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T11-16-2 Tyres (a) Maximum tyre tread 540mm. (b) Rear tyre must extend 75mm minimum outside of body, or flares. (c) Right rear tyre must duro not less than 40. T11-16-3 Chassis (a) Must be spaceframe only. (b) No part of chassis or rollcage can be in a position that denies access to compression tester. (c) Exhaust extractors must be removed for compression testing on demand. (d) Weight: Maximum 1100kg. Minimum weight including driver to be at least 920kg at all times. Exception: for a car with four cylinders or less, weight including driver to be at least 620kg at all times. (e) Any ballast added must be within the wheel base and secured in a way as to be deemed safe. The vehicle checker must ask the driver as to the location of any added ballast. The location of ballast will be noted in the vehicle Log Book. (f) Most forward length of car to be no further forward than the leading edge of the front tyre. T11-16-4 Wheel Base 2.13 metres minimum, 2.74 metres maximum. (a) Vehicle Width: Maximum overall vehicle width 2.0 metres. T11-16-5 Knurfing Bar (a) All vehicles must be fitted with knurfing bars extending outward to effectively cover at least 2/3 of the width of the rear tyres, but not extend outside the width of the front and rear tyres that are to be used in competition. (b) Single or twin rail construction maximum diameter 27mm outside diameter tube with no more than three mounting points, mean average height 380mm.



2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  

2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book