prevent body panels being torn off. Roll Bars Substantial interior roll bars, to be constructed of minimum of 48mm diameter if galvanised pipe, or 38mm x 3.2mm wall, if constructed of steam pipe or RHS, must be fitted above the drivers normal seated position. (i) A brace may be welded from top of rear of rollcage to the T13-1-10-rear floor bar. (ii) The said brace must be welded to the T13-1-10 rear floor bar between rear axle and inside of body. The brace from rear of rollcage to floor or chassis should not be crossed. Addition of 4 optional bars to interior roll cage. (See diagram.) The front rollcage down tubes may be suitably braced with 2 vertical [one each side] Âź light up rights, made of rollcage material. The said brace to be securely attached to the front rollcage and upper hip plate side pipe. A floor runner bar may be used on each side of car to securely mount roll bar to floor. Floor runner to be maximum of 51mm



2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  
2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  

2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book