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Jayne Maguire | Make next music concert experience more enjoyable If you’re anything like music-fanatic Jayne Maguire, you love listening to live renditions of your favourite songs, but find that sometimes, the concert experience doesn’t always live up to your expectations, due to the heat, the crowds or some other annoyance. Here, we have some tips on how to make sure that the next concert you attend is the best one yet. Jayne Maguire music fan The process of going to and from a concert can be a long one, particularly if you live far away from the venue, and there’s almost always some delay before your favourite band comes on stage. To make the travelling and waiting around more bearable, Jayne Maguire barrister and music lover, is very careful about dressing comfortably, making sure that her clothes are suitable for the weather. If it’s a daytime concert during the summer months, you won’t enjoy it half as much if you’re wearing a heavy jumper underneath the blazing sun, or if you’re wearing just a t-shirt at an outdoor music event and the rain starts to pour down. Check the weather reports, and bring along the essentials like sun block, or an umbrella and a raincoat. On a similar note, it’s crucial to stay hydrated during a concert; regardless of whether it’s being held in winter or summer, concert venues tend to heat up very quickly, and this, in combination with the alcohol normally consumed at these events, means that it’s all too easy to get dehydrated. Make sure to stock up on water either before your arrive or when you’re inside the venue, if you’re not allowed to bring bottles with you. Aside from the aforementioned essentials like sun block and water, Jayne Maguire tries to pack as lightly as possible when heading off to a concert. You will most likely be standing for several hours, which will be tiring if you’re weighed down with a heavy bag, and moreover, it will prevent you from focusing on the performance and really enjoy the whole experience. On top of this, the fewer valuables you bring along, the less you’ll have to worry about any of your things getting stolen during the event. A final tip would be to try to organise your accommodation or transport home before heading off to the event; the last thing you want to do at the end of the concert, when you’re tired, happy and ready for bed, is to have to search for a train, bus or hotel for the night.

Jayne Maguire | Make Next Music Concert Experience More Enjoyable  

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