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The use of electronic logic processors to control any function of the race vehicle and/or any system for gathering continuous data from any function of the vehicle is strictly prohibited. Exception - Microprocessors are permitted to control ignition systems. Exception: Microprocessors are permitted to control electronic fuel injection systems on Super Saloon cars, however the gathering and/or downloading of continuous data is permitted for Sidecars only. Electronic engine RPM counters and limiters are permitted in all classes. Exception - Dorian Data-1 transmitter TX8000. Single Channel "Playback Tachometers" and “Hour Meters” are permitted, provided the said meter does not alter or change engine settings.. Electronically Controllable adjustable shock absorbers are not permitted. The use of electronic traction control devices is not permitted in any form. In all classes instrument warning lights to be white, blue or green only. Electronic Lap Scoring The official hardware for electronic lapscoring on a SNZ track is Dorian Data-1TM or AMB TranX260 timing system. The official software for electronic lapscoring on a SNZ track is Natsoft Scoring/Timing System or AMB Orbits3. The official transmitter for electronic lapscoring on a SNZ track is Dorian Data-1 TX 8000TM or AMB Personal TranX260. Placement of the transmitter Minimum 'A' measurement: Super Saloon cars 1800mm 300mm minimum from extreme right hand side of vehicle; 600mm minimum from the extreme left hand side of the vehicle. (i) Must be mounted not more than 20mm above the lowest part of the frame/chassis, in the vicinity of the transmitter. (ii) Must be not more than 200mm from the bottom of the transmitter above the ground. (iii) The approved template must be able to fit the transmitter when mounted to check for metallic interference. (See diagram) TX8000 'A' Template 10mm 130mm


35mm 100mm

Transmitter Placement



2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  

2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book