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No aluminium adaptor plates allowed. Steel adaptor plates to be a minimum of 8mm thickness. Rear hubs, if aluminium or magnesium to be 6 pin knock-on or wide 5 type only. One piece rims only (can be welded construction) No 2 or 3 piece wheels allowed (no bolt together rims). Bead locks permitted. Rim thickness to be a minimum of 2.4mm. Rear wheels fitted to wide 5 hubs are permitted to use a wheel centre web offset outside of centre 1/3 of total rim width. Brakes Right front brake is optional. Left front brake is mandatory. Providing the two rear wheels cannot rotate independently, i.e. locked diff, or one piece rear axle, a single disc and calliper mounted on the rear end, is deemed to be braking on both rear wheels. Seat Steel or aluminium backed, bucket type seat modified on the sides to hold driver securely. Bolted or welded to floor and/or integral bar work. Steel backing to be a minimum of 1.2mm (18SWG). Aluminium backing to be 3mm minimum thickness. Headrest All vehicles must be fitted with an approved headrest. The minimum constructed requirements are 150mm x 280mm x 3mm steel or aluminium surface padded, attached to the drivers seat or suspended from the roll cage and not more than 38mm from the drivers head. Seat Belts: Refer to Section T11-5. Numbers Refer also to T7. Numbers and track letters to read large and clear. Numbers to be displayed on airfoils or bodywork if airfoil not fitted. Numerals to be a minimum 300mm high x 50mm wide with a 13mm border, legible and of contrasting colours, to be displayed on both sides of airfoil at uppermost rear corner. If an airfoil is not fitted, a single number to be displayed on roof panel, facing towards the outside of the track. Modifieds to have number displayed on rear of car (to be easily read by a following competitor) of minimum size of 100mm x 20mm, legible and of contrasting colours. Refer to class specifications for sizes. Bonnet Bonnet and boot must be securely fastened. Protection 100mm mesh screens must be fitted to cover opening immediately in front of the driver. Towing Hitch Front and rear, positioned under, and behind the natural bumper, no wider than 160mm and no deeper than 75mm. Enforcement of Specifications Impounding: Refer Rules E1-2 and E1-6 Inspection: Refer Section E1 Dangerous Construction The Steward of the meeting may exclude any vehicle the construction of which he deems to be dangerous, and shall give full effect to these Regulations by requiring the Vehicle Checker to check every vehicle immediately prior to its taking part in a competition.



2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  

2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book