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Looking up: The Sciencesoft Ltd team at their Scottish HQ in Glasgow

Simplify the way you work with Sciencesoft W

elcome to Sciencesoft Ltd, the Scotland-based world leader in 2D and 3D visualisation and analysis software for reservoir simulation in the global oil and gas industry.

planning and development decisions.

By developing sophisticated software in our Reservoir Simulation Suite and understanding your everyday reservoir engineering needs, our team’s aim is to provide a new dimension to decisionmaking at the push of a button.

We’re delighted to announce that Sciencesoft’s performance has recently been recognised with two prestigious UK business awards – the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and the John Logie Baird Award for Innovation.

Our expertise and advanced technology are guaranteed to unlock new insights in your reservoir simulation studies and will greatly assist you with your field

Let us share with you some of the Sciencesoft story and you’ll start to understand why more than 120 companies in 80 countries have adopted our products.

The high quality of the products we develop for our global client base is matched only by our unrivalled customer care and service.

Royal recognition for our software W

inning the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade comes at an exciting time for the team behind Glasgow-based Sciencesoft Limited, a world-leader in 2D and 3D visualisation and analysis software for reservoir simulation in the global oil and gas industry. Sciencesoft was set up by brothers and physicists, Lindsay and William Wood, in the late 1990s and launched what has become its flagship software product, S3GRAF, in 2000. Dr Lindsay Wood is Sciencesoft’s research and development director and William Wood is director of sales and marketing. Prior to founding Sciencesoft,

Lindsay worked at the CERN international research facility in Switzerland and was subsequently one of the key developers on the world’s leading commercial oil and gas reservoir simulator. In the last 10 years he has overseen the successful development and launch of four innovative, state-of-theart products for Sciencesoft. William had a very successful career in technical sales for more than 10 years and has been pivotal in orchestrating Sciencesoft’s rapid growth in international trade as a valued supplier to the global oil and gas industry. Sciencesoft’s business development director is Dr Angela Wood who oversees business development and the thriving maintenance and support department for the company. Sciencesoft’s Reservoir Simulation Suite of products helps reservoir engineers analyse results from reservoir simulators by rapidly producing 2D and 3D images of the petroleum company’s oil or gas field. This enables engineers to make multimillion dollar field planning and development decisions. Reservoir simulators are the main prediction tools used by engineers in petroleum companies to forecast oil and gas production.

Today more than 120 companies in 80 countries use Sciencesoft’s Reservoir Simulation Suite and clients include many of the world’s major oil and gas producing companies. Such is the power and flexibility of the software that these companies have now adopted Sciencesoft’s products as standard. International sales account for 90% of the company’s turnover and the management team is targeting sales growth of 300% over the coming four years. Sciencesoft uses a network of overseas agents in specific sales areas across the globe to support its sales activities, with members of

its Glasgow-based team undertaking key trade missions on a monthly basis. As a company, Sciencesoft has achieved an annual growth rate of 25% since 2002. This growth has accelerated during the last two years due to the company’s expanding sales activities worldwide. The business has also increased its team of highend technical specialists by six in the last two years. As well as Sciencesoft’s

Sciencesoft directors - from left: Dr Lindsay Wood, William Wood and, below left, Dr Angela Wood

Awardwinning, world leaders in 2D and 3D reservoir simulation analysis software for the oil and gas industry.

Analysing the future

outstanding sales performance, the company’s technical excellence was also recognised when it won a prestigious John Logie Baird Innovation Award early in 2011. This award was won for its newest software package, S3GRAF-HPG, which allows reservoir engineers to load large simulation data files, which had previously taken over one hour to load, in a matter of seconds. Productivity is substantially boosted and the timesaving benefits are enormous. Both management and engineers have found that using S3GRAF-HPG guaranteed them the highest levels of user efficiency.

Through its educational programme Sciencesoft works closely with a number of key universities by offering summer work placements for students, providing advisory and mentoring services and also sponsorship opportunities for new PhD students. The company also provides universities around the world with free-to-use software for undergraduate and graduate students for research and educational purposes. Sciencesoft aims to develop an additional four exciting new product lines in the next five years. Future plans also include developing new sales territories, a doubling of the workforce and expansion into larger business accommodation.

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