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(I. Cellular Consciousness) For Before commencing, question whether noise was born out of pitch, or whether this beginningless beginning was colourless... EQUIPMENT: Anything and everything a DJ could use in a set - Laptop, Vinyl turntables, CDR, Mixer, Keyboard (not 12-note though, anything but - ideally a Bohlen-Pierce intonation) and anything else one may use in a set. Note: A DJ does not necessarily need to represent only one performer. Think of it more as a set. SPATIAL ARRANGEMENT: All artists should appear in one room, preferably a large resonant one. The three sets should be spread out equilaterally. The groups of speakers should also be spaced in relation to the sets, with ideally between one and three speaker groups placed on the ceiling/above the audience (like a pyramid, [if using three, think of Yutacan or Giza]). For the different layers to proliferate in space, sound projectionists may be used, or alternatively, the performers can create a patch on their laptops which would allow different trajectories to take place at points of synchronicity (harmonic/rhythmic). Both may be used together for greater effect! THE MATERIAL: The Code is the only material that the performers abide by. It can be conceived from any angle (whatever that may be). It is pointless to give anything else otherwise they wouldn’t be DJ’s! The performers can use any material they desire, any genres, samples, and sounds, bearing in mind that the outcome is to recreate the endless proliferation of the universes existence in the most imaginative way possible. Regardless of this immense freedom, the performers are required to do the following: • Base the premise of performance on the notion that you are always trying to tune in with one another, as if the work was tonal. Despite the continual rate of change, unbeknown to one another, trying to harmonically tune into one another will create a sense of magnetism and “rightness” in the potential chaos. • More conventional genres should be used to a lesser extent than the more obscure ones. • Material should never be exposed long enough for it to attain a conventional identity (or so that it is recognisable in its original form in any way!). • Despite the freedoms, the performers are required to create an atmosphere that corresponds to the activity of the universe. Think of this with a profound responsibility. The universe is a continuously evolving organism (on EVERY level!). • Despite the freedom of choice of material, using the following would aid tremendously in performance: samples recorded of outer space (e.g. those done by NASA), samples of great spiritual leaders, world music (mainly Eastern, African, Aboriginal and native American), binaural beats and Solfeggio frequencies, single sounds on vinyl/CDR, samples of nature. Study these sounds transcendentally. Use as broad a range of material as you possibly can (in all senses of the matter). • Be consistently inventive with the diversity of scratching/mixing and use of special effects. Think beyond your usual means of music production, think outside of yourself and beyond your limits. Your intuition and the present moment are your greatest tools. • Avoid silence. • Always listen to one another. You’re reflecting the cosmos! • End the performance on a point of synchronicity (on ALL levels). The Duration of the performance should be no shorter than a set (however long one may be), and may last the duration of an entire rave, or even a festival (perhaps far longer than the amount of time it took to compile this information!). If the performance is longer than a set, more than one artist may take up a DJ spot, as would be the case at a rave or festival, although only one of the three spots may change at any one time. Correlating visuals are also encouraged. Collaborate with all sorts of creative thinkers to enhance this. FACT: The lowest note discovered in the universe is a B-flat 57 octaves below middle C (remember this). However you decipher the rate of change in the Universe, bear in mind that outside is inside (∞).

नम#$ © Jason Noghani 2011

THE CODE: The manifestation of Brahman - ONEness - � The breathing universe Pulsars Particles (Super)strings Bardo Thodol The Heavens Stars and Suns (in ALL their splendour) Orbits Black Holes Worm Holes The myriad shapes of galaxies The infinite dimensions of SPACE Constellations Supernovae Nebulae Waveforms UFOs Quasars Light in all of its marvellously abundant infinitesimal FRACTAL predispositions

Composed on March 11th 2011, after much thought and contemplation!


Composition for 3 DJ's