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Vehicles will move off to a rolling start together, and must not change positions until the starter drops the Green Flag. In all rolling starts the outside front (number 2 grid) is the pace setter. A clutch start is permitted. Any vehicles failing to start after leaving the pits within the time limit of three (3) minutes, must be pushed into the centre field and remain there until the completion of the race. This rule only applies before the start of the race, i.e. before the green light is shown. There is only one (1) three minute bell allowed per race. Race in Progress Competitors shall take all proper care, and deliberate aggressive contact before and after a race is strictly forbidden. Stationary vehicles are to be avoided wherever possible, and competitors will not attempt to force or steer other vehicles into stationary vehicles. The driver of any vehicle that makes deliberate contact with any other competitor from/and on the centre of the field shall be fined and excluded from the results. If a car is forced, spun, or driven infield during racing, it must return to the track in the same straight or corner in which it left the track. Vehicles must race in an anti-clockwise direction. Should a competitor find himself in a position where he cannot drive in an anti-clockwise direction, he must not attack until in the correct position. The correct position is defined as anywhere from a right angle back to the direction of the flow of traffic. Attacking from a stationary position or hitting a stationary car is not permitted. Those vehicles which wish to wait for an opposing member should be moving, however slowly at all times in the correct direction. (It must be remembered that this competition is called racing and parked vehicles are not considered to be still part of the competition.) Any Competitor using a concrete wall or bank to an advantage, in the opinion of the Referee, may be penalised. Any competitor unfairly using the pole line to advantage by placing one or more wheels over the pole line to eliminate another competitor will be fined and excluded. Any competitor that deliberately places one or more wheels over the pole line to avoid contact with another competitor shall be fined and excluded from the race. Any loss of wheel gate or one that is not fully attached. Car to be removed from race. When Teams are racing for points, the winning team may be decided on by either 'first past the post' or 'points' racing. The chosen system and points awarded are up to the promoter's discretion. It is permissible to push your own team members cars at any stage during a teams race, providing the car doing the pushing has not already received the chequered flag, and was an original starter in that same race. NB No car will move on a red light. Substitutions No substitute cars or drivers may be entered into Championship events if a particular car or driver is eliminated during racing. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO TEAMS RACING. Emergency Stoppage All vehicles must stop immediately on the display of red lights or red flags and remain stationary except under instruction from an Official.



2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  

2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book