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(ix) Fuel tanks must be constructed and supported in a manner that will ensure every possible precaution has been taken to avoid rupture or breakage. It is highly recommended that the tank has an adequate supporting structure under the lowest portion of the tank. The structure should follow the contour of the tank and be welded or bolted to the framework of the car. A suitable upper structure fitting the contour of the tank should allow the tank to be firmly attached to the framework of the car. The practice of bolting the tank to the chassis entirely by mounting plates is not recommended. Fuel Tank Location The fuel tank confined in the boot or rear compartment and behind the rear firewall Fuel Taps (i) The fuel line from the tank must be fitted with a shut off tap which must be in reach of the competitor while in the normal seated and restrained position and in reach of a person outside the car. (ii) All fuel taps must be clearly marked 'off' and 'on'. (iii) Fuel filter bowls must be of metal construction. Fuel Lines (i) Fuel lines must be of steel, copper, aluminium or of flexible construction. (ii) Fuel lines, where flexible, must be of an approved flexible type, securely clamped at joints, wire clamps are not permitted. (iii) Plastic, reinforced plastic, nylon, or reinforced nylon fuel line is not permitted. (iv) Armoured flexible neoprene plastic is permitted where fitted as a standard OEM part. (v) Approved 'push-lock' fittings and hoses are permitted. (hose identification # R6) (vi) Fuel lines and return lines must be secured to the chassis at the fuel tap and at intervals of not more than 300mm. Transmisslon Optional; 3mm thick steel bell housing to be fitted, or where original bell housing is used, a 3mm scatter shield to be fitted when bell housing is in driver's compartment. Automatic transmissions are not permitted. When open drive-shaft is used, a 1.2mm steel or 2.1mm alloy plate is to be fitted from front of driver's seat to rear of bell housing or transmission, to completely enclose driveline. Driveshaft safety hoops must be fitted to front and rear of drive shaft. All vehicles must be fitted with a clutch operated by the driver. Suspension: Type optional. Wheels Refer to Section T11-7 for specifications covering this class. Wheels to be held to hub by a minimum of 7/16" (11.12mm) diameter studs. Maximum amount of studs to be 6, minimum of 3. Exception: Clearly identifiable, professionally manufactured, direct mount Front Hub Assemblies are permitted provided manufacturer's specifications are adhered to, i.e. Sanders, Weld, Real. If 3 (three) studs are used, they must be a minimum stud diameter of 5/8 inch. Front hubs to house spindle bearings.



2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  

2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book