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Ali Khafaja


SCORP Regional Assistant for EMR FOR THE TERM OF 2018-2019


MY WONDERFUL GREEN FAMILY... MY WONDERFUL SCORPIONS! My name is Ali Khafaja, and today, it is with my greatest of pleasure, and honor that I present to you my candidature for the position of the SCORP Regional Assistant for EMR, for the term of 2018-2019! I was granted my first true experience with IFMSA, as a general delegate to the 7th NGA in 2015, where I had to choose between 6 standing committees to belong to. After mere 5 minutes of roaming around the IFMSA website, I chose SCORP due to the action-packed topics that the committee addresses, the sentiments, and principles that this committee fights for... and, man, was this the best choice of my life?! My first SCORP experience (Aside from the SCORP session.) was in 2015’s Ramadan, when a colleague of mine and I held a campaign to distribute Iftar meals to poor families. Call it cliché, but it changed my personality, and in a timeframe of one night only, I swore to dedicate my life to this standing committee, and “Fight for the ones who can’t fight, and if I lose, at least I tried!” Fast forward, I became the first ever Local Officer on human Rights & Peace for my Local Committee, and I never looked back. Not only did I help in making many SCORP activities, locally, and nationally, but I also worked endlessly, day in, and day out, on ensuring that SCORP was the greatest standing committee locally, promoting it so hard between students, and pitching the craziest, most creative ideas for activities! It was my greatest honor to create projects that fought for the rights of the autistic, reached to the hearts of elders, went deeper into refugees’ issues, telling them that “We’re one, we’ll stand together!” In 2017, I became IFMSA-Jo’s National Officer on human Rights & Peace, one of my proudest moment to date. Sticking to my promise, I carried on with my missions, raising SCORP’s flag on the grandest national/international stages, solving accumulated SCORP issues, bringing life to the members, bringing achievements in the name of SCORP. Most importantly, I gave it my all, participating in and promoting any and all international events possible, and ensuring that SCORP’s image was as bright as heaven. With that, SCORP became the light in my darkness. It has become the fuel that gave me the energy to do everything I could in IFMSA to try and make a change in this society, to leave a mark in my life, and in my afterlife. From activities about human empowerment, refugees, those who can’t afford medicine, mental health, to those who are always offended by the society for being different. I’ve done my best to be a part of the change, to make those I tried to reach to feel better about themselves, to send a message that says “Never give up, and never give in” in the middle of a world that fights people’s ambitions, and, most importantly, to fulfil the immortal motto.. Make SCORP a standing committee with members who happen to be “The Voice of the Voiceless”! It seems strange to everyone why we do this, why we dedicate ourselves to this standing committee, even our most loved ones. We may not seem to cause a change in everyone's eyes, we may not stop plagues, wars, killings, oppression, poorness, injustice.. but, we do this because “All lives matter”. In the eyes of the society, we may be doctors who only heal diseases and injuries, but we are more than just that. I never really find these perfect words that can describe us... Something more than just... Saviors of humanity! We were born human beings! We’ll live, and die as human beings! As doctors, it’s our duty to save humanity from the darkness that plagued it throughout time! In IFMSA, there’s no better place, for all of us to build the sense of humanity in us, but in SCORP. SCORP taught me, and every SCORPion to sacrifice our lives for others, to work hard, in order to secure a better future for the next generations! Looking at my candidature, I’ve been working with SCORP since I started with IFMSA in early 2015. I worked as a volunteer, OC, leader, Local and National Officer in many activities, locally, nationally, and internationally. I’ve done my best in the past to make SCORP shine between standing committees, and I promise to raise the bar, as SCORP RA, and carry SCORP to further levels, making it one of the best standing committees in the upcoming term. Much love; Ali Khafaja.

I wouldn't take back a moment... not a single moment!

I'll give it all, 'til there's nothing... I'd walk into the fire!"

ALI KHAFAJA Curriculum Vitae

PERSONAL DETAILS: Name: Ali Mohammad Khafaja.   Nationality: Jordanian. Place of Birth: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Address: Qumaim, Irbid, Jordan. Date of Birth: 28-4-1997. NMO: IFMSA-Jo.                                           Date of Graduation: 2020. Email 1: Phone Number: +962776772166. Skype: JayTheY2A.





1: Local Officer on human Rights & Peace of IFMSA-Jo’s Yarmouk University’s Local Committee for the term of 2015-2016. 2: National Officer on human Rights & Peace of IFMSA-Jo for the term of 2017-2018.

""Here I Am: The National Mental Health Project." Enrolled in the International Mental Health Program.


1: "Here I Am: The National Mental Health Project" 2017-Ongoing. 2: "The Nameless: The Autism Awareness Project." 2015-2017. 3: "What's Asthma" Awareness Campaign. 4: "We Are One: Refugees' Rights". 5: 13th National General Assembly's Head of Organizing Committee's Assistant. NATIONAL GENERAL ASSEMBLIES:

7 National General Assemblies, with 3 of them being a SCORP Sessions Team member, and 2 of them being a SCORP Sessions Team Coordinator.




1: TNT-Jordan. July, 2016. (Internationally Certified TNT Trainer.) 2: TNHRT-GoSCORPJo. July, 2018. (Internationally Certified Human Rights & Peace Trainer.) MEETINGS ATTENDED:

14th East Mediterranean Region’s Regional Meeting: Marrakech, Morocco. February, 2018. NOTABLE INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS:

1: SCORP's International Refugees Day, 2018. 2: Sessions Team member of the 14th EMR Meeting’s SCORP Sessions. 3: Winner of the 1st Place at the 14th EMR Meeting’s Activities Fair for “Here I Am: The National Mental Health Project”. 4: Participant in the 2018’s August Meeting’s “Rex Crossley” Presentation Fair, and Activities Fair with “Here I Am: The National Mental Health Project”.

PLAN OF ACTION: Six points to make this term GREEN!

1 2

NMOs' Empowerment, Motivation, and Communication.

IFMSA Activities/Programs, and SCORP’s involvement from the EMR region.

3 4 5


Capacity Building.

International/Regional Team/Meetings.

External Representation/Work.

Feedback, and handover.

NMOS' EMPOWERMENT, MOTIVATION, AND COMMUNICATION: 1: Start the term by rolling out a form that assesses the needs/issues that SCORP faces in each EMR NMO, and the meet up with each NORP individually to discuss said needs and issues. 2: Follow up with the NORPs through bi-monthly online meetings, and monthly reports, for satisfactory follow up, and “continuous” assessment of any challenge that may arise, for immediate tackling. 3: Encourage EMR’s NORPs and the EMR’s SCORPions to participate in the SCORP IT online meetings, and read the monthly reports, ensuring that the SCORP IT’s experience will pass on to the EMR’s SCORPions. 4: Encourage the EMR NORPs and the SCORPions of their NMOs to participate in all international SCORP activities, such as the SWGs, and international campaigns, meetings, and SCORP events (Ex: SCORP Camp), due to the great experience gained through such participation. 5: Tend to SCORP in the newly established & activated NMOs, and assist their NORPs with anything SCORP in these NMOs may need, and by satisfying the needs of SCORP and SCORPions in these NMOs, such as capacity building, engagement of members in certain SCORP activities, SCORP sessions during NGAs, and ideas for activities. 6: Make sure that SCORP’s Strategic and Annual plans are implemented throughout the region, in coordination with the SCORP International Team. 7: Collaborate with the SCORP D on multiple webinars discussing multiple human rights & peace topics in the EMR region, and encourage the SCORPions of the EMR to participate in such webinars. 8: Assist the NORPs with their SCORP Sessions in their NGAs, and attend as much NGAs in the region as possible for further assistance. 9: Maintain communication, stability/sustainability, emphasize on teamwork, and prevent burnout through a set of fun activities throughout the term to preserve the “family” vibes. 10: Showcase SCORP’s EMR activities worldwide through publication ways, and by keeping the regional SCORP group active, and by working on featuring such activities on international IFMSA magazines and newsletters. 11: Stay active on social media/emails for immediate response to any concerns by the members. 12: Serve as the link between the region’s NMOs, the SCORP-D/LRP, and the rest of IFMSA. 13: Roll out important documents, calls, and opportunities to the EMR’s SCORPions.


1: Start the term by introducing the NORPs to IFMSA Programs, and the coordinators of each program, and discuss the activities that are usually held in each NMO under the SCORP umbrella, and how these activities can be oriented topic-wise, and improved quality-wise to become ready for program enrolment. 2: Ensure linkage between the NORPs and the IFMSA Program Coordinators. 3: Encourage NORPs to discuss the formation of joint Activities between NMOs together, and coordinate with the SCORP GA on regional activities during international campaigns.

4: Introducing the EMR’s SCORPions to the SCORP Activities Database, and, in coordination with the SCORP Director, explain to the SCORPions how their activities can also be put into the database.

CAPACITY BUILDING: 1: At the start of the term, approach every NORP and discuss SCORP’s capacity building/members’ status in their NMOS. (Active TNHRT trainers, number of SCORP activities, last time a TNHRT/SCORP-Related workshop was held in the NMO, etc..) 2: Based on the notes taken from point #1, coordinate with the Development Assistant to hold TNHRT and SCORP Related workshops (Ex: ITDM.) at the NMOs that are struggling with capacity building, all while keeping in mind the needs of each NMO, and what workshops will fit best, to make sure that the NMO will benefit from it, topic-wise. Furthermore, assistance with everything needed will be provided right on the spot for NMOs that will be hosting such workshops.

3: Introduce GoSCORP’s exchange program to the NORPs, how they can introduce and implement the program in their NMOs, assist them with the paperwork and preparations for the program.

4: Introduce the NORPs to SCORP Camp, encourage the SCORPions to participate in the camp, and the NORPs to contact their NMOs to possibly host the camp in the region.

INTERNATIONAL/REGIONAL TEAM/MEETINGS. The 15th EMR Meeting’s SCORP sessions: 1: Start by rolling out a call for sessions team for the EMR’S SCORPions, followed by a call of input, to take their input on the sessions, topics/activities they want to see, and how the sessions could be improved. 2: Based on point “1”, and the region’s NMOs’ needs, prepare the session with the Sessions Team, through Online Meetings, in order to finalize an eye-catching survival kit, the agenda, and the sessions. 3: Update the NORPs with the sessions’ team’s progression, take their input on the preparations, and encourage them to meet with their delegations for sessions’ orientation, and what they can expect. 4: On-spot evaluation of the sessions during the regional meeting, and overall evaluation form to be posted after the meeting, to take note of the delegations’ opinions on the session, and how they can be improved by future RAs and Sessions’ Teams as well. 5: Regionally follow up on discussed topics to ensure that the topics are applied in the EMR region. Internationally: 6: Start the term by connecting with the SCORP IT, maintain connection, and participate/contribute to all the SCORP IT meetings, while keeping in mind to fill the Monthly Report on time. 7: Provide support to the IT during International Meetings, by attending them, assisting the SCORP Sessions Team, and the Regional Sessions’ team with any and all organizing work needed, and fulfil any task requested by the IT right on the spot. 8: Keep SCORP in the EMR Region updated with all SCORPrelated matters internationally, all while assisting the SCORP IT whenever needed with work on manuals of programs, workshops, plans.

EXTERNAL REPRESENTATION/WORK: 1: Start the term by meeting with the NORPs to discuss human rights externals (NGOs, International Organizations, Partners, Sponsors, etc…) that SCORP in their NMO works with. 2: Based on point “1”, meet up with the Liaison Officer on human Rights & Peace’s Issues to discuss externals/partners in the EMR region, and the NMOs that struggle with externals, especially the human rights ones, and the possibility of collaborations with SCORP’s Externals in the region. 3: Help the NORPs develop long-term partnerships relating to human rights and peace in their NMOs, and ensure the involvement of IFMSA SCORP’s externals in the NMOs with the help of the SCORP D and LRP. 4: Encourage and follow up with the NORPs to work on Policy Statements, nationally, and internationally.


1: Start the term with a special form for all EMR’s SCORPions and NORPs to assess their satisfaction with SCORP regionally, and how they think the scene can be improved in the upcoming terms. 2: Analyze the results of the evaluation form in point “1”, take the notes seriously, and implement them throughout the term, in coordination with the NORPs team. 3: Roll out evaluation forms of the term on a quarter-yearly basis, to assess the satisfaction of the SCORPions throughout the term, if there’s a progression, utilize it, if there’s a regression, correct it. 4: Roll out an end-of-term evaluation form to take input about the term from the SCORPions, and NORPs. 5: Based on previous points, use all notes from forms, alongside professional experience and input from the term, and ensure a “fullpackage” handover for the next RA, through a handover guideline that will also be used for future generations of RAs.


" ! E E R F N U R

SCORP Regional Assistant for EMR - Ali M. Khafaja  
SCORP Regional Assistant for EMR - Ali M. Khafaja