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Any alteration made to Saloon racing rules should not necessarily affect Modifieds or vice versa. R11-14-1 General (a) Only ONE person may operate any race vehicle at any one time. NO PASSENGERS ALLOWED. (b) New competitors shall drive at three (3) compulsory practices, or 4 races off the back of the field, prior to taking part in open competition. (c) All vehicles must be maintained in a clean and tidy condition. (d) During the process of a Saloon or Modified Race, advertising hoardings etc, are not allowed within 12 metres of the pole line, and must be placed well infield before and during a race. R11-14-2 Track Signals (a) The following flags will be recognised as the standard colours to be used as signals to competitors during a race. Green Start Red All competitors stop Yellow Proceed with caution White Last lap for individual competitor Black Flag/Board Individual competitor to retire from race immediately upon receiving the black flag/board bearing the offending competitors number, held out for two laps. Black & White Chequered Finish (b) When a red flag or red light is shown competitors must immediately stop. Failure to do so will render a competitor liable to a fine and/or exclusion for a defined period. R11-14-3 Heats (a) Starts may be arranged in heats. The arrangement and construction of heats shall be determined by the Promoters and shall be published in the programme, if any. (b) A competitor shall start in the heat that has been allotted to him, unless granted permission to change by the Clerk of the Course of meeting. (c) Only those competitors, qualified in their heats shall take part in the semi finals, and only those competitors qualified in the semi finals shall take part in the final. (d) Consolidation of Heats: The Clerk of the Course of the meeting shall be empowered to consolidate, or otherwise modify the arrangements and constitution of heats, if the number of entrants at the start, or other conditions warrant their so doing. R11-14-4 Starting (i) Competitors proceeding to and awaiting the start of any race are under the jurisdiction of the Starter and/or the Referee. (ii) The outside front row car shall be the pacesetter for the start of the race. (iii) Punctuality in Starting: Competitors shall always be prepared to start in accordance with the programme and when called on to do so. Any competitor not prepared to start within a reasonable time after being called upon may be excluded from the race. (iv) Vehicles proceeding to starting points must not be driven at excessive speed around the track, and at no stage shall any crew member ride on any vehicle.



2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  
2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  

2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book