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design week portland


Looking to Apple for a little design inspiration...

...and a little shopping couldn’t hurt!

>> Second Story Interactive This exciting little studio was all about the user experience, interaction, and smooth, responsive design. Second Story Interactive was my favorite studio we toured. We were greeted by a former OSU graphic design peer of ours, Joe Carolino, who used to be our class’s Intro to Graphic Design TA our sophomore year. Joe seemed really happy with his position as Junior Experience Designer. The studio space was really welcoming, open, and inspiring, I would love to in a place like that someday.

>> Second Story Interactive Here is Joe Carolino telling us about what he does now. As an Experience Designer, he’s constantly analyzing how the user engages and interacts in a space. He also has to be spatially aware & consider kinesthetics, the study of motion. Joe emphasized how important process is at Second Studio Interactive, and he recognized how grateful he was that OSU’s graphic design program instilled that in him. I found it very inspiring that they hired a recent OSU grad. In a year from now, I hope to be working for a studio like this too!

portland A magical place where dogs and bikes are highly encouraged at work.

Probably some of the coolest graffiti I’ve ever seen.

“I really don’t like that cat...” -Alyssa

“Ok guys...I’m going to be really creepy right now” - Jun

Dogs+work seem to be a perfectly acceptable occurrence in Portland. At least in design studios. This is very appealing to me because I hope to get a dog in the near future when I graduate. Imagine if I could bring my dog to work! Portland is looking more & more intriguing...

>> CO PROJECTS This husband-wife team runs their own small studio and contract others when they need more help. Marc and Rebecca worked 10 years at Nike prior to starting their own business, which helped them build a strong client base for CO Projects. CO Projects specializes in packaging and branding. I couldn’t really picture myself working at such a small studio in the future.

>> Pixel sea | cardboard castle inc Cardboard Castle seemed like a mini Weiden and Kennedy. They had a diverse, talented group of creatives that did a lot of motion graphics, animation and commercial ads for reputable clientèle. The workspace was really neat with it’s dim lighting, natural and industrial materials, and large windows. I think that it is the perfect sized studio--not too big, not too small. Their ocean-inspired video installation (Pixel Sea) was interesting to look at.

“My favorite part was the SHOPPING!” - Lillian

Design Week Portland | Reflection Project  

This is a project for GD 420 (Pre Press) at Oregon State University. It is in response to my experience at Design Week Portland on Thursday,...