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(ii) The Kirkey 64000 series open wheel full containment seat is also approved for use. The driver's seat shall be of steel backed 1.2mm minimum thickness bucket type, incorporating a headrest constructed of 3mm minimum plate to a minimum size of 280mm width and 150mm depth, corners rounded off, surface padded. The seat base must be securely bolted or welded to the floor and/or integral bar work in a minimum of four positions. The seat back support must be mounted in a minimum of four positions. Whether the seat incorporates a headrest or not, the upper 2 mounting positions must be within 152mm of the top of the seat. Seat mounting bolts 8mm minimum with suitable washers. If the seat does not have a built in headrest the gap between the top of the seat and the bottom of the headrest shall be no more than 75mm. An aluminium seat of 3mm thickness with no steel backing is permissible, however, the 3mm section must include the full width of the seat back support and seat base - built to a professional standard. Safety Harness Refer Section S2. Rear Vision Mirrors One metal or plastic backed mirror of not more than 0.026m2 (40sq.ins) may be fitted. Or two metal or plastic backed mirrors of not more than 0.023m2 (35sq.ins) each may be fitted. The mirror head must be in the interior of the car and be no closer than 450mm from the driver. A mirror is an image reflective surface. Steering Wheels The use of wood-rim steering wheels is prohibited. Weight Vehicle weight, ready to race, 1400kg minimum - 1500kg maximum, at any time, excluding driver. Racing Numbers Refer also Section T7. Numbers to be of contrasting colours and to be placed; (i) between the front and rear wheels on both sides of the vehicle. Numbers to be on the body or side panels in a visible area, so that they can be read from a minimum of 30m away at ground level (ii) on both sides of the fin or aerofoil (iii) on the rear of the vehicle Numbers to be prepared to a professional standard. Cardboard and tape type numbers are not acceptable. The background colour must be a minimum of 20mm. Rear numbers only to be a minimum height of 190mm with a minimum width of 30mm. Must be placed in a visible area and able to be read from a minimum 30m away at ground level from the rear of the vehicle. Numbers on both sides shall be a minimum height of 380mm with a minimum width of 50mm. A fin, with a minimum area of 300mm square, with a racing number on each side, shall be mounted on roof in such a position that the number can be read from each side of the car, and shall be a minimum height of 190mm with a width of 30mm for the numbers.



2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  

2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book