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Hello and CONGRATULATIONS! So you're getting married! Your day is going to be absolutely amazing. Obviously, you're looking for a wedding photographer who can capture you looking even more gorgeous than you look right now. And you also want someone more than happy to do something non-traditional. In fact, you’re determined to avoid the stuffy and dull photographers who seem to be everywhere. (Look no further.)

Of course, you're a stylish, loved up and fun couple, so I know we’ll be great working together. We were MEANT to be together. A bit like you and your partner, no? You appreciate the love and importance of photos, you absolutely love to laugh and enjoy yourself, and you’ve already figured out that I will never make you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera.

Everything here gives you all the info you need to go ahead and enjoy your photos for as long as you like. People say that your wedding day is just one day; I’m pretty sure we can make your awesome day last forever.

It makes sense to take advantage of having an enthusiastic photographer who is raring to go. So: have a read. Let me know more about your amazing plans! Let me capture all those brilliant moments; the tears and laughter, happiness and fun. Let’s get the celebrations started already.

J Mountford x © Jay Mountford Photography

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Jay Mountford Photography - Wedding Info All wedding photography bookings with me include the following with no hidden extras:

~ Fully professional service; we'll talk through what will happen on your day, and lots more besides. ~ Consultations before your wedding day, either in person, on the phone or via Skype. ~ Travel throughout ANYWHERE in the UK (what - you live overseas? No problem. Just give me a shout). ~ Your own +Client Site, with your wedding details and images for your guests to preview. ~ Full PASS Gallery, with high res wedding images available to download as often as you wish (like a CD. But BETTER) ~ Personalised print gallery; send the link to friends and family to order gift prints of various sizes. Ask me about jumping on the referral scheme to get even more prints. ~ Me, Jay Mountford, as your professional photographer, rocking out with you until we're done!

All of the above is set at £1,500. No complications. No fussy packages. No confusing prices. Oh, you’re only having a short day but still want me there? Get in touch anyway, I’m happy to work something out with you. If you’re looking for something extra to add to your wedding photography, then read on... © Jay Mountford Photography

Extra Wedding Goodies E-Shoot - You know how you’re all cool and funny, and nothing phases you, and then someone pulls out a camera and you’re all “ummm no thanks”? Or, perhaps you’ve only just realised that you have NO special photos of just the two of you? Now’s your chance to make up for it. Up to 2 hour session wherever you like, with up to 40 images from the session in a PASS Gallery. Cost £250

Wedding Folio Album - Sheer. Utter. Luxury. Your choice of awesome wedding images printed onto fine art paper. Sumptuous real leather covers, or upgrade to vintage leather, cotton or silk covers. Lay-flat pages inside, so you can casually leave it open and show off to your friends. From £650

Wedding Folio Gift Album - Share some of the luxury of your delicious wedding album with your parents, or those in the bridal party, aunties and uncles or whomever you like. A smaller but just as gorgeous version of your full album. From £275

Professional “2nd Shooter” - You know that you don’t want your guests to be distracted on your big day, trying to catch “missed moments”. You understand I already have that covered for you. If you’re still a bit concerned, or having a very large wedding, or want someone to capture your partner while I am with you, I can have an additional professional photographer to work with me. Cost £200 © Jay Mountford Photography

your wedding - The Build Up... ere’s so much build up to the day. Planning, researching, organising, bookings...loads to do. Where I’m involved, I’ll keep it easy for you. I just like to stay in touch, so I know who and what I will be shooting. I can assure you, I won’t just take your money, disappear into the night and then magically reappear on the day. Instead, I’ll become a really good friend, and we’ll have a lot to smile about.

© Jay Mountford Photography

So. You should definitely book yourself in for an E-Shoot. at way, I can get to find out just how cool you are, what makes you tick, and how much fun you want to have. I can also get a feel for what your day will be like. An E-Shoot is a bit of an important “chill out”; enjoying quiet stress-free time together. Choose somewhere fun, where you can have a giggle. Mix it up and go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Wear comfy clothes and if you’re really up for it, bring some props, too…

You can always talk to me for ideas about your E-Shoot. Every client does something different, and they are all just brilliant. We’re not doing stuffy and dull, right?

© Jay Mountford Photography

your wedding - The Big Day... Of all the suppliers you choose, I will be the one you spend the most time with on the day. It’s not that I won’t leave your side (hey - everyone needs breathing space, right?), but I will never be far away. Usually, I’ll arrive just as you’re getting ready, and shoot the entire day. I don’t like to miss a thing.

© Jay Mountford Photography

During the day, the only thing I insist on, which we schedule together, is around 30 minutes of time for portraits of the two of you together. It’s YOUR day, and you will appreciate the time to breathe and absorb, away from your guests. It will be quite similar to your E-Shoot (you did book that already, yes?). Your day is going to FLY BY, so having that stress-free time together is just lovely. And naturally, you need photos of just the two of you! Whatever happens on the day, we’ll work as a team the whole way through. We won’t get stressed out with tiny hiccups, we don’t let rain stop play, and we certainly make sure that your day runs as smoothly as possible (I don’t like to get in the way; I work best when I’m doing my Ninjographer thing).

In fact, it’s safe to say I’m not going anywhere until I’ve seen a significant number of people go a bit seriously crazy on the dance floor. (Yes of course I will be on the dance floor with you and my camera. Watch out though, my moves are pretty damn kick-ass.) © Jay Mountford Photography

your wedding - The Aftermath... Albums and prints… People are going to throw SO MUCH INFO at you, and regardless of how much you take on board, the day will whizz by in a no-pun-intended flash. So obviously, you’ll be quite keen to see those photos, right? I’ll continue working as fast as I can behind the scenes, creating your very own PASS Gallery. is gallery will allow you to download all of your images to share online with friends and family. You, the couple, can print your own images from your downloads. Or, get wise with your Instaproofs Gallery by referring your guests/family/friends. ere, your guests can order as many gorgeous prints as they like. e more people you refer to Instaproofs, the bigger your discount on ordering through me! Once you’ve had your PASS Gallery link, take some time to enjoy them, and then it is the time to look into an album too. I’ve sourced some of the finest albums around, and the ones I provide are handmade in the UK, from Folio Albums. ey are gorgeous. Various leather, silk and cotton covers, fine art pages, ink prints, cotton bags, and all extremely eco-friendly. And did I mention they are gorgeous? ere’s a whole range of colours to choose from too; if we meet in person or have a Skype/Google Hangout, I’d be more than happy to show you. Every album has a massive 40 pages (or 20 “spreads”), and are available as 10” x 10” or 12” x 12” in size. Your names are debossed on the front, and you’re more than welcome to ask about upgrades. If you have someone very close to you who is pretty ace, why not order a smaller 6” x 6” duplicate gift album for them?

© Jay Mountford Photography

Hopefully you’ve found everything you need to know, right here. But you have my number and email already, and can always get in touch. Can’t wait to hear from you again soon.

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All the info you need for wedding photography with Jay.