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(b) Any permitted adapter plate must be non-porous and fitted with conventional gaskets. (c) The acceptor plate, if permitted, must be non-porous. (d) The intake tract of the adapter plate must be in one vertical plane. T12-2-23 Ignition (a) No twin point distributors permitted. No aftermarket distributors permitted. Luminition is not permitted. (b) Only original OEM electronic ignition distributors are permitted. Where a distributor is fitted, it must remain in original OEM ignition position in block or head, however where an engine has no ignition distributor fitted in its OEM form, the position of an OEM distributor is free. (c) Ignition may be controlled by:(i) a computer that is standard for the same engine family as the engine being used. (ii) an SNZ approved aftermarket computer. No other aftermarket or modified computers will be permitted. (d) OEM crankshaft sensors, camshaft sensors and engine control units in their original OEM form are permitted to control ignition systems only. (e) The self-starter must be in working order. Cars must leave pits and starting line under their own power. T12-2-24 Oil Lines (a) Engine oil lines must be capable of withstanding a pressure of 450psi and a temperature of 230° C. (b) When flexible, engine oil lines must have threaded connectors and an outer metal braid resistant to abrasion and flame (will not sustain combustion). (c) No engine oil line connectors in driver's compartment are permitted, except oil gauge fittings. T12-2-25 Fuel Refer Section E4. T12-2-26 Battery The battery must be securely mounted inside a metal box, with a secure lid suitably insulated. Aluminium, stainless steel or steel box, of not less than 1.2mm thickness, T12-2-27 Transmission (a) Any clutch plate can be used, as long as it is a single plate. (b) An OEM pressure plate must be used. (c) Flex plates may be changed to steel flywheels. Flex plate may be altered to accept standard OEM clutch assembly. (d) No aluminium components are permitted. EXCEPTION – Hydraulic clutch throw out bearing, gearbox tail shaft housing, gearbox end plate, OEM gearbox housing, OEM differential head housing. (e) No quick-change gearboxes are permitted eg: standard gearboxes only, however may be shortened. (f) A 40mm inspection hole in clutch bell-housing must be available. Position of inspection hole to be in line with clutch plate, in a position above the 90º and readily accessible. T12-2-28 Driveshaft A drive shaft retaining strap must be fitted under and over the front end of the drive shaft. All drive shafts running through cockpit must be covered by 3mm metal plate cover. T12-2-29 Differential Quick-change or open tube type differentials are not permitted. Standard differentials may be offset. Alloy rear hubs will NOT be permitted.



2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  

2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book