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At The Warehouse

Remember The Warehouse There once was a time when you had so much fun. You could head over to the Warehouse; it was second to none! There was always a smile as you walked through the shop. Queers to the left and Straights to the top.

Although the times they have since changed, The memories are still the same. If you swirled or twirled or rolled around in a hole, Everyone had the same thing on their minds.

You could laugh, you could dance, you could relax in a trance, But you never left unhappy, only glad you had this chance. Sometimes you came on Sunday And didn't leave until Wednesday. Other times you came hoping that the party was here, But left disappointed because Don Juan was not there.

Simply put and easily said, We all loved one another until the very end. Because of this, the stories lives on, Even if you didn't get to meet Don Juan.

Where else could you go where Drag Queens ran wild? The Devil stopped by with the Fat Chick and Ms. Dials. The music, the lights, And DJ Piteo set the night! You just can't imagine the variety of people that were there, All to have fun and no grudges to bare.

All that I hope and all I can say is take care of each other, Because there are much brighter days. In closing, I wish to all of those that I know, Best wishes to you and thanks for coming to the show! With much love, warm wishes and good clean fun, Don Juan hopes the times you remember were nothing but fun. — Don Juan

At The Warehouse

Jay S.

Jeff C. (center) & friends

at the

At The Warehouse Bill K. and Eric B.

Brazon and friends

at the

At The Warehouse Don Juan (center) and Kris (left)

Jason P. and friend

at the

Aaron B




Aaron B



Dr. Steve


Dr. Steve and Sammy F. in Sammy’s room at 440 Alexandria Colony North. Sammy was Mother & Jeffrey’s first adopted son.

Tadd, Ted & Todd


and separately, these guys have done Columbus, Akron, Cleveland, Youngstown, parts of West Virginia and nearly everywhere else in between. Tadd, Ted and Todd are each very special to Mother and myself, but sometimes even we don’t know who we’re talking about. On the family tree, Tadd and Ted are two of our boys, and Todd is our sister. Jeffrey.

Tadd, Ted & Todd

Tadd, Ted & Todd


Tadd, Ted & Todd

Mama D

Danielle & The Quest For The Meaning Of Life

Danielle is the queen of crowd control. I can’t count the number of parties at our place she saved by taking charge. She is one tough cookie with a sweet muffin in the middle. – Jeffrey

Sisters are doin’ IT for themselves . . . Why? Because the BOYS won’t!*

*Legal disclaimer: This does not mean to imply Janice is a lesbian. She is not. However, Danielle is a big ol’ dyke.

Danielle searches for Richard Gere In Tibet

Mama D

“I want to be where the boys are. But I’m not allowed.” – Book Of Love “Boy”

Danielle finds some peace in a California state of mind

Several Catholic priests refuse to meet with danielle in Washington DC

Mama D M e & Mrs. Jones

Boys, Boys, All Types of Boys

Danielle With Michael Jones a.k.a. the beautiful & Fiery Monique Devereaux

Danielle with Dave & Mike Danielle with Mama Hall

Danielle with Brian

Mama D Tosh & Danielle

Ricky & Danielle


anielle has one of those strong spririts that when you are around her she is able to affect your mood just by being there. I met Danielle thru Kyle back in 2000. At that time Danielle and Kyle were almost inseparable and she welcomed me into their family of friends with open arms. Danielle has a good heart and has always been a friend to me. Even though I have not seen her over the past year or two, I know she has had some hard times to deal with. I can only hope she does not let harsh and turbulent times diminish the light that illuminates her soul. —Jody

John John

John John is a New York Yankees fan, but he would have happily joined Mother in the Atlanta Braves locker room hunting for Javy Lopez treasure (before Javy was traded to baltimore.)

When I first met John, I thought, “Here’s a handsome, charming guy.” I suspected that he occassionally gets overlooked in favor of guys with twice the muscles and half as much substance. John, I know that someday your prince will come and you will ride him into the sunset. — Jeffrey Thomas

John John John John veers dangerously off topic.

Asian Princess’

Ancient Chinese Secret

Two bottoms do not make top. Indiana, John & The Temple of Thunderpuss During a low point for me, Rick Corder came up with an idea — a road trip. Rick, Eric B., Scott N. and myself all hopped into Eric’s Ford Focus and headed to Indy to hear my favorite DJ, Barry Harris (of Thunderpuss). Rick knew the promotions lady at the club and he made it possible for me to get into the DJ booth and meet Barry. I was able to get his autograph and watch him spin for a few minutes. It was a great surprise and I was in heaven. Rick took a very hard time in my life and made it better, just by being himself and giving me the thrill of my summer. That road trip remains one of the best times I’ve ever had. Thank you, Rick. — John Hendricks Brother of Jimi

John John

John John, Kyle, Jody & Jay Jay

“The music you were playing really blew my mind . . .”

— Kylie Minogue “Love At First Sight” hrough the most tumultuous Tblessed two years of my life, I was to meet a core group of people who turned out to be true friends. At the top of that list is Scotti Nusbaum. I never really got how great of a person he was until I began down a road that nearly killed me more than once. Scotti was the constant in my life, which was full of uncertainty. Scotti was the truth in my life, which was full of lies. Scotti was the laughter in my life, which was consumed by tears. But most of all, Scotti was an angel and a friend that helped saved my life. And because of that, Scotti will forever mean love to me. — JOHN JOHN


Stefan sneaks up on Eric’s Behind

Snapshots of Stefan


Stefan holds Todd up just before his face slides into home

Stefan Danielle meant a lot to me, plus she’s the funniest person I know. She taught me that some bitches are just born crazy.

– Stefan


Columbus Pride 2001 Stefan shows his commitment to pride runs very deep!

Stefan Mother & Jeffrey have shown me unconditional friendship, plus how to clean and set up an entire apartment, complete with lights, for some of the fiercest after hours parties of our time.

– Stefan

Mark S

“I met Mark the night

that Stefan decided to throw an impromptu afterparty. Christopher and I left the club early to help Stefan prepare his place and his roommate, Mark, for the impending invasion. I remember worrying that Stefan’s roommate might not enjoy being woken up and told he had to host a party in the middle of the night. But Mark cheerfully greeted us with a sleepy smile and began to pitch in with the party preparations. Generally, some time and maybe a few getting-toknow-you conversations are required to really click with someone, but I felt instantly comfortable around Mark. I had the odd sensation that Mark and I had met before and were very good friends. Some time after the party that night, Mark told me that he had the same feeling of recognition.”

— Jeffrey

Mark S Mark absolutely loved “The Hampster Dance� and was a Pikachu freak.

Mark S Mark dancing on New Year’s Eve 2000 at 87 West

Mark with Britney at 87 West

Kyle, Danielle & Mark at Axis

Mark, Eddie & Michael J at Axis

Mark S

Mark with his boyfriend, Jeff C

Danielle & Mark

Delicious Maliciousness:

The Kane Conspiracy

The World According To Kane During the years that this book is dedicated to, I tried to remain an honest person and true to myself. I always gave everything I possibly could, when I could. The only thing I ever asked for in return was honesty and friendship. That wasn’t easy to come by. I did however find a small group of friends, that I could count on for true friendship. There was a much larger group of people that could only remember my name when I had something to give them. I have learned a great deal about life, myself and those around me over the years. Life teaches us several lessons, many of which are harsh and unforgiving. We have all made mistakes along the way, learned from them and now move forward with our lives. Unfortunately, there remains a select few, who continue to make the same mistakes time and again, apparently having learned nothing. I have had my time in the sun, and I continue to pay the price for it. I had a hell of a lot of fun, did everything I said I would never do (and then some), and was blessed with several extraordinary

friendships. But it was my choice alone to do all that would eventually destroy my life. And it was absolutely worth every second of it! We have all been given life so that we can be and feel alive. We are meant to live life. And live it is what I did! I lived my life for me. I did it like no one else. I showed everyone what partying is all about and proved that there really is nothing better than MORE!

To all of the people that were a part of my life during these years, I thank you from the depths of my soul for making it the time of my life! Deliciously Malicious,

Delicious Maliciousness:

The Kane Conspiracy Kane’s Quotes

“Filthy whores! All of you!”

“Bend over and let me lick your brain!”

To demonstrate his loyalty, Kane fell to his knees in front of Judy Tenuta during her visit to Columbus Pride 2001. Immediately she recognized him as “properly worshipful” and named him “Official Bitch.”

“That’s delicious maliciousness!”

Delicious Maliciousness:

The Kane Conspiracy

“Plugging rolls with Kane at Millennium and rolling so hard that we had to inch our way along the walls to the couch and we fell into a trance as the world was spinning out of control.” — Miss Cha-Cha’s Most memorable moment

On a business trip up north, Eric is briefly detained. He won’t comment on the rumored full cavity search.

“The first time that Eric and I celebrated our birthdays together was one of the most memorable nights of my life. Eric is fierce. Fiercer than you. Simply the fiercest. And having my birthday precede his by a mere day is truly an honor.” — Jeffrey

Delicious Maliciousness:

The Kane Conspiracy

“Don’t tell me to stop, tell the rain not to drop . . . Tell the leaves not to turn, but don’t ever tell me I’ll learn.” — Madonna “Don’t Tell Me” Mikey & Kane

Kane with Jeramy H

Jody livens up Kane’s birthday celebration, Dec 2006

Delicious Maliciousness:

The Kane Conspiracy

He’s Miss Kane-A (sung to the tune of “She’s A Lady”) In his quaint Madonna shrine, He takes foot-longs from behind. He’s Miss Kane-a.

Once a condom he did miss and ended up with syphillis. He’s Miss Kane-a.

He likes it in his face Likes the thought, but not the taste. He’s Miss Kane-a.

He puts Mardi in his place, Calls him “fat ass” to his face. He’s Miss Kane-a.

He’s Miss Kane-a (whoa whoa whoa) He’s Miss Kane-a (talkin’ ‘bout you baby) He’s Miss Kane-a (whoa whoa whoa) And he likes it just fine.

He’s Miss Kane-a (whoa whoa whoa) He’s Miss Kane-a (fiercer than you baby) He’s Miss Kane-a (whoa whoa whoa) And he’s not doing time.

— by Dustin H (aka “Dysco Deeva”)

Jeffrey created this business card for kane.


At left, CJ uses his asthma inhaler to fight off an attack during an afterhours party.

Todd K & CJ



Dearick L.

dearick (noun) der e-l i kt person or proper name e

Dearick L.

Partying at Michael J.’s house are (left to right) Dearick, Jerry, Sean and Matt.

“Now I’m stronger than yesterday, now it’s nothin’ but my way. Loneliness ain’t killin’ me no more . . .� — Britney Spears “Stronger� Above, Dearick with Eric (aka Bubbles)

Kyle R. and Dearick kick back.

Derrick B

REWER DERRICK B out how ry wll be ab hen we to S . e r e h e Dummy typ me and our friends w after Lennox d up for Derrick stoo ht-bashed” leaving the eeing “54.” s were “straig Thomas — Jeffrey

Derrick B


Dummy type here . . .

Brian N

Brian Above: Brian & Mother working at Millennium.

Brian greets Oz at the door

Above, Brian writes a message to Jason H during the “Octavia’s Last Shout” celebration at Millennium.

Brian, Jerami B & Mikey

Brian N

Brian with Mother and Dominique

Daniel & Brian at Mother & Jeffrey’s

Brian N

Ed Ray & Brian

Andy, Brian, Jason & friend

Joey & Brian at Cedar Pooint

Brian with friend

Brian with friend

Brian with friend

Brian N

Brian with Jerami B at the Carriage House

Brian N


rian is an incredibly beautiful, outgoing and charismatic man, yet he always seems to hold a secret that his eyes ever so slightly hint at. I always believed that Brian had incredible potential. With his height, style and stunning good looks, he easily could be a fashion model. Shortly after Brian joined our family, we discovered that his birthday was fast approaching. Rather than a night of clubhopping, Brian wanted us to take him and his sister to the movies. The four of us saw "Hannibal" and the finale’s dinner scene made his sister visibly nauseous. A birthday that will not easily be forgotten . . . — Jeffrey Thomas

Snowball 2000

Gary, Stefan & Mark hosted the First Annual Snowball afterhours party, December 2000

Abov e, Eric (aka Bubbles), Stefan and Gary. At right, Robert and Mark. Below, Partygoers have some fun with Jeremy.

Snowball 2000

Above & Below, two different group shots of some of the guests at the first Snowball!

Top to bottom, Janise with Tim, Tony (aka ChaCha) & Janise with friend.

Snowball 2000

Garfield makes an appearance!

Left to right, Sean E, Nick with pussycat and Sean E. with Tony V (aka Cha-Cha).

Below, Brian D. and C.J. fool around.

Snowball 2000

At right, Aaron B. waves his lollipop to intimidate. Below, Matt poses with a lady friend. Below, Steve (aka Beans) gets back to his roots.

Divas & Dirty Boys

Kristine W

Ralph & Janise with The One & Only

Pepper Mashay!

Todd with Tammy Faye

Lady Chablis

Matthew Rush Mark Dalton

Ted with Tristan Paris Tate with DC Chandler

Brett B

Brett B & Mikey M

Rick C and Brett B

At right, from left to right: Brett B, Mikey M, Rob & Andrew.

The Line Forms At The Door: Whether dressed casually with 5 o’clock shadow, or buttoned up with a tie, or right out of the shower in a new pair of jeans or even, on a rare occassion, as a woman, Brett always looks HOT! He is one of those rare guys that effortlessly exudes sexuality and attracts men by the dozens. Did I mention he has brains and wit, as well? — Jeffrey

Brett B Loves sequins, but Hates shaving Brett B and Danielle

Chad, Rick C and Brett

Rick C, Jeff Y, Aaron W, Jimmie Jo and Brett at Havana

Brett B

Brett B checks out Howard’s Equipment

Red Party 2001 Various pix of Brett B at the Valleydale Ballroom.


Michael J, Danielle & Jerry

rry with Above, Je t a party Adam N a el J’s at Micha house.

Danielle’s Old Skool Gang

The First Lady Of Millennium The

First Lady Of MillenniuM


Brent with Chip who did NOT bang AurorA for her birthday

Play with fire, baby you’ll get burned. – Dolce “Fire”

Brent M (aka Aurora)

Above: Brent and Shawn C. At Left: Brent with Keith. Below: Brent with Jeff and Chad.

Above: Brent with Jody. At right: Aurora with Fancy Punasti during Chrome weekend.

Brent M (aka Aurora)

Danielle & Brent

Kelton & Brent

At left, Brent with a friend. At right, Brent hangs out at one of Brian Marcus’ after hours Tosh & Brent parties.

Rusty & BK

Tate & BK

Aaron W & BK

Clockwise from left: Brian K (aka BK), Brent M, Danielle, Eric B & Jamie M

Brian K (aka BK) Caption


Brian K & Jason B

Brian K, Mikey & Jason B during Red Party weekend

Jimmy Jo, Brian K, Aaron W and Jason B

Jason B

Dummy Text

Jason & Friend

Dummy Text

Jason watches Tiffany

Dummy Text

Jason B

Dummy Text

Dummy Text Dummy Text

Andy & Collin

Best Couple

Andy & Collin

— Kim English “Bumpin’ & Jump in’”

“You’ve got m e bumpin’ and jumpin . . . and movin’ all ar ound”

Eric B

Eric B Keep On Movin’ Eric pauses briefly with Jimmie Joe (left), Bill K (below) and friends (right). Below right, Eric displays the incredible photo album that Rick created for Danielle’s birthday.

Below, Eric poses with Mikey in his room during his stay at 440 North.

The Need For Speed Often compared to the Energizer rabbit, Eric can run big, swirling circles around the other boys.

Eric B

ERIC B Birthday: September 21 Fave TV Show: “Crossing Over with John Edwards”

Eric B


• Bribery and conspiracy to possess and imbibe alcohol while a minor

• Dispersing shrill, hippy music with no recognizable song structure

“I testify under oath that on more than one occasion, an adult who’s name and face I cannot recall, purchased a six pack of beer for the accused, but o n l y after Stevie vowed that there would be no driving. And in the adult’s defense, one might consider that quick and efficient beer procurement generally made the intolerable banjo music and endless Phish jams dissipate.” — Jeffrey


Brian and Steve at Havana

For Stevie A friend will always make time to take your call. A true friend will always make time to take a call from border patrol in San Diego. A best friend would have just taken your stoned ass to the Taco Bell on High Street for a 2 a.m. chalupa. — Mother

Mother and Steve at Havana

Scott S

Scott S



Above, Bill K hangs out with Tate.


Bill K (center) and Eric B (bottom) make a new friend at Millennium. Inset photo is a fake Skank Magazine cover featuring Bill K.


Kirk with Mick

Kirk with Chuckie


Tommy Joker


ommy is a great guy, who’ll do anything for you, even if you deserve a lecture T rather than a helping hand. Tommy is one of

the last trustworthy people I know. But Tommy flirts with the dark side of the force. He likes to mess with people who don’t know better. Whatever you do, if you and Tommy are at the same party, go home if you’re sleepy. Otherwise, you might wake with your hand in warm water, with a new haircut, or in booger drag. — Jeffrey

TOMMY TIME The Formula To Success ith Eastern Standard Time as our correct W time, apply 15 additional minutes for Ted Time, 1.5 hours for Sam Time and 3 hours (or more) for Tommy Time. If 4 hours pass, you can plan on Tommy’s arrival at the exact time, but on the next day.



The following advertisement is brought to you by the caring, concerned professionals at

Asian Princess, Eric & Tommy

Aaron & Tommy

Tommy, Ricky, Jason & Eric

The Fuzzy Hats

You can never have enough hats, gloves and shoes! — from Absolutely Fabulous

Mother, Jerami B & Luke

I truly believe the only thing that separates man from animal is our ability to accessorize. — from Steel Magnolias

Rob C

Ryan C & Josh G

Jody & Jeffrey

Straight Up While it is true that some “straight” boys might be testing the waters before diving into the pool, we often forget that there are some cute heterosexual guys that just love the sense of freedom and the atmosphere of tolerance that defines our culture. Will he give in to the thrill and the rush of breaking society’s rules? Or is he secure with his identity and content with the babe on his arm? A better question might be, is she content?

other worked with Dougie MBlockbuster when he managed a after we moved

Al (Britney’s Prerogative)

here. Dougie defined twink – cute and blonde with an aura of innocence radiating from the face of an angel. other took Dougie with us to Red Party in 2000, where I struck up a conversation with a guy named Colin and his girlfriend, a cute and very smart, yet perky, school teacher. They didn’t know anyone, so they hung out with us and came to 440 after the main event. s we were discussing our plans for the next event, a loud, clanking noise erupted from the toilet upstairs. Apparently, Dougie had been assigned homework. smiled to myself and thought, “Dougie can do whatever he wants in my house.” other obviously agreed. This became one of the few times that she didn’t put a halt to hanky panky at one of our gatherings.





Dougie (Mother’s Boy)




Tony (Mmm . . . Tony)

“I’ve got some issues in my life, on my mind. I’ve got some questions. Is it wrong, is it right? I need some answers. Can you show me the light? I’ve got some issues!”

– Vernessa Mitchell “Issues”



Mistress Janise!


She Will Your Man Out!

1-800-WHEREDIDHEGO David & Zack (Makes Me Wanna Holler)


Dummy text for quote or info TK . . . — Name



David R



Housekeeping Justin, Jimmy Jo, AP and John John

Justin Fox meant a lot to me while I was in Columbus. When we were roommates and after I moved out, he was always there to make sure I was okay. Despite all I had been through, he was one of many that will always be there for me. — Joe (Asian Princess)


AP & Janise practice their crazy faces

met AP one dark and stormy night on AOL, via a mutual friend of ours. Out of the blue, I get an IM from AP, who was talking to me as if we had known each other for years. I finally met AP in person, the night of Red Party 2000. I don't think I was quite prepared for the tiny ball of energy that is AP. Joe is one of the most outgoing and charismatic people I have ever met. He might be small in size, but AP is larger than life. AP and I could always find humor and make each other laugh, no matter how bad life was treating us. — Kane

Housekeeping Asian Princess’ Most Memorable Moments In Columbus

1. At Wall Street on a Wednesday, I was flagging on the platform, when all the lights went down and one spotlight was on me only. It was live on their website that night.

AP with Danielle

AP with Shawn

AP with Jeramy & Mikey AP’s “STRANGER IN THE HOUSE” POP QUIZ Tell me who, besides Imelda Marcos, pictured on this page did NOT ever live at the house that became called “The Compound”?

2. Jeffrey and Christopher went totally all out for my birthday. They decorated Millennium in an Asian theme and had those damn fortune cookies that had “prizes” (sexual favors) people would win with me. It was one of the best birthday’s I ever had. It was selfless, loving and thoughtful. Thank you both for doing that, I don’t believe I had a chance to tell you properly how much you changed me that day. 3. Mikey was doing a hot spot at Millennium and I got to flag for his show with the boyz. I loved that moment. 4. The turkey dinner that the “Main House” made me. It was scary going over there first, you know why, but it was another moment that made me cry to see the caring hearts of all those individuals. Thanks to Dominique, Jerami and the others.





Aaron & Patrick

A promotional photo from Patrick’s alternative career!

Kat & Patrick

Above & Below: Patrick and his boyfriend Kelly.


Scotty, Andy and Yusef


Yusef & Chad

Yusef & Patty (right)

Dan W

Rick C, a friend, Dan & Brian P on New Year’s Eve 2002.



The gang at an after hours party at Rick C & Jay J’s place on Hubbard Avenue.

Todd K rescues Ben from an awful fate



Name N & Ben

Name N, Ben, Name N & Name

Dustin & Jason

To our friends

I first met most of you when I took over the lease on that great place on Champion Avenue when Eric (Miss Kane) moved! I lived there with Nathan (an ex$ boyfriend) Nick (Nathan’s boyfriend) and Jimmy (another ex)! What a riot those two years were! Through Miss Kane I met Janise! We hit it off right away and eventually I started giving her a hand with this and that! That’s how I got to know every$ one! I was working at Axis as the light guy and moonlighting after that! I really didn’t get a chance to hit the parties! Except those we had on Champion! And they were awesome! I remember T o d a y: Jason and Dustin in their favorite photo Nathan playing the Wonder Woman theme at *:,, a!m! I can only imagine what the neighbors thought! For me those will always be the good ol’ days! Sketch was something creative people did on paper! Everyone just kind of rolled around from room to room mingling and feeling like everything was just as it should be! Trail mix was the order of the day! We all felt great and really enjoyed getting together! All of that came to an abrupt halt and everyone kind of scattered! We all have theories as to the cause of that sudden fracture within the community! The real point is that we lost our sense of togetherness and cocooned ourselves at home wherever that may be! I often wonder if that magic we all shared will ever be recaptured! And if it should be! Now I spend most of my time with the love of my life and my best friend Jason! For those of you who may not know Jason is an accomplished church organ$ ist and classically trained pianist! In addition for playing for two churches he works in community service and development! He ignited my passion to serve and I am working for the Corporation for National and Community Service as a program developer! I finally left Axis after three years! Jason and I haven’t been very visible in the scene for Good Ol’ Days: the past few years! Since we started dating at Summer Jimmy, Sean, Danielle and Dustin Sizzle in the summer of 2,,2 we’ve been so stuck on each other that we just don’t go out a lot! He was an outsider a beer$drinking college boy who really disapproved of my lifestyle! Then we rolled together! I’ve tried to explain the great times we all had to him! He came into our lives just as everyone began to dis$ appear or drift home to their families! For that reason – and the fact that I trained him to run lights which he did at Wall Street for almost a year – he didn’t get to know most of you very well! Jason has however come to know a few of you – those he and I do consider friends! And though we may not see you often we do care about you and enjoy the time we do spend together! Many of you were part of some of the most memorable moments of our lives and we wish you all the best!

Dustin & Jason

Wade SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: My vagina may cause cancer.

T h e Wacky Misadventures of Wade

Mikey & Makenzie present


Mikey & Makenzie present


Mikey & Aaron cruising for hot boys.

Mother Madness

Mikey & Makenzie present


Clockwise from far left: Scott N, Ricky A, Mardi Gras, Jeramy H, Janice G & Todd K.

Just Say No

Perfectly legal kitchen staple

Mikey & Makenzie present



Janice G tries towork her magic in reverse on Rick C

Unholy liplock, Batman!

Guide your rocket!

At Left, Tom R. At Right, Janice G.

Mikey & Makenzie present


ot The Fabled Bald Sp

Jamie assumes the position in his sleep

Chuckie gets comfy with Tommy M

Mikey & Makenzie present


Sam surprised by his trick

Travis L tries the kitchen sink approach to fashion at a party at Jeff Cooper’s

Adam dons a new do





Dollars & Ding-Dongs

STEVE (performs as Seth)


Welcome To Erica’s World . . . A world of neverending home repair, style experimentation, and self-proclaimed Mr. Fix-Its.

Corey makes his entrance at an awkward moment

Inside: Erica’s World meets the cast of Trading Spaces


– One of Erica’s Favorite Quotations

A Moment Alone with

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”

STARRING ... Jerami

A Fantasy From Erica

The flirtatious crew of Trading Spaces just loved visiting the simple folk of Erica’s World.

ERICA That Bad Boy Of Mischief, Brent!

Co-Stars Include Jeremiah, Jay, Corey, CJ, Ryan, Brian, PJ, Scott, Dustin & More!

The Last Page: Erica’s World Rolls Thru Cedar Point!

ERICA’S WORLD An interesting photo in a unique frame makes a wonderful conversation piece.



Clockwise from above: Jeremiah and Erica, Ryan C chats on his cell, Jerami B grabs onto PJ, Jay and PJ get a little close, and Jerami and Corey in shades.





Chad Park

Party Boy Chad From 0 To 60 in . . .

Almost always smiling and always easy on the eyes, Chad was a delight to have around. We want to send him our love and warm wishes for the best!

Chad Park

Chad has a rare talent for finding comfort on almost any couch!

Dana B

Dana with Tate

“Dana moved to New York around 2002-2003, where he is fitting in quite nicely. Dana has settled down but occasionally still enjoys his ‘Scotch on the Rocks.’” — David Green

Terry and Dana

Dana B

Dana realizes that everyone is probably staring at his cock Mikey M makes Dana say “Cheese!”

uring a rough period in my relationship with Jeffrey, I went to an afterparty at Michael Jones. I somehow lost my composure, became a little unglued and was just not myself. A few people began making catty comments about my unusual behaviour, but Dana came to my rescue. He stood up and proclaimed, “You’re all whores and not one of you has a right to judge Mother! So f#%k right off!” I’m told that shut everyone up.


Dana, Mother & Janice P


Vanity Fairy starring Dysco Deeva

Excess Games Costumes Drama

Vanity Fairy

You’ invit re ed!

Vanity Fairy

Where’s Dysco?

Dysco’s Secret To Staying Young “If you are what you eat, then we have, at our very fingertips, the potential to remain 18 for the rest of our lives! THAT’S the secret of eternal youth! Oh, yeah, and a very strict diet that my friend Beth shared with secret! (One ice cube and a snow pea a day, but I’m not one to gossip, so you didn’t hear it from me! LOL)

Vanity Fairy

Where’s Dysco?

Once I was at a friend’s and she decided that i should try on a couple of her “baby tees”. She proceeded to toss me one that, in a lovely coursive script, said, simply, “SPONGE”. Now how would that have been interpreted had i shown up at a gay bar in a too-tight t-shirt that said “SPONGE”? I politely declined, so she tossed me another with a pink heart and, in yellow letters, the word “HOLE”! Had I not been me, i might’ve been offended... but then i got a GREAT idea! “I know”, i said, “I’ll wear one over top of the other and act like a complete moron, and mybe they’ll give me my own show on the Cartoon Network... ‘Sponge-Hole Kracked Slacks’! I’ll be a STAR!

Vanity Fairy

Where’s Dysco?

Vanity Fairy

Poor Barbie by Dustin Hartsock f Barbie were real and could see hear and feel and were life-sized like you and like me, the nature of fame that she'd claim to her name would be that of the freak that she'd be. The height that Mattel thought for her would be swell was, no doubt, made with best of intentions; could it be no one saw that she'd be ten feet tall if her size charts were human dimensions? The oxygen there by her platinum hair'd be so thin that she'd not breathe with ease, and her most constant fear would be birds flying near stirring up allergies to make her sneeze. This makes her head bobble and hence makes her wobble which makes her head bobble some more. With her head that's so big on a neck like a twig that could snap, falling doll, bloody floor. And then there are woes like her aching tiptoes plus foot pains that are only increased, since each piece of footwear that she sports here and there flaunts an eight inch stilletto, at least. Be it feathered lounge slippers or swimming pool flippers or even her basketball sneaks, her spike heels place her face up so near outer space that she can't hear when anyone speaks. So in clouded confusion, she draws the conclusion that no one is interested in


7. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

her; and in turn thinks that that must be cause she's too fat and for friends, she need only get thinner. Barbie just cannot be thinner, just cannot be, when her navel's an inch from her back and the weight of the boulders that hang from her shoulders are bound to maker her spine crack. Besides these revelations ,there's pent up frustrations involving her Mattel-betrothed “he.� How cruel their inventions of opposite dimensions involving their anatomy. Poor Barbie.

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Mother’s After Hours Search-A-Word #1

Reprinted from original 2001 release. Conceived and created by Mother. Enjoyed by all.

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Deeva Dress Up Doll If only we could go to Toys ‘R’ Us and purchase the Dysco Deeva Dress Up Doll. Here are some models with catch phrases: Dysco Marilyn (“Do you like it hot?”), Dysco Chink (“Me love you long time”) and Dysco Cher (“Take me home! Take me home! “).

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Below: Dysco retouched this photo to portray his many colorful personas at the peak of a climatic thrill ride.

Below: Dysco, upper left corner, with Jeffrey and Jessica on the Millennium Force at Cedar Point.

DYSCO & MOTHER’S SIX WAYS TO MAINTAIN A HEALTHY LEVEL OF INSANITY • While sitting in your parked car wearing sunglasses, point a hair dryer at passing cars. See if they slow down. • In the memo field of all your personal checks, write “for sexual favors.” • Finish all your sentences with “in accordance with the prophesy.” • Put mosquito netting around your cubicle or workspace. Play a tape of jungle sounds all day. their party because you’re • Five days in advance, tell not in the mood. your friends you can’t attend • Tell your children over

dinner, “Due to the economy, we’re going to have to let one of you go.”

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Mother’s After Hours Search-A-Word #2

Reprinted from original 2001 release. Conceived and created by Mother. Enjoyed by all.

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These photo funnies were created by Dustin Hartsock.

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BECOMING FAMOUS TIP #1: When someone asks, “What are you up to?”, the only appropriate answer is “Allowing my public to view me.”

BECOMING FAMOUS TIP #2: When dressing to impress, always aim to look your best. If you faint upon seeing your own reflection, you look FIERCE!

BECOMING FAMOUS TIP #3: If you must name drop, use only first names. Your flock will either be awestruck or quietly confused by the vagueness.

BECOMING FAMOUS TIP #4: BECOMING FAMOUS TIP #5: Finally, if you want to be famous, you must believe that you are.

Refrain at all times from wearing those paper Burger King crowns in public!

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Pop Paparazzi Quiz Always remember that it is not important whether or not your fabulous story really happened. What matters is whether or not there are any witnesses to discredit your embellished tale. With that in mind, guess whether or not these shocking events really happened.*

An Outlines reporter finally captures proof that the devil really did make Jody do it. And do it. And do it . . .

At an afterparty, Wendell mistakes Liz’s drunken swagger and boyish good looks for that of a swirly circuit boy.

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Pop Paparazzi Quiz

Jeffrey happily discovers that Ryan Phillippe’s body sweat mixed with his own Mennen Speedstick kinda tastes like chicken. * None of these events actually happened.

Brent physically enjoys a copy of Skank with a well-known blonde on the cover.

“I’m SPENT!”