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The self-starter must be in working order. Cars must leave pits and starting line under their own power. Battery The battery must be securely mounted inside a metal box, with a secure lid suitably insulated. Aluminium, stainless steel or steel box, of not less than 1.2mm thickness. Drive Shaft A drive shaft retaining strap must be fitted under and over the front end of the drive shaft. All drive shafts running through cockpit must be covered by 3mm metal plate cover. Fuel Refer Section E4. Oil Lines Engine oil lines must be capable of withstanding a pressure of 450psi and a temperature of 230째 C. When flexible, engine oil lines must have threaded connectors and an outer metal braid resistant to abrasion and flame (will not sustain combustion). No engine oil line connectors in driver's compartment are permitted, except oil gauge fittings. Exhaust Pipes Exhaust pipes must discharge towards the rear, or underneath the car. Side mounted exhaust systems inside or outside the body, must be suitably guarded where they pass the driver, to enable first aid personnel to get driver out of the car without getting themselves burnt. Vehicle Specifications Refer also Section E1. Vehicles not complying with Speedway New Zealand specifications refer Section G7-5 (Duties of a Vehicle checker). SNZ reserves the right to weigh any vehicle or all vehicles at any time. All Superstocks must be weighed before specified Championship events. Vehicles can only be weighed on SNZ approved weighing systems.



2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  
2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  

2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book