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rollcage legs to be no greater in length than 1100mm and must have at least one diagonal per side. The rectangle forming the top of the roll cage is to be 760mm x 840mm on the outside, measured so as to include the diameter of pipe as part of the 760mm, and the 50mm clearance between driver's head and top line of roll cage is maintained, no plating is allowed.

T11-16-8 Wing (a) The maximum area of the side panels (maximum 2 side panel per wing) left side 1.672m2 (18sq.ft), right side 1.301m2 (14sq.ft), a single piece centre cord not to exceed 2.323m2 (25sq.ft). Panels must be of one-piece construction. Fixed/removable Gurney lip (wicker bill) allowed, max height 40mm. (b) No part of the aerofoil or side panel may extend beyond outer edge of tyres. One aerofoil only. To be attached to rollcage only. On a high bar car where the high bar is made of roll cage material the wing must be mounted no more than 200mm forward of the main roll cage upright and must not obstruct occupantâ€&#x;s vision in any direction, or his ability to get into or out of the car from either side. (c) The wing and or suspension (including shocks) must not be able to be adjusted by the driver while seated in the race car. T11-16-9 Engine (a) Engine, 4 cylinder, rotary, 6 cylinder or small block V8 production car engines with a maximum cubic capacity of 407.5 cu. Ins. (b) Front mounted engines only allowed. (c) All motors over 4916cc (300 cu in) must have cast iron block and cylinder heads. (d) Forced induction and multiple carburettors are permitted on 4 cylinder motors. Rotary and six cylinder engines are permitted multiple carburettors, 8 cylinder motors are permitted one only four barrel carburettor. (e) Standard production cylinder blocks may be machined. SNZ may approve alternative cylinder blocks provided the following standard dimensions and data are maintained: camshaft location, cylinder bore spacing, bank angle in case of 'V; type engine, crankshaft centreline to deck face, material may not be added. SVO and Bowtie blocks are approved, Bowtie blocks with standard deck height only (9.025"). Dart Little 'M' block with standard deck eight (9.025") and Motown block made by World Castings are approved. Dedicated dry sump and rocket blocks are not permitted.

Part No.

Approved Dart Block Description


9.025" Deck/4.000" Bore/350 Mains


9.025" Deck/4.125" Bore/350 Mains


9.025" Deck/4.000" Bore/400 Mains


9.025" Deck/4.125" Bore/400 Mains



2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  

2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book