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T11-9-1 (a) The 'D Window' wheel centre, both 6-pin and 5 stud, as manufactured by INTERO is approved for Super Saloons and Saloons provided all existing offsets as described in these rules are maintained. (b) Applicable Super Saloon and Saloon: Two imported pressed steel wide 5 wheel centres are approved provided wheel assemblies are welded to comply with NZS 4701 class 4, and operators to comply with NZS 4711 in the appropriate position. The fluted centre is approved for left rear and front wheels only. (c) Desert Rat/Lightening serial number 1947 approved for all classes to the following specifications: (Refer Diagram D) DIAGRAM D D=7mm, E=65mm, F=35mm, G=178mm



(d) (e) T11-9-2 (a) (b) (c) (d) (e)

(f) T11-10

E G 3 .0 Beadlock rims approved for Modifieds, and Super Saloons only. The use of HK Holden wheels are prohibited by Speedway New Zealand. Wide 5 wheels It is strongly recommended the centre web should comprise of a full disc on the inner circumference of the rim. The centre web thickness must be 8mm minimum. It is strongly recommended the minimum radial thickness of the web to be no less than 20mm It is strongly recommended the angle between the main web and the extension (which comprise the stud holes) housing should be no more than 30% to the tangent. If the stud holes are in the last 20% of the radius, (between the centre of the wheel to the inner surface of the rim) the distance from any stud hole to the edge of the web should not be less than 20mm All wide 5 wheels date stamped after 1/06/98 must fully comply with all the above regulations.

SOUND No vehicles shall exceed 95 dba. Measured from 25 metres on the infield from pole line on fastest part of straight with meter held not less than 1 metre above ground.

T11-11 ELECTRONICS T11-11-1 (a) The use of in-vehicle transmitting or receiving is prohibited except approved one way radio communication from officials. (b) Ignition system settings must not be able to be accessed by the driver when in his normal seated position.



2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book  

2010 NZ Speedway Rule Book