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MISĂˆ EN SCENE The first 3rd year project we have been set it called Misè en Scene. The main aims for this project is to chose a photograph that we can use as a reference point to define the atmosphere and composition of a 1 minute film. My first idea for this project was to use an image by Izima Kaoru. I found this image interesting because of the composition displayed within it. I felt I could do a lot with this image in terms of creating my 1 minute film.

I like this image because of the way the colours all stand out from each other, I thought this could be a really effective composition to use if I manage to get all the aspects of this photograph correct. I also think this could be good to use for my potential storyline as there is no clue here as to what has happened to the girl on the ground, I think I could do a lot with this.

The second photograph I found was the one below. I found this image on Flickr whilst on the site for a different purpose. The description of the image written by the photographer says "Image of my older brother Bill, walking along a bush track in country NSW Australia.Taken during winter 2006."

Although I initially wanted to use the first image, this one stood out to me because of how unexplained it is. I.e. Where is the man walking to? What is he carrying in his bag? Where has he just come from? As I didn't want to create a film with an actual storyline to it, I feel this image will allow me to create that easily.

PLOT: A young man, tall and stocky, is walking through a field with a large coat on, heavy boots and carrying a white bag with unknown contents in

it. The man then stops at a bush near to the path he was walking along, drops the bag and falls to his knees. He then proceeds to bury the bag in the bushes before standing up and re-arranging his clothes. He then looks around him to be sure no one is watching him, then walks away.

Although the plot to my Mise en Scene project is very simple, I do however feel this could easily be one part of an actual storyline in a film, possibly a drug related plot. I also want the audience to be asking the same questions I have thought about in the image I have chosen, what's in the characters bag? Why is he burying it? etc.

Location: Newington, Kent. Lighting: Natural Light. Equipment: Sony Carl Zeiss DSLR. 1 Tripod Talent: Ross Paul.


TREATMENT: I will start filming in the afternoon when the sun isn't at its brightest, as I don’t want my film to look too light when I make it black and white. The film will start off with the talent walking across a field with a close up view of the white bag in his hand, then a shot of the back of

him walking towards the sun from a low angle. He then walks directly towards the camera looking in to the lens, as to show the audience that this is a character that is serious and not to be messed with. After this there is one more view from behind the character walking with the bag in his hand and a close up of the bottom half of his body and the bag. Still walking in a calm fashion with the bag in his right hand, the character walks in to a small bush and drops the bag to the ground. With a low side view through the bushes, we see the character fall to his knees and start to push back parts of the bush and grass in front of him. This then continues with a view from the back, also through the bushes. The reason I have filmed these parts through the plants on the ground is because I want this part to appear to the audience that my character is doing something he does not want to be seen doing, so by filming through the bushes, I want it to seem like the camera is spying on the man. Then from a lower view from the back, he grabs the plastic bag and shoves it in to the bush and buries is deep within the weeds. He then stands up and stomps down on all the weeds and bushes on top of the bag he has just buried. Using a full length shot of my character from around 5 meters away, he straightens up, dusts his hands off and tidies up his large coat before checking all around him to see if anybody has seen what he has just done. He then walks off out of the scene and along a muddy path, where my film will end.

I think if I were to be including this as part of a full narrated plot line, it would involve some kind of dodgy drug deal between the character shown and somebody else; with my character burying either some drugs or a bag of money off to someone else as not to do it in a public place, then walks off to proceed with his normal day.

EDITING: My editing was quite simple for this project. Once I had worked out what order I wanted my scenes to go in, I cut them down to appropriate lengths and made each of them black and white by turning the saturation right down. I had to cut out quite a few of the walking scenes to keep in with the 1 minute requirement for this project, but I feel I have enough of each sets of scenes for my film to make sense.


I wasn’t very happy with the sound I managed to get whilst I was filming my footage. I used a hand recorder that I borrowed from uni, to record all of the sound that would be picked up at the time of filming. Unfortunately, due to the wind that day, there was a lot of interference when I got the sound on to my MacBook. Also there were a lot of ducks near by when I was filming, so there is a lot of unwanted noise coming from them too. I have put a voice over on top of my film, of a Scottish male speaking about his thought process while he is going to bury the bag he has in his hands. I felt this worked well with my film, although I will need to change certain aspects of the voiceover to fit in with my film. I.e. the word 'dig' doesn't work when my character hasn’t dug anything in the ground.

PROBLEMS: Certain scenes in my film are very grainy and look slightly out of focus. I wanted my film to look very grey/black and white to match the photograph I have chosen, which I feel I managed to capture in some scenes, but others such as the scene below have come out very grainy and too grey.

As well as the grainy bits in my film I will also have to re-do my sound so that it doesn’t sound too muffled from the wind and is more clear.

CONCLUSION: After looking at my final edited film, I feel that there are a few different angled shots I could of used instead of the ones I have used. I would like to re-shoot a few scenes, making sure I have the correct colour balance for making it black and white, also I would like to use a bit more shallow depth of field within some of my shots to improve the overall look of my film.

Mis en scene treatment  
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