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HOW TO BUILD AN ONLINE BUSINESS the EASY WAY A guide to the Beginner Jayn G

How to Build an Online Business – The Easy Way

Learn Internet Marketing the Easy Way – and get CASH to your inbox with this easy method. When I searched for the number 1 problem faced by new internet marketers, I realized the main problem was the information overload faced by new internet marketer rather than not enough knowledge. It was very stressful when they spent both money and time to read and learn all the e-books and watch most of the videos they can possibly find on the internet and then 3 months later, they don’t have a clue as to where to start. For some that had started, they are not making as much as what the gurus claim they can make. These internet marketing experts had made all the promises and guarantee that they can help you to achieve the success. But, who can you trust?

Before diving into another coaching program or home course, one should know this. BUILD A LIST. I had followed through a few programs, and this is what I can summarize, building a list is the easiest to start and the number 1 item an internet marketer required. I am going to list down the 3 benefits of building a list. 1.

Having the list, you can build relationship. Whenever a visitor comes to your website, they are interested in the particular item that you are promoting or talking about. They may not have the

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How to Build an Online Business – The Easy Way

drive or urgency to buy yet, if they leave the page, they will be gone. If you have their contact, you have the opportunity to communicate and build relationship with them. The chances of turning them into a customer increases. 2. Next, it is the customer list. If you have someone who had already purchased the item from you, the chances are getting them to buy another one is high. If you have their contact you can promote to them when you have new launches. Having the relationship through email, you have made an impression to these buyers that you are always there to help them. Anytime when they are ready to make another product from your niche, they will turn to you rather than any random guy they found from the internet. 3. To have total control to your visitor. I am not saying Google search is not good, but the competition and the algorithm in ranking the website in the search engine is ever changing. You can be top yesterday, and today you are no way to be found. You have just got slapped! It happened, and there you go, your customer that find you online can’t find you anymore. So now you know that list building is vital, it is easy to get started too! Getting starting is only 3 steps. 1. Build a website 2. Find a product

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How to Build an Online Business – The Easy Way

3. Setup your autoresponder to sent out emails Step 1: Build a website. In list building, we build squeeze page. It is basically a simple website with a form for anyone interested to fill in their name and email. This is a simple example for a squeeze page. What you need in a squeeze page a. Host. - Select a reliable one. - I personally recommended Hostgator. Click this link: b. Domain - Purchase it from Godaddy. It is $10/ year. Click this link: - Then, go to Google, search for “coupon code for Godaddy”. There are always a few dollars off from different sites, just remember to search for one. c. Squeeze Page creation. - If you do not know how to create one, go to to find squeeze page creation. You may refer to squeeze page as a guide. Step 2: Finding a product. You can create a product by yourself. Or find affiliate products. For new internet marketers, doing affiliate products is easier and faster to see the results. a. Find 3 products to promote.

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How to Build an Online Business – The Easy Way

b. Search in c. Search for your niche d. Some niche has a lot of products. Easier way is to filter the search range. One method that I always use is to filter the gravity from 6 to 100. Step 3: Setup an autoresponder and send emails. Autoresponder is a mailing system that helps you to organize your email communication with your subscribers. Without this, you will have to work day and night to send out mail one y one to your subscribers. There are a few autresponder provider and I used Getresponce and have no issue with them. Click this link to register for one. You have first month free trial. Load your autoresponder with emails that you will be sending out for the next 1 month. You may use the email swipe files from the affiliate products. With this, you have setup your online business. Next, it will be driving traffic to the site. They are a lot of traffic driving methods. You know more, you may subscribe to this site to learn more of driving traffic and email marketing.

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How to Start an Online Business - The Easy Way  

Learn how to kick start an online business the Easy Way for the Beginner. Stop buying any other $27, $39 $47 product until you know about t...

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