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Who We Are IDF Managers is the brainchild of Identity Partners, an investment holding company established and owned by black women. IDF Managers was established on 01 March 2008 to exploit the opportunity of profitably investing in the entrepreneurial SME sector by providing appropriate products and support to the sector. The vision to create a leading entrepreneurial investment and development entity was also driven by the socio-economic development that can be achieved in the process of supporting and growing a sustainable entrepreneurial SME sector. IDF Managers aims to be the leading organization in developing innovative financial products that are integrated with non-financial support, and unlocking value in the entrepreneurial SME sector through the provision of fund management services for Institutional and Corporate Investors. IDF Managers is led by black women professionals who possess skills and expertise in investment banking, socio-economic development and strategic policymaking. 4

Strategic Priorities South Africa’s SME sector holds great economic growth prospects for its citizenry.

In creating a sector that is well organized, commercially driven, growth focused, and responsive to South Africa’s socio-economic challenges, the SME sector will be a significant, and relevant, player in the mainstream economy. To achieve its vision, IDF Managers has set itself strategic goals to: Invest

in, and develop black-owned businesses;


to the support and growth of businesses owned by women and youth;


to the development of local economies in rural and peri-urban areas;


commercial businesses that yield substantial socio-economic returns;


a dynamic entrepreneurial SME sector that attracts increased interest and investment from the private sector, by yielding a positive return on its investments; Develop

new products and solutions suited to this new, emerging economy; and Create

new industries that defend and improve South Africa’s competitiveness in Africa, and the 5 rest of the globe.

Entrepreneur ɒntrəprəˈnəː/ noun 1. a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. "many entrepreneurs see potential in this market"



Linda Moemise is co-founder and Managing Director of Afro Lounge Kitchen Bar. Linda is an accomplished business woman who was raised in an entrepreneurial family. Her upbringing coupled with her supportive business and life partner, Ashley Moemise, turned their love for entertaining and for quality African food into a memorable culinary and social experience located in the heart of Pretoria CBD. Ashley has extensive experience in customer service and service training from working for 13years at South African Airways, together they travelled the world and the rest of the continent experiencing exotic flavours. The name Afro Lounge Kitchen Bar inspires the people, cuisine and spirit emitted from our warm kitchens and thus creating a comfort of some sort.

They serve African cuisine and also provide catering services to external clients. Their menu offers options to what they call the Euro-African taste. In the four years the business has operated, the two entrepreneurs have won and failed many times, but equally importantly, learnt and grown invaluable business lessons. "It is very important to cut your losses and focus on activities that keep the business afloat. Good practice in labour relations is vital as our staff play a significant role. To be compliant in all aspects and to network with other segments in business provides us with opportunities", shared Linda. Linda and Ashley were introduced to IDF Managers in 2010 via a friend and satisfied beneficiary. Today the business employs 30 fulltime staff, and thanks to IDF Managers financial investment, they invested in fixed assets and working capital when it was needed most. There is no doubt that the continued support from IDF Managers gives Afro Lounge Kitchen Bar the right ingredients for sustainable long7 term success

Recent Media provides digital touch screen kiosk rental for events and leasing to organisations which use them for internal communications purposes. Included in these packages are tailor made interactive software solutions such as digital magazines and digital questionnaires/surveys. CLIENTS Rental Government Communications and Information Systems (GCIS) Department (Open Day: Know Your Organisation 2013) ; Identity Development Fund Managers: Networking Session & Launch of IDF II. Leasing GCIS Head Office Recent Media also Provides digital touch screen solutions for advertisers who seek to capture targeted markets such as students within institutions of higher learning through our digital touch screen platform. ADVERTISING SITES Recent Media also provides digital advertising solutions for advertisers seeking to capture targeted audiences such as students in universities. Sites University of Johannesburg Student Centres Vaal University of Technology


AdoraFine Jewellery store is located in Lenasia, Gauteng. They are stockists of real Gold, Diamond, Sterling Silver Jewellery and Branded watches. ADORA offers a selected range of items, many special limited designs and one-off pieces.

Quality of Diamonds are higher than the average chain stores supplies and all exclusive pieces are certified with a valuation. ADORA offers custom designs and make-up of jewellery is also offered. 3 payment plans for jewellery is in place for easier accessibility for customers especially for that “special wedding ring”. One is a cash discount, two is opening an in-store account and offering a facility of 24-36 months to pay, third is a lay-away facility for the customer to pay the item over 6 months, interest free. “Service excellence” is the motto at ADORA Fine Jewellery with Mrs. Chanchal Soni, as Director, who has 25 years of experience in the retail jewellery field, both here in South Africa and in Canada. 9

D’Tiro was founded on hard work and determination. It was grown organically, with the business starting up it services offering by utilizing second hand tents and equipment, to eventually investing in its own infrastructure. The business was started using capital sourced from the saving of the founders. The company provides comprehensive services, pillared on the rental of Bedouin stretch tents. Diamond Love Bridal Couture is a stockiest of Benjamin Roberts, Modeca, Tia, Beautiful and newly and Kitty Chan. The Benjamin Roberts, Modeca, Tia and Beautiful are ranges well known all over Europe and the Uk. The Brands can be seen in most international magazines. These ranges are made with very high quality fabrics, their designs are fashion forward and the fit is impeccable. Boitumelo has been involved with a number of companies within various industries during her years of employment. She has worked in the cellular, IT and accounting industries mainly in the capacity of Business Development and Relationship Management. 10

Romele Publications is the publisher of “Hola MaHigh-School”, which is distributes 50,000 copies to all high schools in Gauteng at no cost. The potential readership is 397,000 high-school students. The intention is to be national in 2013/14. Romele was registered in 2006. Romele is operational and producing on a monthly basis. Romele Publishing aims to offer youth the opportunity to have their first job with compay, in a secure and incubated environment, enabling them to gain self-confidence and experience.

By having the youth to write the majority of the content, they will ensure that they stay close to the topics of interest. They will also work closely with the provincial Departments of Education, ensuring they adhere to all goals and intentions of the departments. They believe it is important to create a “forgiving” environment for the youth entering their first job. Although we are not a charity, we do have experience in working with youth on a business footing. Sybil Otterstrom has seventeen years of experience in the newspaper industry. Sybil has completed management courses and has gained her experience in research and sales and marketing environment from positions held in the Women's National Coalition and the Mail & Guardian. 11

DesireAfrica Travel takes the stress and hassle out of planning a journey throughout Africa – they do everything from the first point of contact till the very end of the journey. They offer fast, professional & personalized service, attention to detail and same day replies. They are a reliable and knowledgeable source of information with advice on where to travel, when and what to expect, offering a selection of interesting and diverse destinations and experiences within Africa and ensuring that all your travel expectations are met and exceeded.conform to the highest standards in the tourism industry and thereby ensure quality throughout the entire travel experience. They cater for corporate travel, events organisation, conferencing, family holiday, romantic getaway, dream honeymoon, once in a life-time safari, bucket-list, wedding and adventure travel.destinations include South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya, Mombasa, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia and Madagascar. Desire Avis and Teresa Gibson met about 15 years ago in the tourism industry, their paths split for a couple of years and when they met up again in Cape Town, they knew the time was right to start DesireAfrica Travel 12 (Pty) Ltd.

Vugimamusi Trading (Pty) Ltd has since been doing branding, graphic design and printing, IT hardware and software supply; and general goods supply. The company has lately conceived V-Tech (Vugimamusi Technologies) which is a fully fledged walk-in one stop shop that specialises in IT Solutions, Graphic Design and Printing Services, Internet Solutions and a Gaming Station (PS3). The shop is located at the Elim Mall (Shop 50) in Elim.

Their quest is to be rated amongst the best service providers in all spheres of business as we strive for Excellence, Effectiveness and Empowerment. They endeavour to provide goods and services to satisfy the client’s needs to enable the clients to improve their competitive edge. They also customize our services to the individual needs of each of our clients. Mr. Salani Oupa Navela was born in Limpopo in a place called Waterval (Elim). He is the Founder and Managing Director of Vugimamusi Trading (Pty) Ltd which was founded in the year 2009 with the aim of specialising in Information and Communication Technology. He studied Information Technology at the Tshwane University of Technology. 13

Who we are and our mission “The purpose of the Gordon Institute of Business Science is to significantly improve the competitive performance of individuals and organisations through business education.� A great business school is a place that has significant impact on your life, on your career and on your working life - whether you are an individual doing a programme, or an executive in a company. GIBS was established in 2000 to be a place where people with potential, healthy ambition and respect for best practice are willing to engage like-minded peers and colleagues. The campus and its facilities have been designed to create a learning environment in which we all stretch our thinking, challenge existing ideas and develop a personal and organisational sense of where we need to go next. South Africa is a country that will continue to be challenged by the tension between its history and its future. Business leaders thrive on this tension as they look for opportunities to add value and generate prosperity for themselves and others. It is our hope that GIBS be a business school for and from the business community. Positioned in Sandton, Johannesburg, we partner with leading companies and are fortunate to attract the type of person to this campus who wants to make a significant impact. GIBS should be a place of hard work, inspiration, insight and hope - all aimed at building your, and our country’s, competitiveness. Professor Nick Binedell Dean Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS)


Kano is a construction company registered in 2007, with a focus on road construction, markings maintenance, cleaning services and rubble removal, capacity building, occupational health and safety, wellness management, training, counseling and development. Their long-term aim is to build a company that will become a sustainable generational legacy. They also intend to access land to build property to rent out and maintain for both residential and retail. Kano means a covenant, a promise to create a key learning opportunity for every woman both younger and older, communities are being ravaged by HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancies , orphaned and vulnerable children due to lack of skills, jobs and hopelessness they aim to enlarge the territory by creating a new pool of skills, within the construction industry that will lead to sustainable job creation. To achieve this they have a company social investment project called Peo Entle HIV Wellness and Youth Skills development registered with the department of Social Development which will be the beneficiaries of 10% of their profits and other resources to achieve their vision. ANGIE DIALE is a former nurse by profession, she has qualified from Khuthaza’s 2years contractor development, EMPRETEC an International Capacity Building Programme. Currently she will be participating in the Goldman Sachs 10.000 women programme with GIBS University. 15

Thetha Nathi Investments is a 100% Black Woman Owned and controlled SMME. Thetha Nathi Projects has been operating for three years. Thetha Nathi Projects focus is on construction projects including refurbishments of existing buildings. The company has done a lot of supplies of hardware, aluminium steel sheeting, stainless steel sheeting, palisade fencing, glazing and other construction related equipment. Thetha Nathi, under Mavis Mtshali’s leadership, who has an innovative approach to tackling difficult supply chain challenges. Mavis, has a combined business management and development experience of 7 years. Thetha Nathi Investments is about adding value to its customers. Their vision is to become a leading construction services group and supplier that is dependable and reliable, able to convey trust, competence and confidence to all they serve. While price may remain an influence to do business, Thetha Nathi Investments will be seen as providing the service that the client requires to the extent that price does not become the bargaining factor. Mavis, has a combined business management and development experience of 7 years. Mavis’ background is finance and project management while she worked for one of the big four financial institutions. She is known for her entrepreneurial skills, delivering on time and on budget in special projects, and maintains good stakeholder relations and partners with the best. Mavis’ experience involves handling projects of over R100m. 16

Metako Projex was founded in 2004. We have successfully completed various construction projects over time for Public and Private Companies,Retailers , Non-Profit Organisations, Investors and Individuals through our well packaged services. They have architects in-house and this gives us a competitive advantage in the market and it enables us to provide more value to our clients.

In 2009, they received an award for ‘Best Youth Contractor in Gauteng 2009’ from the Department of Housing and NHBRC in recognition of Construction excellence on the Residential portfolio. They are committed to building creative solutions, lasting value and solid business relationships with their clients. Metako Projex continues to craft a high performing team by constantly keeping ahead of technological changes and environmental changes in the industry. Metako Projex is registered with the Construction Industry Development Board, currently upgrading from 4GB PE to 6GB. This is a noteworthy milestone on the growth plan of their organization.


Our Partners 18

Fraser Lamb Executive Chairman Africa and CEO McCann Worldgroup South Africa Between 1999 and 2007 under the Wunderman banner, Fraser built the country's foremost direct marketing agency. Under his leadership 50 local and international awards were achieved between 2003 and 2007. In 2007, he was also responsible for the acquisition of AquaOnline, which went on to become one of the largest digital agencies in Africa.

Lamb became Group CEO of Young and Rubicam in 2008 and drove the turnaround of the company's reputation in South Africa.

Lamb became Group CEO of Young and Rubicam in 2008 and drove the turnaround of the company's reputation in South Africa. Between 2009 and 2010, the agency won 36 global and local awards at all major award shows. Fraser’s Africa experience was also honed over the past six years in working with Chris Harrison across 16 markets. He joined the McCann family in September 2011 as Executive Chairman McCann Worldgroup Africa and shortly thereafter was also appointed as CEO for McCann SA . McCann formed an extensive network that not only specialises in advertising and content development but acts as a valuable partner providing the following services; PR and Social Media, Brand Identity and Packaging, Relationship Marketing, Brand Activation and Shopper Marketing, Media Innovation, and Health Care Marketing, all with a global footprint. The century-long story of McCann tells of the pivotal and innovative role we played in the creation and 19 development of all of the above elements that define today's global communication industry.

Madoda Sibeko The founder Madoda Sibeko started a Financial Accounting Consulting & software business with Melusi Ntumba (CA.SA.) in early 2000. Madoda’s passion for accounting consulting & software was created when he was running a family retail business & realised the importance of setting business procedures & systems to measure business performance.

Mazia is a 100% black owned & managed Professional Services company focused on providing Business Accounting Services & Systems to growing business. Mazia Services offers the following integrated Business Accounting Services & Systems:  Incubation Center providing following services (From February 2014)  Shared Offices ,Training Rooms & Hotdesking.  Hosted & On premise Business,IT & Accounting Software  Bookkeeping , Accounting & IT support Bureaus service. The simple philosophy of the business is to provide Business Accounting,Technology support & Human Resources solve day to day business problems. With a focused to provide business experience to unemployed graduates by giving them on the job experience, relevant technology, process & systems to 20 increase opportunities for employability or starting their own business.

Sybrandt Stadler

Pule Incorporated (“Pule�) was formed in February 1995 by Mr. Mokgosi Pule, as a fully-fledged commercial law firm. Over the years the firm has grown in statue and organically to a point where it now boast a team of five (5) highly qualified and experienced partners who are also directors, supported by ten (10) qualified attorneys and a staff complement of forty five (50) people.

They pride themselves with the size of their firm in that it has played a major role in the development of interpersonal relationships with their clients, which is difficult to develop in the traditional big firms. Their size also assists them in delivering a cost effective and efficient service to their clients. Amongst their clientele they boast prominent financial institutions, energy companies, insurance companies, government agencies, parastatals, emerging black property developers and engineering and construction companies amongst others.

Sybrandt is an associate in the commercial department in Pule Incorporated. After qualifying as an attorney he has had the privilege of working in the most exciting areas of development in South African Law, being the National Credit Act and most recently the Consumer Protection Act which was enacted in 2006 and 2009 respectively. These two Acts have been a giant leap forward for consumer law in South Africa. In the involvement with the National Credit Act, he took part in the development of various arguments relating to this Act which includes training programmes developed and presented to various groups of role players involved in debt review and debt enforcement. 21

Abigail Mahlangu Tushiyah serves agencies, corporate customers and established SMEs: For agencies that provide support programmes to their members, Tushiyah offers group or individual training and coaching in line with the agencies’ mandate and requirements, achieving international standards of business management through Business Edge, an IFC accredited methodology. Large organisations needing to develop SME suppliers and spend their Enterprise and Supplier Development and Socio-Economic Development budgets will find extraordinary benefit from Tushiyah’s programme modelling, consulting and advisory services. Existing SMEs who wish to grow and expand will benefit from Tushiyah’s advisory and coaching services - based on international methodologies. . Abigail is an individual who is committed to building sustainable businesses in South Africa. Currently she is pursuing an MPhil in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management with the University of Pretoria. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from the Gordon Institute of Business Science and a Bachelors Degree in Commerce specialising in Law from the University of Pretoria. She has also completed a course in Collaborative Strategy Development and a certificate course in Principles of Project Management. Her passion is to empower small business owners so that they can build for growth and sustainability. She founded Tushiyah Advisory Services, providing implementation services for Small Medium Enterprises and Entrepreneurial Development programmes. She has also co founded Malto Business Development Solutions, initially providing turnaround solutions for small business owners. She serves on the board of Mzansi CareerBuild Youth Advisory Services, a Public 22 Benefit Organisation providing career guidance and mentoring to young adults in South Africa.

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Contact us 21 Fricker Road, ILLOVO Johannesburg 2196 Tel: 086 1 433 763 011 772 7900 Fax: 011 772 7950 Email: Web:


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