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SPEEDWAY NEW ZEALAND CONSTI TUTI ON 2 0 10 C1 TITLE The name of the Society is Speedway New Zealand Incorporated (hereinafter called SNZ). C2 REGISTERED OFFICE The Registered Office of SNZ will be at a place as determined by the Directors. The Registrar of Incorporated Societies will be advised of any changes to the location of the Registered Office. C3 OBJECTS The objects of SNZ are to: (a) Control and develop speedway in New Zealand. (b) Make and control rules and regulations for the conduct of speedway racing. (c) Represent the interests of members of SNZ. (d) Encourage respect and fair play. (e) Do any act or thing incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the above objects. C4 POWERS SNZ has the power to: (a) Sanction and licence speedway racing in New Zealand. (b) Enter into any amalgamation, fusion, affiliation or alliance with any other organisation. (c) Delegate control of any speedway competition to an outside body. (d) Appoint officials to preside at speedway competitions. (e) Register results of SNZ Allocated Titles and issue certificates to placegetters. (f) Recognise the achievements of persons who have made a significant contribution to speedway. (g) Instigate or defend legal proceedings. (h) Work with the Speedway Promoters Association of New Zealand (SPANZ) in recognition of the Memorandum of Understanding between SNZ and SPANZ. C5 MEMBERSHIP Members of SNZ are:(a) Any individual or entity licensed by SNZ. (b) Directors of SNZ (c) Officials of SNZ. They do not have voting rights at any SNZ General or Directors meetings. (d) Life members, who are elected at an AGM in acknowledgment of their services to the sport. They do not pay fees of any kind, have no voting rights at Annual or Special General Meetings, and are entitled to benefits as agreed by SNZ. (e) Associate members, who by virtue of their interest and contribution to the general aims of SNZ are worthy of nomination by a member of SNZ. They do not have voting rights or speaking rights at any Annual or Special General Meeting. C5-1 (a)

Requirements of Membership Each member shall pay to SNZ such fees as may from time to time be determined by the Directors. Fees shall be payable in advance and shall be due and payable at the time or times set by the Directors.



2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  

2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book