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The Baling Twine Official Newsletter of the Howlong Equestrian Park and it’s associated clubs

Issy & Kaitlyn McGowan keeping it in the family at Moyhu SJ Day

Issue 3 December 2011

2011 Pony Club Committee & Contact Details Club District Commissioner & Club President:

Jodi Homer

H: 02 6026 8231 M: 0419 288 798 E:

Club Vice President:

Sue Green

H: 02 6026 8159

Assistant DC:

Taiya Fry

M: 0447 197 904

Club Secretary:

Katrina Horne H: 02 6032 7049 M: 0412 221 700 E:

Club Treasurer:

Wendy Tuff

H: 02 6026 5133 M: 0427 265 193 E:

2011 Committee Members:

Tammy Baker, Taiya Fry, Sue Green, Donna Donlen


Taiya Fry


Lowe Square, Howlong

Mailing Address:

162 Sturt Street, HOWLONG NSW 2643

Pony Club Club Rallies Rallies are generally held at the club grounds once a month, on a Sunday. Occasionally there will be a second rally in the month if there is demand and it fits in the with the Zone competition calendar. Summer rallies commence at 8:30 for gear check and riding commences at 9:00 am. These rallies finish before lunch at around 12 Noon. Winter rallies commence at 9:30 for gear check and riding commences at 10:00 am. These rallies generally have a lunch break around 11:45 and finish around 2pm. Rally dates vary a lot so won’t be published in this newsletter. Dates will be decided at the committee meeting for the next couple of months, and advised via the minutes which will be distributed to all members via email. Dates will also be published on the club Facebook page. It is the member’s responsibility to keep up to date with the information that will be provided via these two methods. A huge variety of instruction is provided at our rallies, often with paid instructors of a high standard and our club also has several very knowledgeable parents who help provide a high level of instruction at our club.

Pony Club Fees Annual fees are due @ 1 July, for those wishing to join mid-year pro-rata fees are as follows: Fees for the period February 1 to June 30 2011 are $55 plus a club fee of $25 (this club fee reduces to $10 for subsequent members of the same family). Fees prior to 1 February are $125 for the first family member and $100 for subsequent members of the same family (comprising of $80 insurance each rider and the remainder is the club fee). Adult helpers are not required to pay a fee. Prospective new members are given the option to have a “come and try day” - Note this does not apply to riders who have been a member of pony club in the past. The insurance component is payable prior to riding at a rally and may be refunded at the end of the day if rider chooses not to go ahead as a member. They also need to complete all necessary forms. Page 2

The Baling Twine

Committee Meetings 7:30 pm 2nd Wednesday of every month - Howlong Community Resource Centre. We often meet for a feed at the Howlong Hotel prior to the meeting for a social “catch up”.

Howlong Pony Club Bank Account Details for EFT Payments BSB:

640 000


581120S16 (substitute “S” with a “5” if you don’t bank with the Hume Building Society)


Use your surname and a word describing what the payment is for - VERY IMPORTANT

If you pay online for any monies owed, you MUST ALSO email and include a copy of your receipt, and in the email details of what the payment is for.

Calendar 2012 - NEZ Events Date




7/8 January

Alan Mitchell Clinic (Moyhu)

29 January

Benalla SJ Day (warm up for state)

12 February

Myrtleford CT Day

25/26 February


4 March

Kergunyah Horse Trials

11 March

Benalla Horse Trials

18 March

Moyhu Horse Trials

1 April

Shepparton Horse Trials

15 April

Mansfield Horse Trials

29 April

Barry Hillier Horse Trials (AWEC)

19/20 May

Moyhu Autumn School

10 June

Benalla CT Day

4/5 August

Yarrawonga SJ & Dressage Qualifier

11/12 August

Benalla SJ & Dressage Qualifier

26 August

Wodonga SJ Qualifier

9 September

Moyhu SJ & Dressage Qualifier

23 September

Mansfield CT Day

14 October

Seymour SJ & Dressage Qualifier

28 October

Wodonga Gymkhana

11 November

Kergunyah SJ & Dressage Qualifier

18 November

Moyhu Supercross

24 November

Mansfield Gymkhana

25 November

Mansfield SJ Qualifier

2/3 December

Zone SJ & Dressage Qualifiers FINAL

Please note that all dates in the above calendar are subject to change. Please keep an eye on the NEZ website and the Howlong Pony Club Facebook page for further updates. All club members on our mailing list will be forwarded programs via email as they become available. A more detailed and up to date calendar for the NEZ is available on their website: IMPORTANT: Entries for pony club competitions are to be submitted individually. It is the riders/parents responsibility to ensure their entries are in on time. All entry forms for zone events are emailed to the pony club members and are available on the NEZ website.

Non Pony Club Competitions Useful links are: GLOBAL ENTRIES ONLINE - NOMINATE -


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2011 HARC Committee & Contact Details

2011 Adult Riding Club Committee & Contact Details Club President:

Jodi Homer

H: 02 6026 8231 M: 0419 288 798 E:

Club Vice President:

Katrina Horne

H: 0412 221 700

Club Secretary:

Mandy Reidy

M: 0409 129 697 E:

Assistant Secretary:

Kylie Bowden

Club Treasurer:

Suzanne Fisher

2011 Committee Members:

Peggy Cockayne, Katrina Johnson, Mandy Gilpin, Claire Clayton

Mailing Address:

162 Sturt Street, HOWLONG NSW 2643

Club Rallies Rallies will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month and the 4th Saturday of every month. Exceptions may be around Christmas time and January School holidays. Rallies or cancellation rallies will be publicised through our Facebook page and via email to club members. It is the member’s responsibility to keep up to date with the information that will be provided via these two methods. Rally’s will mostly be unstructured, with instruction provided on a user demand basis. If a member would like to organise a more structured rally, they are more than welcome and should bring it up at the monthly meeting.

Fees & Membership @ January 1, 2012 Annual fees are due @ 1 November annually. ♦ ♦ ♦

Insurance component (paid by club to HRCAV) $90 per rider for the period 1 November 1 to 31 October 2012. Club fee is $40 annually. Total payable by new members is $130.00.

Those who are members of another HRCAV affiliated club may join HARC as an associate member, this means they can take part in our activities. To become an associate member you pay only the $40 club fee and must have already paid the insurance component through another club. Membership is open to all riders over the age of 16. Riders as young as 14 may be accepted at the discretion of the committee providing the rider and the parent are both members, and the parent is present at all times.

Meetings Meetings will be held during our Wednesday rally days. If you cannot get to a Wednesday meeting and you have something you would like to raise, you can either put your request/concerns in writing to be submitted as correspondence, OR request that the following meeting be held at another time that is more suitable. The reason it was decided to hold meetings on the Wednesday was it suited most of the committee and reduces the need to have another “evening” meeting in our already too busy lives.

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The Baling Twine

2011 HARC Committee & Contact Details

Howlong Adult Riding Club - Inaugural Rally A fabulous day was had by all who attended. There were 10 members present, with one unmounted due to injury. We simply saddled up and had a ride. Peggy kept to the sand arena for most of the time and she said it was good for Fox to get out at the grounds with no pressure so she could try to relax him. The rest of us rode around the SJ area over poles and small obstacles. All riders gained confidence as the time wore on, and perhaps at least one rider got a little too ambitious. Trudy McGee riding Lucy Crawford’s Lewis lost her balance when Lewis popped in a bigger than expected jump, clinging to his neck for a bit before hitting the deck and claiming the award for the Club’s first Stack. Luckily she was OK.. Just a tad winded and no doubt a bruised butt!

Some shots taken at the inaugural rally and below all the members in attendance on that first day.

Issue 3

The Baling Twine

President’s Report - Jodi Homer Welcome to our club newsletter. I like to think our newsletter is unique. Whilst it is not the place our members refer to for the latest information regarding upcoming rallies and events, but it is a tool, used by our club to showcase how fabulous it has become to the local Howlong Community and the region surrounding Howlong, which is where many of our members come from. We now boast members from Rutherglen, Jindera, Thurgoona and Wodonga as well as quite a few locals from Howlong. The club has gone from strength to strength not only in numbers, we are now one of the biggest clubs in the area, but in our presence in the North East Zone. I have taken on the role of Dressage Co-ordinator for the 2012 State Showjumping & Dressage Championships, to be held at the Albury Wodonga Equestrian Centre in Thurgoona in February. The Howlong club is very supportive of this championship and our riders will be there in uniform representing Howlong as volunteer helpers on the day. These championships are a major event in the Pony Club calendar and hopefully our club will be represented by Lucy Crawford and her horse Lewis in the C Grade team. To date she is the leading qualifier in the strongly contested Showjumping series, having won two overall Championships during this years series. Also on a competition level, I have to comment on the number of our riders out competing at pony club competitions throughout our zone and neighbouring zones. They are always beautifully turned out and our uniform is one that stands out in a crowd. We have also managed to conduct several successful showjumping and dressage clinics, which is a wonderful opportunity for those wishing to focus on these aspects of their riding, to gain expert instruction. We have also been lucky to make use of Ashby’s indoor arena for some of these clinics. It is also marvellous for riders to experience riding indoors. Looking ahead to 2012, it can only continue to get bigger and better.

From your DC’s Desk! RALLYS In 2012 we will aim for riders to be working towards gaining their Proficiency Certificates and work will start on this in the near future.

Thanks goes to Peggy Cockayne, Trudy McGee, Mandy Gilpin, Tracey McGowan & Taiya Fry for instructing at our rallies, and especially to Mandy who has been doing a fabulous job with troupe drill at the beginning of our rallies, a wonderful thing for all the riders to take part in together. Of course we have had many guest instructors, too many to mention. Also a timely reminder for riders, when you are at pony club, you should conduct yourself in an orderly manner, riders should be lined up when not actually working your horse or pony, and at no times should you go riding around unless under instruction. GEAR CHECK For those wanting to have a shot at the end of year awards for the Gear Check awards, remember the more rallies you get to the better, and we are looking for the following when awarding points: Clean boots Clean bits Tidy Hair Clean gear & Clean Horse If you go to extra effort you will be rewarded. Remember at gear check you should also line up in an orderly fashion and wait for instructions. Page 6

The Baling Twine

HARC President’s Report - Jodi Homer The Howlong Adult Riding club is finally off the ground. It has been a vision of mine for some time and it was a matter of simply doing it - fitting it in with my crazy lifestyle that is already way too busy. Now that the club has been officially affiliated with HRCAV the pressure is off a bit and also as we have ourselves a great committee made up of ladies from around the region. This club has all the ingredients to grow into a great club and our aim is to keep it relaxed and fun. The more formal instructional clinic’s will still happen, but will more than likely be run in conjunction with the Pony Club to ensure they are well supported and fully booked. The inaugural rally was refreshing to say the least, from my own point of view having taken on so many roles within our club it was simply lovely to hop on a pony and ride in such a relaxed manner, with a bunch of other ladies who have a great sense of humour and fun. I can see that the club will be very social and I think this is what we all need in our lives that can become so wound up with competition and the business of keeping up with family commitments. I look forward to the year ahead - it will be interesting to see how we evolve over the next 12 months.

Fundraising The Clubs both need to do a lot of fundraising in the coming 12 months, as it has been decided we need our own clubrooms. Unfortunately we cannot use the pool facility all year round and as our club is growing we are needing a “home”. Anyone who has ideas for fundraising or who has time to apply for grants should contact a committee member of one of both of the clubs. It would be envisaged that maybe in 2012 we can run our first competition, which will also raise funds for our club.

Dress up fun at HPC Christmas Breakup

Photographed above are the entrants in our 2011 Xmas themed Fancy Dress competition, won by Eryn Norie riding Cherry. Many thanks to Horseland Albury who sponsored this competition. Photographed at right is winner of the Horseland Saddlecloth, Eryn Norie, and placegetters Kaitlyn & Isabel McGowan. Issue 3

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WELCOME Page! Here’s some pics of our new members, our club is now well over 20 riding members...

Issie McGowan

Kaitlyn McGowan

Monique Bakulic

Sophie Keen

Page 8

The Baling Twine

Competitors Corner Since the last newsletter, riders have represented Howlong at many events, from Showjumping events within the North East Zone, to Horse trials in our own zone and neighbouring zones. Many of our riders also compete in open competition, using the knowledge & experience they have gained from their involvement in pony club.

Issue 3

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ZONE SJ QUALLIES by LUCY CRAWFORD It all started in August 2010, Yarrawonga SJ Champs. It was a horrible day and not a great start to my first SJ qualifying season in the North-East Zone as I had walked the course wrong and had been eliminated! There was also Wodonga Showjumping which was our first indoor competition and I ended up getting eliminated in every event from Lewis stopping! At Benalla I ended up getting a second place in the One Round Stakes, I was so happy with Lewis! It was one of my first ribbons since we changed to the difficult competition in Victoria. The last event of the year was Shepparton State Qualifiers. I was proud to find out that I had come second in the championships, although it unfortunately wasn’t enough to make the state team. So in 2011 it started again with Yarrawonga, where I had the ride of my life! Lewis worked his heart out for me and I came out of the three round championship in FIRST place, ahead of 25 other riders! And I also bought home a second place in the Power and Speed. From that moment I was absolutely dedicated to the SJ and decided I AM going to make it to state this year!!! Next was Benalla, came out with a 1st place in the Power and Speed! I had a horrible championship round as I had three rails down in the jump-off. Last event of the day was the one-round stakes. It was pretty close to watch and I had the most amazing round on Lewis! Turns out that I came first by over 4 seconds, and I won the Reserve Champion sash. Wangaratta was next, by now I was a lot more confident and even more determined than ever. I had a great one-round stakes and I came first! Two-round Championships is the toughest event and I had the first round clear and was last to go in the jump-off knowing that everyone had had a rail so if I could go slow and keep them standing I would win. Except I had a rail and ended up being too slow, I ended up second place. Save the best event for last, Top Score – where you make your own course up and the more difficult jumps are worth more points and the top score wins! I had a concerning round knocking down a jump worth 80 points, I still won! Today was the best day of my life, apart from the best rides ever, it was the first time I had ever won a champion sash and trophy rug!! Lewis just keeps getting better. Moyhu Show jumping and Dressage and I had Vinnie in the dressage as well as Lewis’ jumping. I came first in an average one-round stakes. Equitation is a bit different because you are judged by how you go around the jumps, position and they ask you to do a small task. I was first to go and I had the cleanest ride I ever had, except I misunderstood the task which spoiled my chances. I ended up 7th. The Championship round was huge and difficult, so many people didn’t go clear. I was one of two people to go clear and was very fast, coming first!! I was the C Grade Champion AGAIN :) At the moment I am on the top of the list for the NEZ State team! There is only one qualifier to go, at Shepparton and that could change everything, also because my horse is fat as and might not make it over the jumps, I’m still really excited and I think I’ll need all the luck I can get but I am already overly happy with my little legend called Lewis ! I wish everyone good luck in the future and I hope this explains that there is hope, and I didn’t have an easy time on Lewis, there is moments where I wanted to give up. But in the end, it is worth it! Page 10

Lewis giving it his all in the Top Score at Wang

The Baling Twine

ZONE SJ QUALLIES by LUCY CRAWFORD (cont.) Following is the top 10 in the standings following the final qualifier at Shepparton. There was a total of almost 40 riders competing throughout the season. The total is made of each riders best three performances.

C Grade Lucy Crawford


Kate Rowe

Kr Duco Pop

Alexandra Robinson


Rebecca Robinson Simon Sarah Osborne




Wodon- Wangara ga Ʃa Moyhu




Mans- Shepparfield ton








































Rebecca Robinson Baxter



Lachlan Staats



Maise Adams






Maddison Connell

Ellison Stretch





Lachlan Waddell

Ranger Peddy








41.5 78.5


25.5 77.5




16.5 55.5

4 res

With the spoils of Victory at Wang SJ Champs

Issue 3

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Howlong Pony Club - Member Profile - Monique Bakulic I have been riding since I was 6. I started riding a little white pony who was owned by my Pop’s next door neighbour. I started taking ‘Buster’ to Wirlinga Pony Club, and once I showed enough interest mum decided to buy me my own pony, and I got Jess. Jess was previously a horse who went to St Pauls College as a college horse but had not done any pony club! Ever since then I’ve had jess and we’ve done every discipline of riding you can think of. I’ve competed at pony club, Zone and State level twice on Jess. Jess & I doing XC at Kergunyah HT 2006.

Mon & Jess in

the early days The time came when unfortunately I outgrew jess and we had to find a new horse. I leased a few horses who were found to be unsuitable. I was borrowing a horse for the Zone 20 Tumba Camp in 2010 when after hours of searching every possible website & magazine countrywide, Mum came across Buzz who happened to be at Tumbarumba.

Buzz had never been to pony club with his previous owners, he was only used to round up cows and trail riding. I didn’t want him, but mum insisted he had potential. And sure enough, mum was right, yet again..! And now Buzz is at where he is at now, but were both improving each time!


Since Joining Howlong in May this year, Monique and Buzz have improved immensely, both attacking challenging courses with a fabulous attitude, not yet having the success they crave, but doing the hard yards that will see them progress in the future - Well Done Monique and Buzz -

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The Baling Twine

Things you need to know: Riding Around Town


When riding in town, remember a cou- When you compete at a Pony Club ple of things: competition for the first time, there are many things you need to be aware COURTESY of. Here are some hints: Don’t ride on resident’s nature strips, ARRIVING this is not only inconsiderate but can also give our club a bad name. We Get there early! There are lots of want to be respected in this town, so things to do before you ride, so if you please respect this rule. are riding at 8:00 am for example, it would be wise to be there before SPEEDING 7:00am - even earlier if your horse is If you want to go for a gallop, do it in a not completely ready. place where the ground is soft. Not on CHECKING IN: a roadway or hard surface. Galloping flat out is not good for any horse, but You need to attend (or have someone especially not on a hard road. If you do it for you) the secretaries office. do want to go a bit faster, find an out Your card should be completely up to of the way place, somewhere there is date, Victorian Pony Club events are some softer ground, and keep it at 3/4 very strict on cards. Ensure your card pace out of consideration for your is graded and all rallies have been horse, especially it’s legs. updated. TIMING


It is a bad idea to be out on a horse after dark, for obvious reasons. Take care to not leave for your ride without allowing time to get home before dark.

You need to wear a medical armband at all PCAV competitions. Howlong PC has a couple of styles in stock, contact our treasure for further information.

TRAFFIC It is wise to get off the road as far as possible to allow traffic to pass. However, if you are approached by an obviously speeding vehicle, you can try standing in the middle of the road and asking it to slow down before getting off. Common sense should prevail, but remember vehicles coming at speed are dangerous for us horse riders.

COURSE WALKING Especially if it is a One Day Event that you are attending, you need to allow plenty of time to walk your course - you need to look at your times for the day and work out when you can fit in a course walk, which can take up to an hour or so! SJ course walks only take 10 minutes.

Take care to not leave for your ride without allowing time to get home before dark

ADULT RIDING CLUB RALLIES: These are much more casual than a Pony Club Rally. At our first one, we all simply rode together, had a lovely time with lots of chatting. There was plenty of help and advice. We have several members who have enough knowledge to teach groups, and also we will occasionally be getting in specialist coaches. There are also the clinics coming up, which will of course be open to both Pony Club & ARC members. Adult Riding Club is quite different to Pony Club in that you don’t have to attend 50% of rallies to be eligible to compete. You don’t have a gear check, you are expected to present with safe gear of course. Our mid-week rallies are designed to be “kid-free” time for our busy adult riders. Looking forward to an enjoyable year coming up.

FOR SALE/WANTED FOR SALE - 16inch Stubben Rex saddle, suit smaller child - beautiful leather saddle in good enough condition for showing Navy velvet riding helmet - size 57 only used a couple of times and now outgrown. RRP $199 - tag is still on the bag. Will sell for $150 ONO contact Jodi on 0419 288 798 or

Issue 3

OUTBACK SPIRIT LEATHER SWINGING FENDER SADDLE...16 1/2 " NEW..COMFY $320 ONO also a black kincade AP SADDLE 6 MTHS OLD 17" $150.. Contact Mia on 0403 678 881 Martin Kinlet Dressage saddle, excellent condition, older saddle, suitable for show, 16.5 inch - contact Jodi 0419 288 798

16.5 all purpose saddle $100 ONO Small hole in flap but very useable, excess to our needs. Argentian brand, well made similar to Stubben - Contact Mandy on 0409 129 697

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Lowe Square - Grounds update A very successful working bee was conducted in September, with lots of families turning out to clear away the rubbish from under trees and build our fence around the SJ and Dressage areas. Landscapability provided a truck and skid steer machine to help with the task, and a huge amount was achieved. Following this effort, a couple of weeks later, the boys (5 of them) from Landscapability spent the entire day on site. Completed was our temporary yards, made out of materials donated by Landscapability. They also finished off the arena fencing. Pete Homer spent many hours on the machine, shaping our bank, and materials have been sourced to complete this project in the Summer holidays. Our first XC fence was also built! We will try to get another working bee organised in the New Year.

WHAT’S HAPPENING AT OUR GROUNDS? There is a lot happening at Lowe Square - many will have noticed a change in the fencing on the southern side. This is to allow for the new cricket oval being constructed behind the grounds. We have effectively lost a lot of what was our parking space. We are being allocated the current “Dog Leash Free” area in the South Western corner of the grounds as a compromise. This is a fairly large space and will be a very good parking area once fenced off. We will also be given a new access gate (main entrance) off Hume Street, just south of our SJ arena. This will change the look of our grounds even further, and will be a much more user friendly entrance. The grounds will now be known as the HOWLONG EQUESTRIAN PARK home of the Howlong Pony Club & Howlong Adult Riding Club. A new sign will be erected reflecting this, and major supporter Landscapability will take up the advertising space on the sign.

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The Baling Twine

HARC - Member Profile - Mandy Reidy A short introduction to myself and my background. I am Corowa born and bred. My family has been involved in horses for over 5 generations that I can lay claim to, before that was horse buggy times so here's hoping we did not walk! My family ran Mitchells river trail rides in Corowa many years ago and stood stallions at stud including Stud book stallions and breed stallions. My grandfather Murray Mitchell taught many local children to ride and some of them went on to international success. I was a member of Corowa Pony Club and represented our club at club, zone and state level. We were all rounders, we evented, showed, competed in dressage, Showjumping, novelties and even tried picnic racing! Mr brother went onto big boys stuff and rode bulls. In my 'grown up' years (again I use that term very loosely), I have been a member of a couple of ARC's and competed at Horse Trials, Showing and Barastoc to success including TTT events. I am also a member of Hume Hunt Club and have represented them competitively at local and Melbourne Royal Show, where we won Reserve Champion Field Hunter horse on the flat. Myself and my daughter Emma put in a lot of work breaking and training our horses and love to compete! Personally, I have not done much over the last couple of years as my daughter has taken priority, but it is time for me to have an interest and to also steal some of my horses back!

I look forward to being associated with Howlong Adult Riding Club and hope that everyone can enjoy themselves and learn something, even something small along the way, as you NEVER EVER stop learning from horses.

Issue 3

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Howlong Pony Club - Christmas Rally Howlong Pony Club members were treated to an extraordinarily fabulous day at the home of our Secretary, Katrina Horne. Her parents Tony & Jenny who own a most delightful property by the Murray River allowed us to use their facilities and grounds for a Mini ODE. Katrina did an immense amount of work to get the grounds up to scratch, which was greatly appreciated by all those in attendance. Dressage judging was carried out by Caitlyn Hiskins, with her mum, Jo, Pencilling. All the riders appreciated the constructive comments from Caitlyn. A small SJ course was built using borrowed equipment, and all riders were allowed one round, as they would be in a real competition. The XC course was “walked” on horseback, as time was limited, and riders went one a time over a simple course, but one that entailed some ups and downs and gave some riders their first ever experience at riding “across country”. Enjoy the photos of our fabulous break up rally.

Page 16

The Baling Twine

End of Year Awards It is only the 2nd year of awards within the new Howlong Pony Club and it was nice this year to see a few new faces in the line ups. 2012 may see some changes in how the Gear Check award is worked out - we may even give out this trophy for something completely different in 2012. Please any suggestions bring them along to our first meeting in the new year.

Senior “Club Person”

Junior “Club Person”

Gear Check Aggregate

“Most Improved”

“Performance Award”

Issue 3

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JANUARY 2012 - clinic A Dressage & Showjumping Clinic will be run in January - Dates to be confirmed, but it will be somewhere between January 19 and 24 over 2 days. It is hoped that we will be able to book both Elizabeth Grenda and Andrea Williams. Liz is shown below in her World Cup days riding OT Flying High

We’re on Facebook!

Check out “Howlong Pony Club” and “Howlong Adult Riding Club Inc.” on Facebook. Great place to keep in touch and up to date! Other places of interest: www.northeastzone.ponyclubvic

Thanks... ♦

To Snap printing, for again printing our newsletter;

The people of Howlong for showing great interest in our club and supporting our sausage sizzles;

Those who have put their hand up for a job

Howlong IGA for giving us the opportunity to raise funds through their sausage sizzles!

Landscapability for providing machinery, labour and a truck free of charge on numerous occasions

HORSELAND Albury for supporting our Xmas themed Fancy dress.

Issue 3

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The Baling Twine  

The official newsletter of the Howlong Equestrian Park and its associated clubs.

The Baling Twine  

The official newsletter of the Howlong Equestrian Park and its associated clubs.